After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 39 - The origin of Iron Bull Strength, the third flo

Tuoba Cheng stared at Han Muye as if he was looking at a beautiful piece of jade., , At the side, Zhao Pu’s eyes were also filled with shock., , The master-disciple duo had deduced for a few days before deducing the Iron Bull Strength to stage of nine bulls., , They could never achieve anything higher., , What everyone meant was that this cultivation technique might only reach this stage of nine bulls, which is equivalent to the seventh level of the Essence Energy Cultivation Realm., , Tuoba Cheng mentioned that there might be another level to the Iron Bull Strength, but he could not determine the direction to proceed with it., , He had asked Han Muye to come because Han Muye had discovered the secret of the Iron Bull Strength. Naturally, this cultivation technique had to be taught to him., , Secondly, Tuoba Cheng wanted to meet Han Muye and see if there was anything special about the person who could discover the secret of the Iron Bull Strength., , He did not expect Han Muye to give him such a surprise., , Seeing that Han Muye seemed to be frightened by his words, Tuoba Cheng grinned., , “Kid, the advanced and profound body-tempering cultivation techniques all focus on condensing a powerful bloodline and returning to the ancestral line.”, , “You just said that when the nine bulls combine into one, this ordinary green bull with a strength of 500 kilograms might be able to transform into an ancient bull, or a Jade Water Bull, and a few other powerful ancient bloodlines.”, , “With such a cultivation technique, not to mention nurturing, it’s even possible to reach the Foundation Establishment or even the Earth Realm.”, , At this point, Tuoba Cheng gently rubbed his hands and looked at Han Muye. “Kid, with your comprehension abilities, you will definitely become a direct disciple within ten years.”, , A direct disciple!, , Tuoba Cheng was an elder with real power in the sect. His direct disciple was a prominent figure in the entire Sword Sect., , Hearing Tuoba Cheng’s words, Zhao Pu looked envious., , Who wouldn’t want to become a direct disciple in ten years?, , Han Muye had never expected Tuoba Cheng to have such a high evaluation of him., , It was just a coincidence that he discovered the secret of the Iron Bull Strength. It was also because of his special powers., , To become a body-tempering cultivator and continuously cultivate body-tempering techniques?, , If not for the fact that he had cultivated the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords and learnt to control sword intent, allowing him to experience the power of sword cultivators, Han Muye might have agreed., , Now, he only wanted to slowly cultivate in the Sword Pavilion until he cultivated 3,000 sword intents and condensed them into sword momentum. Then, it would be uncertain how powerful his Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords was., , “Uncle-Master, I still want to continue being a Sword Caretaker in the Sword Pavilion.”, , “Elder Gao treats me quite well.”, , Han Muye’s answer made Zhao Pu’s eyes widen., , ‘Continue being a Sword Caretaker?’, , He would be crazy to continue being a Sword Caretaker that cannot cultivate, right?, , Han Muye’s comprehension of cultivation was so high, so why was he unable to make the right decision about the path of cultivation?, , At the head of the table, Tuoba Cheng stared at Han Muye., , After a moment, he chuckled., , “It seems that Senior Brother Gao also thinks highly of you…”, , He understood the meaning behind Han Muye’s words., , The Sword Pavilion elder also thought highly of Han Muye., , Although outsiders thought that the Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretakers did not have any achievements in their cultivation, as a powerful elder of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, Tuoba Cheng knew more., , There were also cultivation methods in the Sword Pavilion., , However, the cultivation in the Sword Pavilion was focused on a lifetime of ruling, not longevity., , In fact, there were millions of cultivators in the world. Who could live forever?, , In exchange for a lifetime, he could fight against a Heaven Realm expert with one sword. It was not completely wrong for him to want to feel this carefree., , Cultivation was ultimately about fate., , Tuoba Cheng did not persuade him anymore. He only told Han Muye that he could come to Three Stones House any time to cultivate his body tempering technique., , This touched Han Muye., , When Zhao Pu sent Han Muye out, he was still a little indignant., , Since his master valued him, why didn’t he cherish it?, , “By the way, Brother Han, the Iron Bull Strength was discovered in a ruin in the Western Frontier. I thought it was an ordinary body-tempering technique and didn’t pay much attention to the ruin.”, , “Now that I think about it, there may still be secrets there.”, , Looking at Han Muye, Zhao Pu whispered, “When we get a chance, let’s go explore.”, , Explore the ruins where Iron Bull Strength was found?, , Han Muye’s eyes lit up, and he nodded gently., , There must be other good things in a place with a cultivation technique like the Iron Bull Strength., , Moreover, according to Tuoba Cheng, it was best to have a reference for the deduction of the Iron Bull Strength in the future., , There might be a continuation of Iron Bull Strength in the ruins and it could help them reduce the number of time spent on mistakes., , “Okay, later on—”, , Before he could finish, someone shouted not far away, “Senior Brother Zhao Pu!”, , Han Muye turned around and saw an inner sect disciple in a white robe striding over., , It was Xu Ming, whom Lin Shen introduced previously and wanted Han Muye to become his disciple., , However, Xu Ming looked down on Han Muye and even reprimanded and humiliated him and Lin Shen., , Xu Ming walked forward, glanced at Han Muye, and said coldly, “Hey, are you the one Senior Brother Lin Shen introduced to me as my disciple?”, , He looked at Zhao Pu and chuckled. “It’s said that this person’s aptitude and comprehension are not bad, but his temperament is too poor and impetuous. That’s why I rejected Senior Brother Lin back then.”, , “Senior Brother Lin is getting more and more narrow-minded after hanging out in the outer sect.”, , At this point, Xu Ming laughed and said, “Senior Brother Zhao Pu, don’t tell me you have taken a fancy on someone like him?”, , ‘Fancy?’, , Zhao Pu looked uncomfortable., , The person that his master wanted to take in as a direct disciple was described as someone so unbearable by him., , Didn’t that mean that his master’s vision was very narrow?, , Han Muye stood at the side and coughed lightly. Then, he cupped his hands and said, “Senior Brother Zhao Pu, I’ll leave first. I’ll visit Uncle-Master Tuoba in two days.”, , Then he turned and walked out., , ‘Senior Brother?’, , ‘Uncle-Master?’, , Xu Ming looked confused., , ‘What was wrong?’, , Wasn’t this kid introduced by Lin Shen to be his disciple?, , How did his seniority increase so much?, , Also, his master was a very proud person and rarely let outsiders get close to him. This kid directly called him Uncle-Master?, , “Hmph, even Master admires his perception and wants to take him as a direct disciple, yet you can’t appreciate it.”, , “Hehe, Xu Ming, your horizons are really high. They’re even higher than Master’s!”, , Zhao Pu flicked his sleeve and left., , Master was accepting him as a direct disciple?, , Master wanted to take that kid as his direct disciple?, , Xu Ming’s eyes widened as he looked at Han Muye’s back., , How is that possible!, , When Han Muye returned to the Sword Pavilion, Huang Six stretched and muttered, “Today is another day without any gains.”, , “By the way, that storeowner Bai is here again. She doesn’t look too pleased to know you’re not dead.”, , ‘Not pleased?’, , Han Muye looked at Huang Six’s expression and chuckled., , Huang Six was trying to matchmake him and Mu Wan, so he was on guard against Bai Suzhen., , However, he didn’t dare to get too close to someone like Bai Suzhen anyway., , Huang Six closed the door of the Sword Pavilion and returned to his room with his wine gourd., , Han Muye shook his head and returned to the quiet room to rest for a while. When the sky darkened, he stood up, tidied his clothes, and walked to the second floor of the Sword Pavilion., , That day was the first of April., , It was the day the Sword Pavilion Patriarch had asked him to go up to the third floor., , Taking a deep breath, he ascended to the third floor. Han Muye bowed to the Sword Pavilion Elder, who was sitting cross-legged., , “Disciple Han Muye greets Elder.”, , The Sword Pavilion Elder nodded and pointed at the cushion in front of the long table., , “Sit.”, , As soon as Han Muye sat down, the Sword Pavilion Elder said indifferently, “Han Muye, why are you staying in the Sword Pavilion?”, , Han Muye shuddered.

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