After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 35 - Since you survived, you must be fated with the

“Han, little Han!”, , Huang Six, who was slumped in the wooden chair, jumped up and scurried over to Han Muye. His eyes widened as he sized Muye up and down., , He reached out and patted Han Muye’s shoulder and arm, then punched Han Muye’s chest a few times., , “Haha, you’re not dead, kid!”, , “Really not dead!”, , “I was even sad a few times!”, , Huang Six’s old face was filled with joy, and his eyes were moist., , Han Muye was also smiling., , Huang Six seemed to think of something. Grinning, he opened a small wooden box and poured out the contents. Then he counted them one by one., , “Here, these pills are for you.”, , “Also, these are the spiritual rocks I’ve collected over the past few days. This is for you.”, , “This is the spiritual medicine that the storeowner Bai gave you.”, , “This is a letter from Mu Wan.”, , “This is a token from Zhao Pu of the inner sect.”, , …, , There were quite a few scattered items., , Han Muye looked at the things piled up on the table and asked with a smile, “Brother, why are all these things in this box? What are you going to do?”, , “Bury it.”, , “If you don’t come back, I’m going to bury the stuff and build you a cenotaph.”, , Huang Six turned and spoke solemnly., , A cenotaph…, , Han Muye’s face twitched., , “Han Muye, come up and see me.”, , He was about to speak when an old voice came from above the Sword Pavilion., , Han Muye shuddered., , It was the Sword Pavilion’s Patriarch’s voice., , Huang Six and Han Muye looked at each other., , Huang Six gave him a meaningful glance towards the stairs., , Han Muye nodded, put his sword, Purple Flame and Destiny on the table, then straightened his clothes and strode up the stairs., , On the second floor, he glanced at the wooden shelves that held the swords. He took a deep breath and headed up to the third floor., , On the third floor, the space was only twenty feet in circumference. There were no wooden shelves for swords. The windows all around were open and the light was bright., , The white-robed Sword Pavilion Patriarch sat cross-legged in front of him. Behind him, a black sheathed sword was on the long table., , “Disciple Han Muye greets the Patriarch.”, , Han Muye bowed and cupped his fists., , The white-haired Sword Pavilion Patriarch nodded, his eyes studying him., , “How did you resolve the crisis of your lifespan?”, , Han Muye knew that he would definitely be asked about his lifespan, so he was already thinking along the way., , It was not just him. Huang Six and the Sword Pavilion Patriarch would definitely have worries about their depleting lifespan., , All Sword Caretakers could not escape this., , “Elder, this time, I returned to my hometown with the number one person in the outer sect, Mo Yuan. With his guidance, my sword Qi dissipated. For two to three years, I won’t be in danger of dying,” Han Muye replied loudly., , “Dissipate the sword Qi?” The Sword Pavilion Patriarch focused his gaze on Han Muye, then nodded., , At this moment, there was only a condensed sword intent in Han Muye’s sea of Qi. Outsiders could not sense the existence of the dissipated sword Qi., , Even an expert like the Sword Pavilion Patriarch did not notice anything unusual., , “Then, what are you going to do from now on?” the Sword Pavilion Patriarch asked again., , Han Muye looked up at the calm Sword Pavilion Patriarch., , He did not expect the Sword Pavilion Patriarch to say so much to him and even ask him about his future plans., , ‘I thought the old man didn’t care whether I lived or died?’, , However, he still answered truthfully, “Elder, I’m preparing to dual cultivate and strive to refine my body to withstand the sword Qi.”, , This was the most suitable cultivation method for him that Mo Yuan had told him., , The Sword Pavilion Patriarch nodded and said indifferently, “On the path of cultivation, everyone has their own fate.”, , “If you can’t survive the sword Qi entering your body, then your fate is over.”, , “Since you survived it, you have an affinity with the Sword Pavilion.”, , With that, he looked at Han Muye and lowered his voice. “From now on, come see me on the 15th of every month after the closing of the Pavilion.”, , ‘Meet him after closing time?’, , Han Muye instantly thought of how Patriarch Bodhi had taught Sun Wukong the 72 Transformations., , Was he really lucky enough to be recognized by an elder of the Sword Pavilion?, , “I understand.”, , Han Muye nodded, bowed to the Sword Pavilion Patriarch, and left the third floor., , As he walked down the stairs, he subconsciously turned around and glanced at the black sword placed behind the Sword Pavilion Patriarch., , Was this the Nine Mystic Sword that suppressed the providence of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect?, , Why did this sword look exactly the same as the Mystic Sun Sword?, , Han Muye had never seen this sword before, but he had seen it a few times in the memories of Qin Yuanhe’s sword., , Qin Yuanhe was carrying out a sect mission and was looking for the black sheathed sword called the Mystic Sun Sword., , Could there be something between the Mystic Sun and Nine Mystic?, , Shaking his head, Han Muye stopped thinking about this matter., , Let those big shots worry about it. Wouldn’t it be better for him to hide in the Sword Pavilion and slowly nurture his sword Qi?, , Downstairs, Huang Six placed all the items in a wooden box and handed it to Han Muye., , “Brother, the Sword Pavilion Patriarch—”, , Before Han Muye could finish, Huang Six raised his hand and said, “Don’t tell me about this.”, , After saying that, he grinned and patted Han Muye’s shoulder. He whispered, “Little Han, I’ve been in the Sword Pavilion for seven years. In another three years, I’ll be a sect deacon.”, , Han Muye chuckled at his words., , He was worrying too much. The Patriarch had said, everyone had their own fate., , Huang Six also had his own fate., , Since he could live in the Sword Pavilion for seven years, why should he worry about him?, , “Brother, do you still have any wine?” Han Muye asked with a smile., , Huang Six chuckled and turned to retrieve the large gourd. “There’s still half a gourd left.”, , Han Muye reached for the gourd, removed the stopper, and sniffed it., , It was spicy and mellow., , When the wine entered his throat, it was cool and hot. It passed through his intestines and stomach, and a heat spread throughout his body., , “Hiss—”, , “How delightful…”, , He wanted to take another sip, but Huang Six had already snatched the gourd. He took a small sip and sealed it with heartache., , “My wine is expensive.”, , Han Muye smiled and shook his head. He opened the wooden box, took out the pills, and handed them to Huang Six., , “Brother, I refined this pill myself.”, , “In the future, we won’t lack such things.”, , By the time Han Muye returned to the quiet room with the wooden box, Huang Six was still holding the jade bottle in his hand in a daze., , He looked at the pill in his hand and then at the room., , As if he had thought of something, he took out a few spiritual rocks from his pocket., , Rubbing the spiritual rocks with his palm, a complicated expression appeared on his face., , “Rascal, so you’re the real tycoon…”, , “Alright, I, Huang Six, will have a wealthy backer in the future.”, , Shaking his head as he spoke, he returned with the jade bottle and the wine gourd., , In the quiet room, Han Muye took out various items from the wooden box., , There were five spiritual rocks. This was the money Huang Six had earned from the disciples who came to receive their swords., , When Han Muye left Qingmu Town, he had left two high-grade spiritual rocks for Mo Yuan., , As someone who could refine supreme-grade pills, he no longer had to worry about the lack of spiritual rocks., , However, he still accepted these five spiritual rocks. After all, it was Huang Six’s goodwill., , In the wooden box were two more medicine packets. The names of the medicines were written on them., , “Bright Origin Bone and Marrow Transformation Fruit?”, , Han Muye was slightly taken aback.

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