After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 41 - The Sword Sect is getting serious

, Han Muye also wanted to discuss business with Bai Suzhen., , A sword Qi had already absorbed half of the spiritual energy in his dantian. This made him feel a little worried., , To nurture the sword Qi, he needed more spiritual energy., , He had to spend a lot of money to buy spiritual herbs and refine pills., , If a man did not have money, he could not straighten his back., , Currently, one of the ways he could earn money was to go to the Demonstration Building to answer questions and earn merit tokens and spiritual rocks., , The other way was to refine the Cloud Qi Pill., , The Demonstration Building did not always require someone to answer questions, and the pay was not very high., , The way to earn real money was still refining supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pills., , A supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pill was worth 3,000 spiritual rocks., , Everyone was like this. After they had a taste of big money, they did not care about an earning of 300 to 500 spiritual rocks., , However, the woman in front of him was not easy to deal with., , Looking at the beautiful Bai Suzhen, Han Muye said with a straight face, “We can discuss business, but don’t have any ideas about anything in my Sword Pavilion.”, , Bai Suzhen chuckled and said, “Are you talking about the sword or the person?”, , Han Muye ignored her and walked down the steps towards the secluded mountain path in front of the Sword Pavilion., , Bai Suzhen chased after him with a smile., , In the Sword Pavilion, Huang Six stuck his head out and muttered, “Little Han can’t be so weak-willed, right? He’s going into the forest with her just like this…”, , On the mountain path, Han Muye turned to look at Bai Suzhen. “Storeowner Bai, I’ll pay you spiritual rocks for those two spiritual herbs.”, , Bai Suzhen nodded and didn’t refuse., , “Senior Brother Han, when can you refine that supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pill again?” Although they were talking about business, Bai Suzhen really spoke directly., , “I don’t think ten Cloud Qi Pills will be sold out so easily, right? My Nine Mystic Sword Sect probably doesn’t have so many rich disciples.” Han Muye chuckled and said calmly., , Even if the Cloud Qi Pill was supreme-grade, it was still a Cloud Qi Pill after all. It was a pill used to condense Qi to the Foundation Establishment realm., , Those who needed such pills were all inner sect disciples at the Qi Condensation or Foundation Establishment realm., , He sold at 3,000 spiritual rocks. Bai Suzhen probably further increased the price to at least 3,300 to 3,500 spiritual rocks each., , There were not many inner sect disciples in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect who had such wealth, unless they were second-generation cultivators., , But those second-generation cultivators did not lack pills., , “Hehe, Senior Brother Han, supreme-grade pills are rare at all times. There are many who are willing to spend spiritual rocks to buy them.”, , Bai Suzhen chuckled, then her eyes lit up as she said in a low voice, “Besides, I didn’t say that it would be sold in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”, , As expected, there was a huge influence behind Bai Suzhen., , In fact, this influence was so powerful that it could even place their influence in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect., , Was it one of the nine factions of the Western Frontier?, , Han Muye frowned., , Was this considered betraying the Nine Mystic Sword Sect?, , “Senior Brother, you’ve only just started cultivating. You don’t have to worry for the sect, right?”, , “Now, it’s more important for us to start a business and earn more spiritual rocks to improve our cultivation level.”, , Bai Suzhen was indeed a businessman. With just a few words, she had moved Han Mu’s heart., , “Alright, I don’t care if you sell the pills to other sects, but you’re not allowed to sell them to the Great Spiritual Sword Sect.” Han Muye pondered for a moment and made his request., , Bai Suzhen agreed without hesitation., , There were so many sects in the Western Frontier. They could sell off any number of supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pills. Why would they have to sell to the Great Spiritual Sword Sect?, , Besides, if it landed in the hands of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect after a few rounds of transaction, it would have nothing to do with her., , “In the future, I’ll give you 100 Cloud Qi Pills a month. They’re all supreme-grade.” Han Muye made a simple calculation. After all, it was a supreme-grade pill. If he released too many pills at once, it would definitely affect the price., , 100 pills a month, no more., , “Help me gather spiritual herbs. Also, tell me everything about the lifespan-increasing pills and spiritual herbs.”, , Other than being dissatisfied with the limit of 100 pills a month, Bai Suzhen returned with huge gains., , However, the businesss involving 100 supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pills a month was enough for her to consolidate her position in the sect., , Besides, she valued long-term business more., , When Han Muye returned to the Sword Pavilion, Huang Six carefully looked at his neat clothes and muttered, “So soon?”, , Han Muye couldn’t be bothered with him and slowly nourished the sword Qi in his dantian., , At the bottom of a steep cliff on the Nine Mystic Mountain, a few white-robed inner sect disciples waited nervously., , In front of them, a green-robed middle-aged man with a short beard closed his eyes. The sword in his hand kept trembling., , “Boom—”, , The middle-aged man swept out his sword, and flames appeared 30 feet in front of him., , “Prairie Fire! Master has comprehended Prairie Fire!” Seeing this sword light, a white-robed disciple exclaimed excitedly., , The others were also overjoyed., , With this sword technique, one could fight above their level., , Although he could not fight against the three Grand Elders, he could at least fight against the experts of the Earth Realm and mid-level Core Formation realm., , If his master comprehended this sword technique, he would be able to support the fire-type lineage., , Opening his eyes slowly, Su Yuan’s eyes revealed a trace of excitement and regret., , “The crimson flames reach the sky, and the grass and trees fall. With one sword, 10,000 kilometers will be burned.”, , “My move lacks wind to strengthen the fire.”, , His words stunned the disciples., , Shen Muyang hurriedly said, “Master, do you mean that you haven’t comprehended this sword technique?”, , He had said everything that he had seen and heard in the Demonstration Building., , He did not hide anything., , “I’ve comprehended the Prairie Fire.” Su Yuan shook his head and chuckled. “But I haven’t grasped the sword momentum contained in the Prairie Fire yet.”, , At this point, he looked at the nervous disciples. “Don’t worry, with this sword technique, my fire-type lineage will definitely be able to survive.”, , The various rumors about the fire-type lineage being annexed in the sect were definitely not groundless., , He had also thought that the fire-type lineage was about to dissipate., , He did not expect his disciple to bring back the Prairie Fire Sword Technique., , Thinking of the masked man that Shen Muyang mentioned was demonstrating the sword technique, Su Yuan narrowed his eyes., , Who was this person?, , Other than his master, Patriarch Tao Ran, was there really someone else who knew how to do it?, , Taking a deep breath, Su Yuan held his sword and looked at his disciple., , “Wu Teng and the others were killed by Qin Yuanhe. I’m going to avenge them.”, , “With the Prairie Fire Sword Technique, I’m confident of winning.”, , At this point, he lowered his voice and said, “After killing Qin Yuanhe, with this merit, I will definitely be able to gather the people of the fire-type lineage.”, , The fire-type lineage was already in a state of disunity. Only a top expert could suppress everyone., , Su Yuan wanted to kill Qin Yuanhe to avenge the disciples of the fire-type lineage and display his combat strength to reunite the people of the fire-type lineage., , “We’ll follow Master.” The disciples hurriedly cupped their fists and bowed., , Su Yuan nodded, then looked at Shen Muyang and said, “Muyang, stay in the sect and try to find that senior in the Demonstration Building.”, , “If you meet him, tell him that I, Su Yuan, want to visit him personally and present him with 1,000 merit tokens.”, , At this point, he smiled bitterly and said, “If I don’t complete this mission, I really won’t be able to take out 1,000 merit tokens.”, , The fire-type lineage had resources, but they were scattered amongst people. Everyone had nothing much., , Shen Muyang bowed and said, “I understand.”, , He could not imagine which senior in the sect had taught him Prairie Fire., , But from the sound of it, he didn’t seem old?, , “Clang—”, , From the distant mountains came the melodious sound of bells., , Su Yuan narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, “I’m afraid the sect elders are discussing this matter. I’ll go take a look.”, , When Han Muye, who was standing at the entrance of the Sword Pavilion, turned around, he saw the Sword Pavilion Elder walking down the stairs., , “I’ll go watch the elders’ meeting. Close the pavilion door.”, , With that, the Sword Pavilion Elder moved, covering a hundred feet with each step., , Han Muye narrowed his eyes. This was a body-tempering technique., , It seemed that his method of dual cultivation was correct?, , He looked toward the distant peaks., , “The Sword Sect is getting serious. I wonder if we can see the glory of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect this time,” Huang Six muttered., , Han Muye frowned and said, “Brother, once he touches the Nine Mystic Sword, won’t the elder’s cultivation be crippled?”, , The Sword Pavilion caretaker spent 60 years nurturing his sword Qi just to activate the Nine Mystic Sword and transform it into the Heavenly Realm., , After one strike, the sword Qi would be exhausted, and the Sword Caretaker’s cultivation would become crippled., , “Who said that touching the Nine Mystic Sword will consume your cultivation?” Hearing Han Muye’s words, Huang Six glared and said, “As long as you carry the sword, who will dare to attack?”, , “Does he have a death wish?”

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