After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 40 - Sword Nurturing Technique, Sword Bone Condensat

The Sword Pavilion Elder’s question was not easy to answer., , ‘I can’t answer randomly, or truthfully.’, , “Elder, I originally wanted to enter the sect to cultivate. I didn’t know that the position of Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretaker would cost my life.”, , Han Muye took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice., , If he had known that he would almost lose his life as a Sword Caretaker, he would not have come to the Sword Pavilion., , The Sword Pavilion Elder said nothing, waiting for him to continue., , “Later on, when I was wiping the swords and sword Qi entered my body. That feeling…”, , Han Muye tried to recall Mo Yuan’s expression., , The corners of his mouth turned up, the corners of his eyes lifted and his fingers twitched., , He looked lustful., , At that time, Mo Yuan said that it felt like dual cultivation., , “Ahem, just because of this, you absorbed so much sword Qi and almost exhausted your lifespan?” The Sword Pavilion Elder seemed to be unable to withstand Han Muye’s expression and coughed lightly., , Naturally it couldn’t be., , Drawing the sword Qi into his body was an accident. If he indulged in it, his heart would not be firm., , How could a sword cultivator not be firm?, , It had to be determined and firm., , “Elder, I’ve cultivated a sword technique under Mo Yuan.”, , “It’s called the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords.”, , Han Muye stood up and looked straight ahead., , “Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords? An outer sect disciple?” A strange expression appeared on the Sword Pavilion Elder’s face., , “Cultivating this sword requires sword Qi to enter the body?”, , “An outer sect disciple probably hasn’t condensed his Qi yet, right?”, , Without condensing his Qi, what did he know about the sword Qi entering his body?, , Hearing his words, Han Muye shook his head, admiration in his eyes., , “Master Mo Yuan had observed the three Sword Pavilion Patriarchs’ attack. With a single sword strike, no one was a match for them. They gathered tens of millions of sword Qi in their bodies and finally created the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords after spending 200 years.”, , With one hand behind his back and the other pointing, he looked straight ahead. There were thousands of enemies, but only one sword., , “Ancestral—Return—of—10,000—Swords—”, , Han Muye pointed forward, his eyes full of light, as if sword Qi was bursting out of his body., , The Sword Pavilion elder seemed to be intimidated by his aura. After pondering for a long time, he nodded and said, “200 years of hard work just to condense this power in one sword. This Mo Yuan has some perseverance.”, , As if recalling something, he said indifferently, “The might of my Sword Pavilion’s senior’s sword is indeed fascinating.”, , “Yes.” Han Muye withdrew his finger, then returned to his seat., , Han Muye knew that he had passed the first stage., , As expected, the Sword Pavilion elder did not ask Han Muye any other questions., , “The Sword Condensing Sword Technique is somewhat similar to my Sword Pavilion’s legacy move.” The Sword Pavilion Elder opened a book in front of him and said indifferently, “This is the Sword Nurturing Technique. Take it back and comprehend it.”, , “If you have any questions, you can come to me.”, , Nurturing a sword?, , Han Muye took the book., , “To nurture the sword of the Sword Pavilion, to nurture the sword Qi in the body, and above that, to nurture the sword intent in the heart, to nurture the indestructible sword momentum…” At this point, the Sword Pavilion Elder smiled bitterly and shook his head., , “Don’t read too much into it. You can’t build something like that without thousands of years.”, , “This is similar to the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords created by your Master Mo Yuan. It’s all only idealistic thinking.”, , “There’s no one in the Sword Pavilion who can condense sword momentum.”, , In thousands of years, those in the Sword Pavilion who could live past 60 years were considered to have lived long lives., , Raising a sword for a thousand years was indeed a little fanciful., , “If you can pass the stage where the sword Qi enters your body, I’ll teach you the sword nurturing technique. Otherwise, it’s because the time hasn’t arrived. Do you understand?”, , When Han Muye went downstairs, the Sword Pavilion Elder suddenly spoke., , Han Muye nodded., , He understood., , Those who did not die after the sword Qi entered their bodies were meant to be., , If he was dead, so be it., , Back in the quiet room, Han Muye unfolded the book in front of him., , This scroll was made of yellowed silk. The words on it were thick, and every stroke was like a sword carving., , Sword Nurturing Technique., , There was not much content on it. It only explained where the sword Qi came from and how to nourish it., , After reading the Sword Nurturing Technique, Han Muye understood even more why the Sword Pavilion Elder had only imparted this technique to him after the sword Qi had entered his body., , Without sensing the sword qi, without the deep feeling of the sword qi entering his chest, without an indescribable connection to the sword qi, he could not cultivate the sword technique at all., , The sharp sword qi became smooth and fused with the dantian, so that the sword qi is used for nurturing and condensation., , Only the legacy of the Sword Pavilion had such a crazy thing., , In order to build a foundation, one needed to use sword qi as the foundation to withstand the pain of the sword qi scraping the bones and condensing it into sword bones., , After gathering sword bones, could he nurture sword intent., , As for an Earth Realm cultivator, he needed to use his sword intent to awaken his spirit and form a sword core., , His sword qi formed a core, and thousands of swords bowed when the core was activated., , In the Sword Nurturing Technique, there was only speculation about forming a sword core., , Even the Sword Pavilion Elder had only cultivated half a sword bone after sixty years., , Since the founding of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, no one in the Sword Pavilion had been able to nurture the sword bone., , “This cultivation technique is very challenging…”, , After reading through the Sword Nurturing Technique, Han Muye smiled., , With this Sword Nurturing Technique, it was easier to nurture sword Qi., , As for condensing sword bones and forming sword core, although it was far away, just thinking about them made one’s blood boil., , Of course, he had to become the strongest sword cultivator in his life!, , As if sensing his thoughts, the eight sword intents in his sea of Qi trembled slightly., , He had comprehended the Sword Nurturing Technique., , As he comprehended the sword technique, wisps of sword Qi scattered around Han Muye and floated towards his body., , “Hiss—”, , He felt his bones scraping and flesh being cut!, , His face contorted. He gritted his teeth and persisted., , This was the correct way for the sword qi to enter his body., , The scattered sword qi was light and thin. After entering his body, it wreaked havoc inch by inch before finally penetrating his meridians., , This time, it hurt a hundred times worse., , These uncontrollable sword qi pierced through his meridians, as if they wanted to cut open all his meridians., , After circulating one cycle, all the sword qi entered his dantian and then fused into his sea of Qi, turning into a light green sword qi that slowly rotated and nourished. Han Muye was already drenched in sweat., , If one sword qi entered his body and he was already suffering this much, wouldn’t he have to suffer 128,000 times to condense a sword intent?, , Han Muye started to admire those Sword Pavilion seniors., , They were really masochists!, , After checking, he discovered that half of the spiritual energy in his dantian had been absorbed by the sword qi., , This sword qi was a big absorber of spiritual energy., , However, he also realized the difference between this sword qi and the other sword qi., , This sword qi was clearly more agile and clear, and its connection with him seemed to be more intimate., , He did not dare to absorb any more sword qi. He followed the cultivation technique in the Sword Nurturing Technique and moved the sword qi back to his meridians, so that it was between his dantian and sea of Qi., , As soon as the sword qi left his sea of Qi, Han Muye’s expression changed., , “Ah—”, , ‘Refreshing!’, , At this moment, the sword qi was as gentle as water, cold and moist. It moved in his meridians like a gentle little hand stroking him., , That feeling., , Dual cultivation., , Han Muye thought of the phrase., , The sword energy rushed into his dantian, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly., , Essence Energy., , Finally, this time, he entered the Essence Energy Cultivation Stage with his sword Qi and truly embarked on the path of cultivation., , He slept comfortably that night., , The next morning, Huang Six gave Han Muye a strange look., , The two of them washed up and cultivated. After breakfast, they sat at the long table with their eyes closed., , This was the Sword Pavilion’s main task., , To guard the Sword Pavilion., , “Senior Brother, you’re finally back in the Sword Pavilion.”, , At noon, a voice woke Han Muye up., , When he opened his eyes, Suzhen, who was wearing a white dress and had a peach blossom-like face, was standing outside the Sword Pavilion., , Han Muye instinctively turned to look to his side., , Huang Six was staring at him., , “The Sword Pavilion has a rule that no one but Sword Pavilion members are allowed to enter.”, , At the door, Bai Suzhen covered her smile., , “This senior brother is really dedicated. I see that you have a sallow face and a hunched back. I have a few good medicine in my shop that can treat your waist. Do you want me to bring you a few?”, , The color drained from Huang Six’s face and he snorted., , ‘Brother’s waist is really not in good condition?’, , Han Muye walked to the door and said softly, “Don’t talk nonsense. Why are you looking for me?”, , Bai Suzhen smiled and said, “Of course it’s because I miss you—”, , Before she could finish, Han Muye turned to leave, but Bai Suzhen quickly corrected herself. “I want to do business with you!”,

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