After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 23 - Someone like you is not worthy of Junior Sister

Huang Six strode in from outside the Sword Pavilion, then grabbed Han Muye by the collar., , “To think that I even told Junior Sister Mu that your vitality was greatly damaged and that you might not live long, so you might do something unexpected.”, , “I can sense that the girl is already reluctantly accepting.”, , “But you—”, , Huang Six’s old face was filled with heartache., , “You failed such a good girl. Just one turn around and you have hooked up with another girl.”, , “A person like you is not worthy of Junior Sister Mu. You’re only suitable to find a spiritual stone that can last three nights at the foot of the mountain.”, , ‘What did that mean?’, , Han Muye blinked a few times, and it took him a while to understand., , Mu Wan’s tone was awkward just now. It was because Huang Six had said something to her., , Was this guy trying to matchmake her and Mu Wan?, , Although that girl was not bad, they had only met a few times. It was not to that extent, right?, , Han Muye pried Huang Six’s palm open, then looked at him with a smile. “Brother, I want to ask you about the spiritual stone that can last three nights.”, , Huang Six was stunned. His face suddenly flushed red. “Well, I heard, I heard that…”, , Han Muye laughed and took out two jade bottles filled with Body Strengthening Pills and placed them in front of Huang Six. “Brother, between me and Junior Sister Mu, or between me and the store owner Bai, we have nothing going on.”, , “These are pills given by Junior Sister Mu.” After a pause, he said softly, “She didn’t give them to me for free. I earned them myself.”, , “This thing is useless to me. You can have it.” A smile flashed across Han Muye’s face. “It’s for my repayment.”, , With that, he straightened his clothes, turned around, and headed up to the second floor of the Sword Pavilion., , “This—” Huang Six looked at the jade bottle in front of him and reached out to open it. There were 10 pills inside., , There were two bottles, so there were a total of 20 fine-quality Body Strengthening Pills., , It was worth 600 spiritual rocks., , The corners of his mouth moved, and finally he let out a long sigh., , “Stinky brat. Attracting a capable and rich girl and yet there’s nothing going on.”, , “Are you impotent?”, , Han Muye, who was already on the second floor, almost missed his footing., , ‘The hell he was impotent!’, , ‘When I do it, even I am scared of myself.’, , On the second floor, Han Muye restrained his emotions and stood at the stairs leading to the third floor. He bowed and said, “Elder, Han Muye wants to ask you for help.”, , His voice was loud and clear. On the first floor, Huang Six jumped out of fright., , “Boy, you’ve got some nerve…”, , Huang Six said softly, a look of anticipation on his face., , On the second floor, Han Muye bowed and stood., , After waiting for a moment and seeing no response, he shouted again, “Patriarch, Han Muye begs Patriarch for help.”, , This time a sound came from the third floor., , “Kid, I can’t save you.”, , “As a Sword Caretaker, if you can’t withstand the sword Qi entering your body, you’ll eventually die.”, , “There won’t be any elder in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect who will help you untangle your meridians.”, , “This requires a sword intent that has been condensed for decades.”, , “Do you think you’re qualified to ask them to help you?”, , He could not be saved., , No one in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect would save him., , Although Han Muye had expected this outcome, his heart still sank slightly., , Although lifespan could not be seen or touched, it really existed., , The female cultivator, Jin Yuan, had said that he only had seven days to live. He did not dare to take the risk., , At that time, Jin Yuan had mentioned three way out for him. One was to cultivate to the ninth level Essence Energy Cultivation realm of the body tempering technique, take a pill to increase one’s lifespan, and the other was to untangle one’s meridians with the help of an elder., , The method of an elder’s help was fruitless, but it was not impossible to increase his lifespan with pills., , Also, even if it was difficult to reach ninth level Essence Energy Cultivation realm of the body tempering technique, he could not give up., , Taking a light breath, Han Muye bowed and said, “Thank you for your guidance, Patriarch.”, , With that, he glanced at the swords at his side and went downstairs., , On the third floor, the Sword Pavilion Patriarch, who was sitting cross-legged, had a glow in his eyes., , “The sword Qi entered his body as soon as he entered the Sword Pavilion. If he doesn’t die, the Sword Pavilion might have a next master…”, , In the afternoon, Han Muye left the Sword Pavilion and went to the outer sect training hall., , Lin Shen, the instructor of the Outer Sect Cultivation Hall, valued him and even specially looked for him., , He wasn’t there to thank Lin Shen, but to ask if there was any way for him to cultivate his body tempering technique to the ninth level of the Essence Energy Cultivation Realm., , In seven days, he had to cultivate to the ninth level of the Essence Energy Cultivation Realm., , When he arrived at the outer sect training hall, there were still many disciples practicing their punches and kicks., , It had only been a few days since they last saw each other, but a few of them really looked like they had improved., , However, in Han Muye’s opinion, their fist techniques were still lousy., , “Han Muye.” Instructor Lin, who was carrying a large sword, walked over from the side of the limestone square., , Han Muye cupped his hands., , Seeing Han Muye, Lin Shen frowned. “Why do you look so pale?”, , As soon as he said that, he suddenly remembered that Han Muye was the Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretaker. He immediately whispered, “Kid, the Sword Pavilion is a place full of negative energy. Don’t be a Sword Caretaker anymore. Come to the outer sect to cultivate.”, , ‘Cultivate at the outer sect?’, , ‘If I had the qualifications to enter the outer sect, I wouldn’t have rushed into the Sword Pavilion and end up with only seven days left to live…’, , Han Muye shook his head, looked at Lin Shen, and said in a low voice, “Instructor Lin, let me ask, is there any quick way to increase my body-tempering technique to Essence Energy Cultivation realm?”, , “The Essence Energy Cultivation realm?”, , “Quick way?”, , Lin Shen was stunned for a moment, then shook his head. Just as he was about to speak, he heard someone beside him say, “The most important thing about body-tempering cultivation techniques is accumulation. How can there be any quick success?”, , Han Muye turned around and saw a young man in his thirties wearing an inner sect white robe. He had a cold face and a disdainful sneer on his lips., , “Is this the person with excellent comprehension that Senior Brother Lin mentioned?”, , “What’s the use of just having comprehending abilities? If you can’t calm down and cultivate properly, you’ll still be a trash for the rest of your life.”, , At the mention of the word trash, he suddenly smiled. “Senior Brother, I’m not talking about you. You’re willing to use millions of swords to accumulate strength.”, , “Master’s disciples all admire your perseverance.”, , Lin Shen sighed softly and shook his head without saying anything., , The young man did not even look at Han Muye and turned around. “Senior Brother, there are many things to do in the inner sect, so I won’t waste my time in the outer sect.”, , With that, he strode away from the limestone plaza., , “Han Muye, although my Junior Brother Xu Ming is arrogant, his cultivation abilities is profound and he’s ranked within the top 300 in the inner sect.”, , “Originally, I wanted to recommend you to cultivate under him.”, , Lin Shen whispered regretfully., , His words surprised Han Muye., , It was just a meeting, but Lin Shen actually wanted to recommend him?, , “The path of cultivation is difficult. Who doesn’t want to meet a benefactor at the beginning?”, , Lin Shen patted Han Muye’s shoulder and smiled bitterly. “Unfortunately, I’m not your benefactor.”, , Han Muye understood what he meant., , He really valued his comprehension ability, which was why he wanted to help him. He hoped that Han Muye would be able to return and help him in the future., , However, Lin Shen did not expect that he was in a predicament now. If he did not solve the problem of his lifespan, he would not be able to achieve meteoric success., , “In the outer sect, the person who has the most thorough research on body tempering technique is probably the number one person in the outer sect, Senior Brother Mo Yuan.”, , Lin Shen suddenly spoke., , “He lives in the outer sect camp by the clear stream. You can look for him and ask him.”, , Mo Yuan!, , The old man who had taught him the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords., , Han Muye nodded, cupped his fists at Lin Shen, and turned to leave., , He had only taken a few steps when he stopped., , “Instructor Lin, it’s wrong to draw a million swords and shatter a mountain.”, , As soon as Han Muye finished speaking, a violent aura rose from Lin Shen’s body., , “Impossible!” Lin Shen’s eyes were red as he gritted his teeth and shouted., , “For this move, I gathered my strength to draw my sword 8,357,561 times. I did my best every time.”, , “I just have to draw my sword a million times and I will master the Mountain Crusher Sword Technique.”, , “How dare you doubt my cultivation methods?”

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