After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 34 - Reviewing the match and obtaining the spiritual

With his hands empty, Qin Yuanhe looked at Han Muye in horror., , He gritted his teeth and stared at Han Muye indignantly. “Kid, I don’t believe you still have—”, , Qin Yuanhe flew up and rushed towards Han Muye., , Before he could finish speaking, another sword intent condensed on Han Muye’s body., , In midair, Qin Yuanhe turned around and fled into the forest., , He escaped., , An Earth Realm expert who had cultivated his sword intent had fled., , Han Muye looked at the figure fleeing into the forest and smiled., , He flicked his sleeve and withdrew his fingers., , “Clang—”, , The long sword, Destiny, and the short sword, Purple Flame, returned to their sheaths., , It was not necessary for the sword intent to transform into thousands of sword Qi for Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords., , When up against an Earth Realm expert, only sword intent against sword intent was enough to intimidate and kill., , If Qin Yuanhe didn’t leave now, he would probably die., , Standing in place, Han Muye carefully recalled his previous moves., , With maximum-level comprehending abilities, he could review the match just now., , All the images kept running through his mind., , Suppressing his opponent with two sword intents was satisfying, but there was actually no need to do that., , Qin Yuanhe actually did not have any killing intent when he attacked just now. He did not really intend to kill him., , Moreover, Qin Yuanhe had just condensed his sword intent. It was enough for Han Muye to fight him with just one sword intent., , As for when he attacked, there was no need to directly use the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords., , This was a move that could not be stopped. It consumed too much sword intent. It was better to use the Three Mystic Sword Technique., , He kept reflecting, and various simulation of re-battle scenes appeared in his mind., , After a long time, the scenes of defeating his opponent with a single strike finally disappeared., , Han Muye felt that he had gained a new understanding of his various sword techniques., , If he met Qin Yuanhe again, he was confident that he could kill him with one strike., , Sure enough, actual combat was the way to test out everything., , Although he had only exchanged two moves with Qin Yuanhe just now, his opponent was an Earth Realm expert and he had comprehended a lot., , The energy consumption from the two sword intents on his body made his body ache., , This was the disadvantage of having only sword intent and no cultivation base. Once the sword intent was activated, he would not have enough spiritual energy to guide it and could only let it dissipate., , After circulating the remaining sword intent in his sea of Qi and the spiritual energy in his dantian, a trace of joy flashed across his face., , The consumption by the two sword intents allowed his lifespan to recover a little., , Now, at least for a while, he did not need to worry about his lifespan., , Furthermore, he understood that as long as he did not store his sword intent in his sea of Qi, it would not consume his lifespan. Han Muye had already thought of a good idea. He could test it out when he returned to the Sword Pavilion., , Taking a few steps forward, he reached out and grabbed Qin Yuanhe’s fallen sword., , “Hum—”, , The sword vibrated, and a force of resistance twisted around it., , This sword was not an ordinary item!, , Han Muye’s face lit up. He gripped the hilt of his sword tightly and activated his sword intent., , “Clang—”, , There was a cracking sound from the sword, and then a trickle of sword Qi was extracted from it., , The sword Qi contained in this longsword had yet to condense into sword intent, which meant that the sword Qi inside was not nurtured enough., , Images flashed in Han Muye’s mind., , The sword was tempered and forged over and over again, then spiritual materials were added., , There were also drawing of spiritual symbols., , He had comprehended the Spirit Augmentation Technique., , So this was the way to refine spiritual weapons., , After comprehending the Spirit Augmentation technique, Han Muye finally understood the difference between mortal and spiritual weapons., , Ordinary-grade swords could only store sword Qi. If one wanted to condense sword intent, they had to nourish it for a hundred years., , With the addition of spiritual materials and spiritual symbols, the sword had become an artifact and could contain sword intent., , In fact, because the spiritual materials had powerful abilities, the lethality of a spiritual artifact-level sword was even greater., , After comprehending the spirit augmentation technique, the image of the sword owner cultivating appeared in Han Muye’s mind., , It was an old man in a green and gray brocade robe. Sword light flowed in his hand and he kept waving the sword., , He had comprehended the sword technique ‘Pine Wind’., , He had comprehended the sword technique ‘Between the Moon’., , He had comprehended the sword technique ‘Cloudfall’., , …, , After comprehending seven or eight sword techniques, Han Muye knew who the original owner of this sword was., , It was an elder of the Three Qin Sword Sect who had almost cultivated his sword intent., , However, this person was killed by Qin Yuanhe, who then obtained this sword., , It was also through killing the elders of the Three Qin Sword Sect and intimidating them that he made them submit to the Great Spiritual Sword Sect., , In his mind, there were many images of what Qin Yuanhe had done under the ruling of Nine Mystic Sword Sect., , It turned out that not only did the Three Qin Sword Sect submit to the Great Spiritual Sword Sect, but the other forces also quietly joined them., , Zhou Yan!, , When Zhou Yan, the deacon of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s Sword Battle Hall, appeared in the images, Han Muye was shocked., , Qin Yuanhe and Zhou Yan were indeed childhood friends and had a good relationship., , Qin Yuanhe was sincere in helping Zhou Yan break through., , However, there was something related to the sect mission., , The Mystic Sun Sword., , It was a black sheathed sword. This sword was hidden and was related to a Heaven Realm cultivation technique!, , When an imitation Mystic Sun Sword appeared, Han Muye thought of the Sun family’s destruction and linked it to the Mo family’s sheathed sword., , Also, the death of Ji Yuan from the Nine Mystic Sword Sect seemed to be related to this sword., , This sword was in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect?, , In the scene, Qin Yuanhe and Zhou Yan were practicing their swordsmanship and drinking, chatting about their childhood and getting along well., , But it didn’t last., , Another deacon of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect wanted Qin Yuanhe to rush Zhou Yan in completing the mission, but Qin Yuanhe did not agree. In the end, the two of them parted on bad terms., , Not long after, Zhou Yan was killed and Qin Yuanhe became infamous., , It seemed that Qin Yuanhe really did not kill Zhou Yan., , Han Muye was not interested in clearing Qin Yuanhe’s name. Qin Yuanhe had accepted a sect mission to come here. Even if he did not kill Zhou Yan, he had done a lot of things to harm the Nine Mystic Sword Sect., , After comprehending a few sets of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect’s sword techniques, Han Muye put away this longsword called Flowing Moon., , Spiritual weapons were priceless., , Of course he had to take the sword back with him., , He put out the campfire, sat on the cart rack, and sat cross-legged., , The two horses slowly moved forward. After a while, he left the forest., , It was not until 15 minutes later that the disheveled Qin Yuanhe ran out of the forest., , He stood still and looked in the direction the carriage had gone., , “Who is this kid?”, , “When did such a monstrous figure appear in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect?”, , Clenching his fists, Qin Yuanhe gritted his teeth and muttered., , “Damn it, I’m afraid this mission won’t be easy to complete…”, , Shaking his head, he disappeared down the trail., , When the carriage stopped in front of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, Han Muye felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity as he looked at the tall jade gate., , He thought back about his trip down the mountain and how his lifespan had taken a turn for the better. He had saved Mo Yuan from death and even killed people with Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords., , All these experiences felt like a lifetime ago., , “It’s still quiet on the Nine Mystic Mountain…”, , With a light shout, he instructed the horse to move the carriage forward., , “Brother, Brother Han!” When he arrived at the mountain gate, Lu Gao, who was dressed in a gray servant robe, rushed forward excitedly., , “Haha, it’s Brother Lu.”, , Han Muye jumped out of the carriage and patted Lu Gao on the shoulder., , He was in a good mood when he returned to the Nine Mystic Sword Sect., , “Hey, don’t call me that. I don’t deserve it…” Lu Gao waved his hand and grinned., , Not far away, the gray-robed servants and the green-robed outer sect disciples watched enviously., , This Lu Gao was really lucky., , “Um, Brother, you should go back. I’ll help you deliver this carriage.” Seeing that there was no one on Han Muye’s carriage, Lu Gao quickly said., , Coincidentally, Han Muye didn’t know where to send the carriage, so he handed it to Lu Gao and reached out to bring the sword down the carriage., , “Then I’ll have to trouble Brother Lu. Let’s drink together when you’re free.”, , Speaking of drinking, Han Muye hadn’t drunk in a long time., , He missed Huang Six’s wine gourd., , “Ah, sure, sure.” Lu Gao looked enviously at the two swords on Han Muye’s back and the shiny sword in his hand as he drove the carriage towards the mountain path., , Han Muye carried his sword and strode towards the Sword Pavilion., , Before arriving at the Sword Pavilion, he looked up at the three-story building. Golden light shone, and Han Muye smiled., , He seemed to feel the vibration of the swords on the first floor of the Sword Pavilion., , ‘These little ones miss me too, don’t they?’, , As he walked up the steps, Huang Six’s weak voice came from the Sword Pavilion., , “Sword Pavilion’s rules for receiving swords, bathing, burning incense, peace of mind—”, , “Brother!” Han Muye strode into the Sword Pavilion.

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