After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 38 - Tuoba Cheng's appreciation

It’s really the Prairie fire!, , Although he had never cultivated this sword technique, Shen Muyang recognized at a glance that the sword technique demonstrated by the masked man in front of him was the Prairie fire., , The light from the flames was endless and it had a strong aura. What else could it be but the prairie fire?, , Shen Muyang stood with his back against the stone wall. His lips moved as he muttered to himself., , “Why, didn’t you see it clearly?” Han Muye shook his head and gently stuck out his sword again., , The moment he had gripped the hilt, he had seen the memories contained in the sword., , Shen Muyang had met Patriarch Tao Ran before., , Back then, Patriarch Tao Ran’s fire-type Sword Technique was pure, and his strength was even above the other three patriarchs., , Patriarch Tao Ran would sometimes give his juniors some pointers., , He had comprehended the Three Mystic Sword Technique, Cloudy Smoke., , He had comprehended the Two Mystic Sword Technique, Icy Flame., , With the sword in hand, Han Muye looked at Shen Muyang in front of him., , With Shen Muyang’s cultivation, he still could not comprehend the Prairie Fire., , However, he could remember it and go back to tell his master, Su Yuan., , Han Muye held out his sword very slowly., , “The Prairie Fire is a Five Mystic Sword Technique, and it involves a trace of sword momentum.”, , “The momentum is formed by sword intent. When the sword is drawn, it will be unstoppable.”, , Shen Muyang widened his eyes and pricked up his ears, not daring to miss a word., , Han Muye’s sword was first gently extended, then mixed with the intent of wind and thunder., , “The wind aids the fire. If there’s no wind, the prairie fire can’t travel a thousand miles in a breath.”, , After the wind and thunder, hot air surged, and fiery red flames appeared in the sword light., , Han Muye said softly, “What do you think is burning in the Prairie fire?”, , “Go back and tell your master that the flames are endless, causing the plants to die out, and the sword causes the prairie fire to spread ten thousand miles long.”, , “Boom—”, , Shen Muyang’s vision was filled with flames again. He had to raise his arm to block the heat., , “You owe me 1,000 merit tokens for now.”, , When the flames dissipated and the chamber became clear, Han Muye was no longer in front of him. Only a long sword was placed on the stone platform., , Shen Muyang smiled bitterly as he reached out to retract his sword., , He did not have 1,000 merit tokens., , Even his master might not have 1,000 merit tokens., , The fire-type technique was difficult., , Taking a deep breath, he looked pleasantly surprised as he walked out of the chamber, sword in hand., , He had to tell his master what he had just seen., , Perhaps this would allow his master to reach another level!, , After leaving the Demonstration building, Han Muye felt relaxed., , After passing the Prairie Fire Sword Technique to a person from the fire-type lineage, the sword intent he obtained from the Purple Flame Sword in his body seemed to become even more condensed., , If the sword intent had thoughts, he would probably hope that the Prairie Fire Sword Technique would not be lost from the fire-type lineage, right?, , He wondered what Patriarch Tao Ran thought back then that made him betray the sect., , It was useless to think too much about these things. Han Muye still had to place his focus on body-tempering cultivation techniques., , He was going to find the elite inner sect disciple, Zhao Pu., , In the inner sect, Three Stones House., , The master of the Three Stones House was called Tuoba Cheng. He was a top expert of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s Earth vein and a deacon elder with real power in the sect., , Zhao Pu cultivated under Tuoba Cheng., , Han Muye held the token that Zhao Pu had given him. After the disciples at the door checked it, they let him in., , “Why did this person come to my Three Stones House?” Han Muye walked into the courtyard. At the door, a young man in a white robe frowned and whispered., , “Hmph, Lin Shen must be unwilling to give up. I didn’t accept this person as my disciple, so he came to look for my senior brothers instead.”, , The young man had a sneer on his face as he watched Han Muye walk into the attic. “He is not pure-hearted enough, yet he wanted to be my disciple?”, , “I’ll let you get out in a sorry state later.”, , …, , The inner sect was indeed different from the outer sect., , Every person Han Muye saw in the Three Stones House had an extraordinary bearing., , Three Stones House cultivated earth-type techniques, and most of its disciples were strong built., , Most of these people were practicing with their swords without any distractions., , Their swordsmanship was bold and powerful., , In the limestone courtyard, several people in white robes were practicing their swords and punches., , “Han Muye!” One of them shouted happily when he saw Han Muye., , Han Muye smiled and cupped his fists. “Greetings, Senior Brother Zhao Pu.”, , This bald, tall young man was the elite disciple of the Earth Vein, Zhao Pu., , Everyone around Zhao Pu looked at Han Muye curiously., , “Continue practicing. I’ll bring him to see Master.” Zhao Pu laughed and called Han Muye into the attic., , “Master said that you should meet him directly when you come.”, , Zhao Pu looked very friendly and did not have the coldness he had when he was at the Demonstration Building. He reached out to pat Han Muye’s shoulder and raised his hand. Then, as if he felt that he was too strong, he lowered his hand., , The two of them ascended to the attic. The decor was simple and ancient., , “Master, Han Muye is here.” Zhao Pu’s voice was not soft., , The white-haired old man was sitting in front of the long table and holding an ink brush. He was writing something, then paused, causing the ink brush to stain the paper., , The old man put away his brush and paper with a sigh, then looked up., , He was as tall and strong as a bear. Although his face was suppressed, one could still see his ferocious aura., , It seemed that this was the master of Three Stones House, the Sword Sect Elder, Tuoba Cheng., , Han Muye stepped forward and bowed. “Han Muye greets Elder Tuoba.”, , Tuoba Cheng sized him up and nodded. “I have a good relationship with your Sword Pavilion’s Elder Gao. You can call me Uncle-Master.”, , ‘Elder Gao?’, , Only now did Han Muye realize that the Sword Pavilion Elder’s surname was Gao., , “Greetings, Uncle-Master Tuoba,” he said smoothly., , It was quite different addressing him as Uncle-Master and an elder., , Hearing his call, Tuoba Cheng grinned and said, “Zhao Pu said that you’re a cultivation genius. You were the one who discovered the secret of the Iron Bull Strength.”, , Han Muye quickly cupped his hands. “I dare not call myself a genius. I was just lucky.”, , Hearing his words, Taba Cheng glared. “You people from Sword Pavilion likes to play tricks. It’s your capability to uncover such secrets.”, , ‘Fine. You’re the boss. It’s your call.’, , Han Muye lowered his head and said nothing., , “I’ve studied the Iron Bull Strength. It’s indeed not simple.” Tuoba Cheng understood Han Muye’s purpose for coming and said in a low voice., , For an elder to say that the Iron Bull Strength that cost 80 spiritual rocks was not simple, it seemed that he had really gotten himself a treasure., , “Zhao Pu, show this kid the derived technique of Iron Bull Strength.”, , Tuoba turned to Zhao Pu., , Zhao Pu nodded and did not say anything else. He separated his feet and a faint green ox shadow condensed behind him., , He lowered his waist and threw a punch. Every punch was accurate and powerful., , As the force flowed, a second green ox phantom appeared., , After that came the third, the fourth, the fifth…, , By the eighth green ox phantom, Zhao Pu’s expression was already solemn., , Even Tuoba Cheng sat up slightly., , Han Muye’s eyes sparkled as he stared at Zhao Pu., , Images swirled in his mind, repeating themselves., , “Boom—”, , With a bang, the ninth green ox phantom appeared behind Zhao Pu. As soon as the nine phantoms appeared, they kept shaking before slowly dissipating., , Zhao Pu and Tuoba Cheng both looked a little regretful., , Zhao Pu said softly, “The nine bulls taking shape should be the final form of this Iron Bull’s Strength, but I keep feeling that there’s something missing.”, , ‘Something missing?’, , The images in Han Muye’s mind changed, and a vast aura rose., , He narrowed his eyes and looked at Tuoba Cheng, who was sitting above. “Uncle-Master, what should we do if the nine bulls become one and enter the body in reverse?”, , “Bam—”, , Tuoba Cheng smashed the long table in front of him with a palm and stood up. He let out a long laugh. “Form first, then condense the blood. It is indeed boundless. This is the origin of body-tempering cultivation techniques!”, , “How about you come join my sect, boy?”,

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