After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 25 - Who was the person who bought the pills?

Two of the three ways to resolve the crisis of his limited lifespan had already been blocked., , He could only see if he could find a pill that could increase his lifespan., , “If there’s really no way within seven days, then I’ll disperse the sword Qi.”, , After all, life was more important., , The next morning, after practicing the sword techniques in the small courtyard, Han Muye walked out., , “Brother, I’ll go take a look at the Medical Hall.”, , Hearing him say he was going to the Medical Hall, Huang Six grinned. “Sure, go ahead. I’ll take care of things here.”, , Watching Han Muye leave, Huang Six’s face was full of smiles. “It seems that this kid has become sensible.”, , Then, he shook his head with a bitter expression. “Sigh, it’s a pity that Sister Ping probably won’t recognize me in my current state.”, , …, , In the Medical Hall, when Mu Wan saw Han Muye, she exclaimed, “Han, Senior Brother Han, you, why are you—”, , Her gaze fell on Han Muye’s temples., , It had only been a day, but Han Muye’s temples were already gray., , If not for his young appearance, he would have been an old man in his fifties., , “I wonder if Junior Sister Mu has heard any news about medicinal pills that can increase lifespan?” Han Muye went straight to the point., , Mu Wan looked around and nodded. She said softly, “Senior Brother, follow me.”, , After leading Han Muye to a quiet place, she said in a low voice, “I asked my fellow seniors of the Medical Hall last night. Only Elder Su Liang can refine longevity-increasing pills in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”, , Han Muye nodded., , ‘I’m glad there is a chance.’, , “Senior Brother, you have to be prepared. That lifespan-increasing pill is extremely expensive.” Mu Wan looked up at Han Muye., , “How expensive?” Han Muye asked softly., , No matter how expensive it was, he was going to obtain it., , “It’s said that a pill that can increase one’s lifespan by a year costs 30,000 spiritual rocks,” Mu Wan said in a low voice., , 30,000 spiritual rocks was an unattainable number for most inner and outer sect disciples., , ‘30,000 eh?’, , One year of lifespan was worth 30,000 spiritual rocks. It was expensive, yet not too expensive., , Han Muye narrowed his eyes, calculated in his mind, and said in a deep voice, “Junior Sister, wait here for me for a moment, then take me to look for Elder Su Liang, okay?”, , Mu Wan nodded., , Han Muye turned and walked away., , He was heading towards the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s outer sect market., , The pink-dressed shopkeeper’s eyes lit up as he walked into Suzhen Store., , “Looks like you’ve thought it through?” Bai Suzhen stepped forward with a smile., , Han Muye went straight to the counter and put a small jade bottle on the table., , Bai Suzhen was stunned. She frowned slightly and reached out to pick up the jade bottle before opening it., , “Ah—”, , She let out a gasp, stuffed the jade bottle, and looked at Han Muye with a tense expression., , “Supreme-grade…”, , There were ten supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pills in the jade bottle, and every one of them was bright and round., , “Are you not taking it?” Han Muye said casually., , “Of course I am!” Bai Suzhen hurriedly replied., , Putting away the jade bottle, she touched the jade ring on her fingertip and a small wooden box appeared., , She uncovered the wooden box. Inside was a brilliant glow., , “These are high-grade spiritual rocks. One is equivalent to 10,000 low-grade spiritual rocks,” Bai Suzhen said in a low voice as she placed three crystal clear spiritual rocks in front of Han Muye., , Inside the spatial ring that stored items were high-grade spiritual rocks that ordinary people had never seen before., , Han Muye glanced at Bai Suzhen., , The background of this woman who had a shop in the outer sect market was probably not simple., , Seeing Han Muye looking at her, Bai Suzhen chuckled and said, “Senior Brother, I’ve never heard of an alchemist who can refine ten supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pills at once.”, , The meaning of her words was implying, ‘You’ve discovered my secret but I’ve also discovered yours.’, , Han Muye grabbed three pieces of high-grade spiritual rocks and turned to leave., , When he reached the door of the shop, he suddenly turned around. “Is Elder Su Liang the one who can refine lifespan-increasing pills in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect?”, , Bai Suzhen was stunned., , Han Muye turned and left., , He had his answer., , “Supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pill.”, , “Sword Caretaker of the Sword Pavilion.”, , “How can you put these two things together?”, , Bai Suzhen looked at the door with bright eyes., , “Compared to the sect mission, this person is more interesting.”, , The Waterside Residence where Elder Su Liang lived was far from the Medical Hall. Han Muye and Mu Wan walked for more than two hours before arriving., , The grass hut lined continuously by the water., , ‘That’s an apt name for the Waterside Residence.’, , A faint medicinal fragrance wafted over, making one feel excited., , Taking a deep breath, Han Muye marched forward., , After taking a few steps across the stream, Mu Wan suddenly said, “Senior Sister Jin Yuan—”, , ‘Jin Yuan?’, , Han Muye was stunned. Not far ahead, a female cultivator was washing medicinal herbs in the river. Wasn’t she the person he met at the Suzhen Store that day?, , It was also this female cultivator called Jin Yuan who told him that he only had seven days left to live., , The female cultivator looked up and saw Mu Wan. She smiled and said, “So it’s Junior Sister Mu Wan.”, , Her gaze swept to Han Muye and she was slightly startled., , “Senior Sister Jin Yuan, Senior Brother Han wants a pill to increase his lifespan. Please help me introduce him to Elder Su Liang.”, , Mu Wan walked forward and whispered to Jin Yuan., , Jin Yuan glanced at Han Muye and then whispered, “Are you close?”, , ‘Are we close?’, , Mu Wan was not sure if she was very familiar with Han Muye, but she did not want Han Muye to die because of his limited lifespan., , She nodded., , Seeing her nod, Jin Yuan turned to look at the straw hut behind him. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to see Master.”, , It turned out that Elder Su Liang was Jin Yuan’s master., , Han Muye followed the two of them and saw that there were many people refining pills in the straw hut. There was surrounding fire accompanied by a fragrant smell., , After walking through a few corridors, Jin Yuan stood in front of a wooden pavilion and bowed to the middle-aged female cultivator sitting in the pavilion. “Master, this disciple of the Sword Sect wants to buy a medicinal pill that can increase lifespan.”, , At her words, the middle-aged female cultivator who had been reading looked up., , Was this Elder Su Liang, who could refine pills that could increase lifespan?, , When Han Muye looked up, the middle-aged female cultivator also looked at him., , “The sword Qi has entered your heart and you are dying?”, , “How are you so injured?”, , The female cultivator frowned and asked in a low voice., , “Elder, I’m the Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretaker.” Han Muye bowed., , “Sword Caretaker?” Elder Su Liang whispered, then nodded. “No wonder.”, , A look of pity flashed across her face, then she shook her head and said, “You’re late. The lifespan-extending pill you wanted has already been bought.”, , ‘Bought?’, , Han Muye shuddered., , Mu Wan also looked anxious., , Han Muye needed that pill to save his life., , “Then, I wonder if Elder can help me refine another one?” Han Muye raised his hand, and three sparkling high-grade spiritual rocks appeared in his palm., , Elder Su Liang shook her head and waved her hand. “It’s not that I don’t want to help you. There are a few types of spiritual herbs that are needed to refine pills to increase lifespan.”, , “Without the Bright Origin Bone and the Marrow Transformation Fruit, I can’t refine the pill.”, , “I haven’t seen these two spiritual herbs being sold in the surrounding markets recently.”, , She could not refine it!, , Han Muye felt his heart sink., , Could this be the will of the heavens?, , Taking a deep breath, he whispered indignantly, “May I ask, Elder, who bought the pills?”, , Hearing his words, Jin Yuan and Mu Wan’s expressions changed., , It was a huge taboo to inquire about the identity of the pill buyer., , In the seat of honor, Elder Su Liang pondered for a long time before saying two words., , “Mo Yuan.”,

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