After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 36 - Sending a sword into the pavilion, the death of

What Bai Suzhen sent over were the two main ingredients needed to refine the longevity pill., , This storeowner Bai was really not simple. She could even easily find such a treasure., , From the looks of it, even if he did not find a solution to his lifespan problem, he still had a chance to live., , However, what this storeowner Bai was plotting was probably not a good thing. This medicine was a little tricky to handle., , Putting the spiritual herbs aside, Han Muye picked up a bronze token engraved with three mountain rocks., , It was a token from Zhao Pu., , It seemed that his research on the body-tempering technique, Iron Bull Strength, had achieved some results., , This body-tempering technique was no longer the most important to Han Muye, but he felt that Iron Bull Strength was not as simple as it seemed., , He had to ask Zhao Pu about the situation when he was free., , If this Iron Bull Strength could be cultivated, he would deduce further., , At the bottom of the wooden box was a letter. The handwriting on the envelope was elegant., , Han Muye chuckled and picked up the envelope., , ‘Does this count as a love letter?’, , What would Mu Wan write for him?, , Han Muye was curious and nervous., , ‘How long has it been since I felt in love?’, , He opened it carefully and unfolded the letter. His brows furrowed slowly., , He finished the letter with a long sigh, folded the envelope carefully, and put it back in the wooden box., , In the letter, Mu Wan said that she had left the Nine Mystic Sword Sect to go to a sect called Linghua Pavilion., , It was a sect that mainly consisted of female cultivators and was good at alchemy., , She said that she felt helpless about Han Muye’s lifespan and blamed herself. Only then did she make up her mind to go to Linghua Pavilion., , She also said that she would come to see Han Muye when she could refine pills to increase his lifespan., , Finally, Mu Wan instructed Han Muye to cultivate well. With his comprehension ability, he would definitely be able to achieve great things., , She even said that he shouldn’t be focused on romance and it was best for him to focus on cultivation., , Even after putting the letter away, Han Muye couldn’t understand it., , It was unknown if she was telling him not to care about Huang Six’s matchmaking or to focus on cultivation and not have any relations with other female cultivators., , ‘Does she mean the first, or the second?’, , That night, Han Muye almost kicked through the sheets while toss-turning., , …, , After waking up early in the morning and practising his swordaypl in the small courtyard, Han Muye felt that his understanding of swordsmanship had deepened., , The various Mystic Origin Sword Techniques had already reached perfection, and even fused with different sword techniques., , When he practiced the One Mystic and Two Mystic Sword Techniques, he only grasped the concept and did not care about the sword moves at all., , The more this was the case, the more unpredictable those sword moves were., , Sweating slightly, Han Muye smiled., , Due to the damage to his lifespan, his bodily functions had decreased a lot these days. He only felt comfortable after exercising that day., , He tore open his clothes and collected some water from the pond. It was extremely refreshing., , “It’s good to be young…” Huang Six wrapped his heavy robe around himself and muttered, causing Han Muye to laugh., , In the morning, Han Muye stood in front of the wooden shelves, holding a piece of linen to wipe the swords., , “Little Han, are you really going to wipe the swords?” Huang Six looked at Han Muye strangely., , Previously, he felt that Han Muye didn’t have much time left, so he didn’t stop him., , But now, did he really want to let the sword Qi penetrate his body and consume more of his lifespan?, , “Sword Qi entering my body might not be a big deal,” Han Muye muttered. He walked to the wooden shelves and pulled out a long sword., , He held the sword in one hand and wiped the blade with the sackcloth in the other., , In his sea of Qi, a sword intent spread out and turned into 128,000 sword Qi., , One of the sword Qis flowed along his palm and into the sword in his hand., , When the sword Qi entered the sword, he could feel a dim light shining on the sword., , One, two, three, ten, thirty of them., , After 48 sword Qis were infused into the blade, the sword in his hand had already emitted a cold light., , When he wanted to inject more sword Qi, the sword resisted., , Han Muye understood that if he poured more sword Qi into the sword, the sword would not be able to withstand it., , In the end, it was only a mortal weapon. There was a limit to how much sword Qi it could infuse., , Han Muye was in no hurry. He sheathed his sword, then started cleaning the other one., , In one day, he scattered a sword intent and poured it into 2,000 swords., , These swords had the sword Qi that he had infused into them and had an inexplicable connection with him. Even if someone came to receive the swords, they would subconsciously not choose these swords., , After dispersing one sword intent, Han Muye felt his body become lighter., , It seemed that his lifespan was not a problem for the time being., , However, if he wanted to completely resolve the problem of his lifespan, the most important thing was to increase his cultivation so that his body could withstand the power of the sword intent., , In three days, Han Muye dispersed three sword intents and the scattered sword Qi entered thousands of swords, leaving only eight sword intents in his body., , These sword intents were enough for him to execute the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords Technique eight times, but it would not consume too much of his lifespan for the time being., , The sword Qi that scattered into the sword could not only nourish the sword and make it sharper, but also slowly increase the number of sword Qi it contained., , Han Muye gave it a try. Ordinary swords required seven or eight days to gather sword Qi, and it would take at least half a month to nurture a sword Qi., , However, after injecting dozens of sword Qi into it, sword Qi would be produced in a day, and a perfected sword Qi could be obtained in two days., , In this way, he would not have to worry about not having sword Qi in the future., , In the afternoon, Huang Six went down the mountain to get some wine. In the Sword Pavilion, Han Muye, who had finished wiping his sword, sat at the long table with his eyes closed., , Suddenly he opened his eyes and looked out of the Sword Pavilion., , A group of black-robed disciples of the Sword Sect slowly walked over., , These disciples were all holding long swords in their hands., , “The Sword Pavilion is an sacred place. You are not allowed to enter unless you are sending away or receiving a sword.” Han Muye stood up and walked to the door of the Sword Pavilion., , In front of the stone steps, the leading disciple bowed, held the sword with both hands, and said in a low voice, “On the orders of the elders, we are here to send the swords of 13 fellow disciples back to the Sword Pavilion.”, , 13 disciples had died at the same time?, , Han Muye was slightly taken aback., , The Nine Mystic Sword Sect was one of the nine sects of the Western Frontier. It was ranked third among the Four Swords Sect. 13 disciples had died at once. Could something big have happened?, , Han Muye didn’t ask any questions., , As the Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretaker, his duty was to guard the Sword Pavilion, not to care about why the disciples of the sect had died., , Nodding, he raised his hand and took the swords from the disciple in front of him. Then, he reached out and pulled out the blade, sizing it up gently., , “This sword belongs to the inner sect disciple, Wu Teng,” the disciple said in a deep voice., , “Clang—”, , Putting the sword back into its sheath, Han Muye said indifferently, “I’ve received an inner sect disciple’s sword today. If there’s no mistake, I’ll store it back at the Sword Pavilion.”, , Then he turned into the Sword Pavilion and sent the sword to the wooden shelves., , Stepping forward, his hand tightened on the hilt of his sword., , Images flashed through his mind., , The longsword was being forged., , A young disciple in a white robe received the sword., , His sword danced, sword flashing., , Han Muye comprehended the One Mystic Sword Technique, Smoky Fire., , He had comprehended the Two Mystic Sword Technique, Lighted Smoke., , The sword light reappeared, and Han Muye trembled., , All the sword techniques were fire-type ones., , He knew the identity of the sword’s owner., , The disciple of Patriarch Tao Ran who betrayed the Sword Sect!, , The patriarch had betrayed the sect, and the disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect who cultivated fire-type techniques were all ostracized, making thier lives very difficult., , The sect missions that they completed were the most difficult and dangerous ones in the sect. But their rewards were the least., , Without Patriarch Tao Ran, many of the fire-type technique were difficult to pass on, and the lineage withered., , This time, their mission was to hunt down the villain from the Great Spiritual Sword Sect, Qin Yuanhe. The group of fire-type disciples searched everywhere and finally obtained news., , However, they did not find Qin Yuanhe, but encountered a fellow disciple., , “Ji Yuan!” Han Muye narrowed his eyes when he saw the figure who had suddenly attacked.

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