After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 37 - Demonstration Building, practice the Prairie Fi

For some reason, the outer sect disciple Ji Yuan who had been missing for a year, had his sword sent to the Sword Pavilion., , From the sword, Han Muye could see the image of Ji Yuan falling off the cliff, and also saw his sister’s heart being taken away., , A dead man who not only did heavy work, but also killed his fellow disciples., , Moreover, Ji Yuan, who was only an outer sect disciple, could easily kill a group of inner sect disciples., , ‘What’s the mystery behind this?’, , The images from all 13 swords were the same., , The fire-type lineage had really declined. A few deacons with relatively good cultivation abilities had distanced themselves from the fire-type lineage and left their disciples to fend for themselves., , Due to the incomplete inheritance, the disciples could not increase their combat abilities., , After recording down the 13 swords, the black-robed disciples of the Sword Sect left., , At sunset, Huang Six returned with a wine gourd. His expression did not seem pleasant., , “I’m afraid something big is about to happen in the Sword Sect,” Huang Six whispered to Han Muye after entering and checking that no one was around., , “When they were hunting down the villain of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect, Qin Yuanhe, it was said that the fire-type lineage suffered heavy losses. The elders were furious and reprimanded the Sword Battle Hall for their incompetence.”, , Huang Six shook his head and analyzed the situation at the foot of the mountain. Then he said firmly, “I think that Qin Yuanhe must be a Core Formation cultivator. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t be able to stir up such a storm.”, , When he finished, he saw that Han Muye’s expression did not change and was stunned., , “You know all about it?”, , Han Muye nodded and pointed at the book on the long table. “13 disciples of the fire-type lineage have died. Their swords have been returned to the pavilion and have been registered.”, , Huang Six opened his mouth but said nothing more., , The next morning, not long after the Sword Pavilion opened, the servant disciple, Lu Gao, quietly arrived outside., , He stood outside the Sword Pavilion and did not dare to enter. Han Muye saw him and came out to meet him with a smile., , Lu Gao only came to become familiar with Han Muye. He greeted him and chatted about the sect’s internal and external matters., , The death of the 13 disciples of the fire-type lineage the day before had already spread throughout the sect. Even Lu Gao, who was a servant, knew about it., , “That Qin Yuanhe is said to be a Heaven Realm expert. He killed 13 inner sect disciples with a wave of his hand. Brother, you have to be careful.” Lu Gao looked around and whispered., , When did Qin Yuanhe become a Heaven Realm expert?, , Han Muye smiled and shook his head., , If Qin Yuanhe saw him, he would probably turn around and escape, right?, , “Brother, don’t take it lightly. When a Heaven Realm expert attacks, the mountains will collapse and the earth will crack. Mortals like us will suffer.”, , Seeing that Han Muye didn’t care, Lu Gao instructed solemnly., , “Also, it’s said that the sect already intends to annex the fire-type lineage. Many elders were in a frantic last night.”, , “After all, it’s still considered a faction and have a lot of resources in their hands. Whichever faction is being annexed will greatly increase their strength.”, , Although Lu Gao was a servant, the lower the level, the more information he had., , Han Muye nodded, his eyes shining., , The sect elders did not even hide it. Even the sect servants knew about it. It seemed that the matter of annexing the fire-type lineage was not fake., , “However, the most important thing for the sect now is to pursue Qin Yuanhe.”, , “Yesterday, many messengers left the sect overnight and gathered all the sect members within a 3,000-kilometer radius. The Nine Mystic Sword Sect seems to be going all out.”, , When Lu Gao left, Han Muye sent him off with a smile and even asked him to come back when he was free., , His invitation delighted Lu Gao., , After Lu Gao left, Han Muye returned to the Sword Pavilion and said to Huang Six, “Brother, I’m going out for a while.”, , Huang Six sat in front of the long table and waved his hand. Suddenly, he looked up and said, “Don’t tell me you’re going to see that storeowner Bai? Then I’ll have to scold you. Junior Sister Mu Wan has done so much for you. You can’t let her down.”, , ‘See Bai Suzhen?’, , Han Muye was really intending to go to Suzhen Store., , “Ahem, I’m going to look for Senior Brother Zhao Pu. Didn’t he leave a token behind?” Han Muye shook Zhao Pu’s token and said loudly., , “Oh, go, go.” Huang Six sat back in the big chair and began to close his eyes to rest., , When a Sword Caretaker did not have a task, he would be this free., , But their tasks were really a waste of time and damaging to their lifespans., , After taking Zhao Pu’s token, Han Muye didn’t go to Zhao Pu’s cultivation place immediately. He went to the Demonstration Building first., , Maybe Zhao Pu was there., , When he arrived at the Demonstration Building, Han Muye found a quiet room and left a message on the jade wall., , “Room 134, please desmonstrate the second level of Iron Bull Strength. Reward: five spiritual rocks.”, , The second level of the Iron Bull Strength should only be known by Zhao Pu or a few people from their lineage., , If Zhao Pu or anyone from his lineage saw the message, they would probably come over., , Unfortunately, the message kept circulating and no one came., , After removing the message, Han Muye saw that there were other messages on the jade wall., , Among them was a request for the demonstration of third level of the Blue Wave Technique. The price had already been increased to 20 merit tokens., , Han Muye was about to take the mission when he froze., , “Room 11, request for demonstration of Prairie Fire Sword Technique. Reward: 1,000 merit tokens.”, , 1,000 merit tokens was a huge reward., , One merit token was equivalent to 100 spiritual rocks, so 1,000 merit tokens was equivalent to 100,000 spiritual rocks., , Moreover, the message showed that it had been a request from a long time. Clearly, no one had demonstrated the Prairie Fire Sword Technique for a long time., , With Mo Yuan explaining all kinds of cultivation knowledge to him, Han Muye was no longer a cultivation novice., , The Five Mystic Sword Technique was the top sword technique in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect., , There might be more above the Five Mystic, but without a Heaven Realm cultivation, it was equivalent to being extinct., , Prairie Fire was the Five Mystic Sword Technique., , It was a fire-type sword technique passed down by Patriarch Tao Ran., , After obtaining the Purple Flame Sword, Han Muye obtained the inheritance of the fire-type skill., , He raised his hand and tapped the message., , At this moment, in Room 11, a 30-year-old sword cultivator who was originally falling asleep suddenly trembled and widened his eyes., , “Someone accepted the mission arranged by Master!”, , “How is that possible? No one has accepted this mission for so many years. Now that the fire-type lineage has declined, how can anyone accept this mission?”, , He stood up and was about to walk out of the room when the door was pushed open., , A man in a white robe and a bronze mask strode in., , “You’re the one who wants a demonstration of the Prairie Fire Sword Technique?”, , “Give me your sword.”, , ‘My sword?’, , Hearing that the other party really wanted to demonstrate with his sword, the 30-year-old sword cultivator hurriedly bowed and said, “I’m Shen Muyang. This mission was left behind by my master, the Sword Sect’s deacon elder, Su Yuan.”, , “It wasn’t you who issued the mission?” Han Muye was a little disappointed. He looked at Shen Muyang, who was bowing in front of him, and said, “Do you still want me to demonstrate the Prairie Fire Sword Technique?”, , ‘Should I or should I not?’, , Shen Muyang was stunned and did not know how to answer., , A few years ago, his master had often been searching for a demonstration in a few demonstration buildings and the sect’s library. Recently, he had given up and only sent his disciples to take a look from time to time., , In fact, everyone knew that the Five Mystic Sword Technique of the fire-type lineage had already been severed after the founder betrayed the sect., , Although the person in front of him covered his face, his voice sounded very young. How could he know the sword technique?, , Could it be that the other lineages were deliberately testing him?, , Thinking of this, Shen Muyang’s expression darkened slightly, and he handed the sword in his hand to Han Muye., , “Alright, please demonstrate the Prairie Fire Sword Technique for me.”, , As he finished speaking, Han Muye had already reached for the hilt of his sword., , “Clang—”, , He unsheathed the sword., , “Hum—”, , Sword light flashed, and a fiery red cloud surged. The scorching sword Qi wreaked havoc, causing Shen Muyang, whose expression had changed drastically, to retreat!, , “Prairie fire!”

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