Qiao Zhuang was sent away as soon as he was born. His foster parents passed away when he was 18 years old so, in order to survive, he returned to the Qiao family. However, he was not close to the Qiao family, pulling a long face all day as if he had a grudge against them., , “I don’t want a brother like you who’s looking forward to my early death!”, , “Get lost!”, , The wrath of an experienced battle-hardened veteran was not something that a village bully can handle., , Qiao Zhuang remained silent and turned around to leave., , The neighbors who were watching the commotion also looked at this scene in shock. In the end, they looked at Qiao Mei in disbelief and left as well., , Qiao Mei quickly helped her grandfather back into the house. She looked up and saw Qiao Yu still standing outside the door. , Qiao Yu’s mouth was wide open as she looked around the house in shock. “Sister Qiao Mei, last night there was a big brother who came to your house. Has he left?”, , Qiao Mei looked up and saw that she had a shy expression on her face with flushed cheeks. , “Who told you to call me sister?” Qiao Mei immediately asked and raised her voice angrily. “Although I’m older than you but in terms of seniority, I still have to call you aunt, right? How can I be your sister?”, , “Besides, aren’t you ashamed to call a stranger big brother?”, , These questions were too much for Qiao Yu, whose face instantly turned red, as she hurriedly tried to explain herself. “No, no! Yesterday, he happened to run into me when he entered the village and asked me for directions, so I brought him to our house. Have you forgotten?”, , Qiao Mei really had no recollection of this., , However, she did not feel any embarrassment from having wronged Qiao Yu. “What do you mean by ‘our house’? This is my house. It has nothing to do with you. Your father and the rest just left in anger. You quickly get lost too!”, , Qiao Yu’s eyes reddened and she did not say anything as she walked out., , However, she did not take Qiao Mei’s words to heart. Every time Qiao Mei was in a bad mood, she would take it out on her. But after a while, Qiao Mei would forget everything after a little coaxing. , “Stop!” Qiao Mei suddenly shouted and stopped her., , “What’s wrong, Sister Mei Mei?” Hearing this, Qiao Yu immediately turned around and smiled sweetly at Qiao Mei., , “Did you hear what I said to them just now? It applies to you too.” Qiao Mei picked up an axe on the ground. “If you dare to step into my house again, you will end up like this piece of wood!”, , With that, she picked up the axe and hacked at the wooden block on the ground., , In an instant, the block of wood was split open and the wood fragments flew a few meters away from the force., , Qiao Yu already knew that Qiao Mei was full of brute strength, but when she saw the conviction in Qiao Mei when she said those words, she fixed her gaze on Qiao Mei for a while and left quickly without saying anything., , After the group of people left, the courtyard became quiet and Qiao Mei started to prepare dinner., , Dinner was again cabbage stewed with carrots. After the two of them finished eating happily, Qiao Mei went to work., , She did not want anyone else to touch the land in the courtyard. Naturally, she wanted to personally cultivate this piece of land so that it could fulfill its greatest potential., , Guarding their own vegetable field was naturally the most important thing., , After an entire afternoon, she already knew that the energy of the jade pendant could improve the quality of vegetables and fruits and increase nutrition in them. It could even do healing., , How could she bear to let Qiao Zhuang and his family eat vegetables of such quality? She was not even willing to give them a single wild vegetable that came from the soil., , Qiao Qiang also joined her in manual labor. He felt much better today and was in an exceptionally good mood. He picked up the hoe beside him and started to flip the earth., , He even got unhappy when Qiao Mei did not allow him to do it., , …, , When Qiao Zhuang and his family got home, the atmosphere was no longer as pleasant., , “Why did this Qiao Mei suddenly become smart?” Qiao family’s eldest daughter-in-law, Liu Ying, asked., , “Maybe she didn’t become smarter.” Jiang Ye, the second daughter-in-law, said, “Maybe she was quite smart in the past, it’s just that we don’t know.”, , Qiao Yu was the only one from Qiao Zhuang’s family who was closest to Qiao Mei. It was Qiao Yu who reported that Qiao Mei was stupid and lazy, the rest of them actually did not know the real situation., , When Qiao Mei was young, they still saw her around but later on, she started to stay in the house all the time and no longer came out., , “Who cares if she’s smart or not? Just think of a way to get rid of her,” Qiao Zhuang said to his daughters-in-law. “How’s the thing I asked you to do? Why is there no news?”

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