After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 32 - Mo Yuan, Qi Condensation

Thousands of sharp sword lights flashed, and endless sword Qi exploded., , The sword Qi formed a river that surged for a thousand feet!, , “Sword intent!”, , On a mountain range dozens of kilometers away, a few white-robed martial artists looked up. Someone exclaimed., , “An Earth Realm expert! It must be that Qin Yuanhe from the Great Spiritual Sword Sect!” An old man in a gray robe shouted coldly., , “Hurry up and go. The Nine Mystic Sword Sect will definitely reward us handsomely for killing this person.” The old man’s aura was solemn. He carried a long sword on his back and sharp energy emitted from his body., , “Bam—”, , A pale red firework exploded in the distant sky., , “It’s the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s gathering order. Hurry up and go. Surround Qin Yuanhe and you will receive 3,000 merit tokens.”, , A group of people wearing the robes of the inner sect disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect flew forward., , “The sword intent…”, , “Hehe, good lad.”, , In the Mo family mansion, Mo Yuan looked up at the soaring sword light with a smile., , “It’s a pity that I didn’t personally witness this Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords.” Mo Yuan sat on the door frame, his eyes filled with joy and a trace of regret., , “This is the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords,” Han Muye said calmly as he slowly retracted his hand., , The space in front of him seemed to have been plowed by an iron plow., , More than ten martial artists spat out blood and their bodies were riddled with holes., , This was just the one sword intent released by the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords., , If 3,000 sword intents condensed into sword momentum, what would the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords look like?, , Han Muye put his hands behind his back, his eyes shining., , “Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords…” Mo Yucheng clenched the bride’s cold hand and muttered to himself in a hoarse voice., , He killed more than ten Essence Energy Cultivation and Qi Condensation experts with a single strike. Was such a strike really created by his ancestor?, , How could an outer sect disciple who had not reached the Qi Condensation Realm after 200 years create such a magnificent sword technique?, , Han Muye slowly stepped forward, squatted, and looked at the twitching figure on the ground., , “Tell me, why have you come?”, , The man’s eyes were full of fear. He gurgled a few times, then his head lolled and he died., , Han Muye reached out and grabbed the sword on the ground., , Images swam into his mind., , The young man joined the Great Spiritual Sword Sect., , He was a young swordsman., , An elite in the sect., , He had come with the elders of the sect to disrupt the rising of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect., , “That Mystic Sun Sword contains the principles of the Sword Dao. As long as we find it, it will definitely help our Great Spiritual Sword Sect become the leader of the four sword sects in the Western Frontier.”, , In the image, the person who spoke was a black-bearded man in a long robe. It was the expert of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect, Qin Yuanhe!, , “Great Spiritual Sword Sect, Mystic Sun Sword…” Han Muye narrowed his eyes., , The last time he heard the name of the Mystic Sun Sword was in the images of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s disciple, Ji Yuan., , What secrets did this sword have?, , “Sister, sister…” Sun Luyang, who was lying in a pool of blood, panted and looked at the bride., , Miss Sun covered her mouth as tears fell., , “Sister, don’t blame your ninth brother.”, , “The Sun family has been exterminated by the Great Spiritual Sword Sect. We have no choice…”, , “You, you be good, live—”, , He was dead before he finished., , “Bam—”, , Nearby, fireworks rose into the air., , Han Muye stood up and turned. “Let’s go.”, , Then he strode back to the house., , Mo Yucheng and the others did not see that Han Muye’s face was pale., , It didn’t feel good to kill someone for the first time., , “Ying’er, don’t worry. My Mo family has an elder. I, Mo Yucheng, will definitely avenge you in the future.” Mo Yucheng held the bride whose shoulders were trembling and said in a deep voice., , When Mo Yunteng and the others arrived at the battlefield, there was no one alive., , “Sword Qi, he was injured by the sword Qi!”, , “Earth Realm, it must be an Earth Realm expert!”, , Everyone turned to look at Mo Yunteng with amazement., , It was obvious who had done it., , Mo Yunteng smiled without saying anything and only looked into the distance., , Figures raced toward them., , These people were all tall and straight, and a sharp aura flashed on their bodies., , They were all experts in sword cultivation., , “Greetings, seniors.” Mo Yunteng took a step forward and bowed to the newcomers., , The person in front was dressed in a gray robe and carried a long sword on his back. He looked around and narrowed his eyes., , “Did you do this?”, , Mo Yunteng shook his head and said, “Senior, this was done by a senior of my Mo family.”, , “That senior has a close relationship with our Mo family’s ancestor.”, , Then, he bowed and said softly, “My Mo family’s ancestor is in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”, , The expression of the old man in the green and gray robe changed slightly, then he nodded and said, “Well, good. So the Mo family has such a relationship with our Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”, , “I’m Xu Linjin, the deacon of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s Battle Sword Hall.”, , “That Earth Realm expert helped the Nine Mystic Sword Sect eliminate the calamity. We should pay a visit to that Earth Realm expert in the Mo Family.”, , An Earth Realm expert!, , The Nine Mystic Sword Sect expert in front of him had personally said that the Myriad Sword elder was an Earth Realm expert!, , Mo Yunteng was all smiles as he hurriedly stretched out his hand and said, “Senior, please—”, , Someone naturally cleaned up the corpses on the ground., , Everyone surrounded the Nine Mystic Sword Sect expert and headed towards the Mo Family., , “Oh my, the Mo family has completely become successful…”, , “Even the experts of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect have to pay a visit to the elder. The Mo family has really soared.”, , The guests whispered behind him and followed them to the Mo family., , No one was willing to leave first in such a situation., , In the Mo family’s backyard, Han Muye strode back., , Mo Yuan looked excited as he struggled to get up. “How is it?”, , “Qi Condensation and Essence Energy Cultivation realm all exterminated with one slash,” Han Muye said in a deep voice., , “Haha, good, good—” Mo Yuan laughed out loud, his laughter carefree., , Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords indeed had the ability to kill thousands of enemies with one strike!, , After spending 200 years to create such an exquisite sword technique, Mo Yuan felt that he no longer had any regrets in his life!, , His face turned red and he coughed a few times. His body swayed and he was about to fall., , Han Muye stepped forward and put a hand on his arm., , Mo Yucheng and Miss Sun also arrived. The two of them looked at each other and knelt in front of Mo Yuan. “Greetings to the elder.”, , “Hehe, don’t you think that I’m useless?” Mo Yuan laughed. There was a hint of relief and regret in his eyes., , “The ancestor is too great. The Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords created by you is peerless.” Mo Yucheng looked up at Mo Yuan, his eyes filled with admiration., , The power of Han Muye’s attack just now had completely won him over., , The person who could create this sword technique was the Mo Family’s ancestor. As a member of the Mo Family, he was extremely lucky!, , Hearing Mo Yucheng’s words, a gratified smile appeared on Mo Yuan’s face. Then, he sighed softly and said, “It’s a pity that my dantian is empty and I don’t have the strength to gather spiritual energy. Otherwise, I could have lived for a few more days.”, , “I really want to see the Mo family again…”, , As his speech became softer, the divine light in Mo Yuan’s eyes also began to dissipate., , At this moment, Han Muye suddenly reached out and pressed on Mo Yuan’s shoulder., , A flood of power poured into him, making his eyes widen., , Sword intent!, , This was a complete sword intent that directly passed through Mo Yuan’s body and meridians. Then, it entered his chest and landed in his sea of Qi., , Han Muye pressed a pill into Mo Yuan’s mouth with his other hand., , The pill melted in his mouth and dissolved into spiritual energy., , The spiritual energy flowed through the meridians pierced by the sword Qi and instantly landed on Mo Yuan’s dry dantian., , “Hum—”, , A copious force emitted from Mo Yuan’s body., , Qi Condensation Realm!, , The sword intent opened up his sea of Qi, and a supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pill filled his meridians and dantian, directly allowing Mo Yuan’s cultivation to break through and reach the Qi Condensation Realm., , Once he entered the Qi Condensation Realm, his originally exhausted lifespan rapidly increased. The aura on Mo Yuan’s body constantly reversed, and his white hair turned gray., , His originally thin face also regained its color., , “Hum—”, , Mo Yuan opened his eyes, and a sword light flashed in his eyes., , All the swords within a 10,000-foot radius vibrated!, , In front of the Mo family mansion, Xu Linjin, the deacon of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s Battle Sword Hall, trembled., , The sword on his back vibrated., , He was not the only one. The Nine Mystic Sword Sect disciple behind him could not even hold the sword in his hand as it seemed to be about to fly into the sky., , “The sword intent has condensed, and an Earth Realm expert has awakened!” Xu Linjin stood on the spot and bowed slightly., , It was a sign of respect for the strong.

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