After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 21 - Seven days of lifespan, Refine pills with sword

Ordinary mortals could only live for at most 100 years. Once a cultivator reached the essence energy cultivation stage, their bloodline would be stable, their muscles and bones would be strong, and their lifespan would increase significantly., , Those who knew how to nourish their bodies, even in their essence energy cultivation stage, could only enjoy 200 years of lifespan., , As those from the Qi Condensation to Foundation Establishment stage, it did not increase their lifespan much., , After all, after reaching the Qi Condensation Realm, there was not much tempering of the muscles and bones., , Foundation Establishment cultivators could only live for 300 to 400 years at most., , However, as long as one broke through the Human Realm and entered the Earth Realm, reaching the Connecting Origin stage, one’s lifespan would greatly increase., , With the power of the Connecting Origin, one could communicate with the origin power of the world and enjoy 1,000 years of lifespan., , Actually, for most cultivators, lifespan was not something to consider., , As long as one’s cultivation improved, one’s lifespan would naturally not be an issue., , If one’s cultivation stagnated, one’s lifespan would also be reduced and it would be useless to do anything., , These were all information Han Muye had obtained from the swords on the second floor of the Sword Pavilion., , Unfortunately, there were very few cultivation messages left behind in the swords., , Most of the swords only left behind insights about sword cultivation., , “You’re saying that I only have a month to live?” Han Muye felt his heart tremble as he looked at the female cultivator., , He knew that his sword Qi had entered his abdomen and injured his soul that day., , ‘But why only a month to live?’, , “Senior Brother, you cultivate a body-tempering technique. Logically speaking, your lifespan should not be less than 100 years.” The female cultivator’s gaze swept across Han Muye., , “It’s just that your soul is damaged, and…” After a pause, she said in a low voice,” And your meridians have been attacked by sword Qi, and your sea of Qi has been infused with sword Qi, which is constantly reducing your lifespan. ”, , “It’s already considered a long time for you to have a month to live.”, , “If you don’t restrain the sword Qi in your body, I’m afraid you won’t live for more than seven days.”, , She just mentioned a month. How had it become seven days?, , Hearing the female cultivator say that there was sword Qi in Han Muye’s body, the female shop owner named Bai Suzhen’s eyes flickered., , “Sea of?” Han Muye’s heart skipped a beat., , That illusory space was the Sea of Qi?, , His energy was stored in his lower abdomen, his Qi meridians were found within his chest, and his soul was hidden between his eyebrows., , This was also the knowledge he had obtained on the second floor of the Sword Pavilion. However, Han Muye had listened to it all without understanding it., , At this moment, the female cultivator’s words enlightened him., , It turned out that the sword Qi was stored in his sea of Qi., , The female cultivator nodded and said softly, “Senior Brother, you haven’t reached the Foundation Establishment realm and haven’t activated your sea of Qi. It’s normal that you don’t know that your core has been injured by the sword Qi.”, , “Then, can I still be saved?” Han Muye asked in a low voice., , The Sword Pavilion Patriarch said that he did not have much time left, and the female cultivator in front of him also said that he was about to die., , Although he did not believe that the sword Qi would hurt him, Han Muye was still nervous., , “You can take a pill that can increase one’s lifespan or raise your body tempering technique to the ninth level of the Essence Energy Cultivation stage.”, , “If you can channel out these sword Qis, that’s fine too.”, , After the female cultivator finished speaking, she shook her head slightly and sighed. “Medicinal pills that can increase one’s lifespan are extremely precious. Body tempering cultivation techniques are easy to pick up but difficult to master. I’m afraid you will need a Core Formation realm elder to help you with this.”, , Precious pills naturally required a lot of spiritual rocks., , It was also not easy to cultivate a body tempering technique to the ninth level of the Essence Energy Cultivation stage., , It would be even more impossible for him to find a Core Formation realm elder to help him channel out the sword Qi., , Han Muye smiled bitterly and turned to leave., , Watching him leave, the female cultivator named Jin Yuan sighed and shook her head. “Forget it. Cultivation is a matter of life and death.”, , “I’m leaving. Remember to charge me for that pill.”, , After she left, the shop owner had a strange expression on his face. “In the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, it seems that only the Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretaker will suffer from damage by the sword Qi in the body and a reduced lifespan?”, , “Sword Pavilion, the treasure that is required by the sect mission should be in the Sword Pavilion.”, , “Perhaps this is an opportunity.”, , In the Sword Pavilion, Huang Six’s eyes widened when he saw Han Muye carrying a pill furnace back., , “What are you doing?”, , Han Muye placed the furnace on the long table and patted it. Then he smiled and said, “Can’t you tell? I’m going to cultivate alchemy.”, , Alchemy., , Huang Six looked doubtful., , How could one refine pills without Qi Condensation cultivation level?, , It seemed that Han Muye knew that he didn’t have long to live, but he was still struggling., , Mu Wan was really generous. She gave him a fine-quality pill the last time and now she had even given him a pill furnace., , “This pill furnace is not cheap…”, , Huang Six muttered as he looked at Han Muye’s pale face., , As expected, pretty boys were popular., , “By the way, an outer sect instructor named Lin Shen came to look for you this afternoon.”, , Huang Six looked at Han Muye with a strange expression. “He said that your comprehension abilities is extremely high and it’s a pity for you to be a Sword Caretaker.”, , Han Muye’s face froze., , ‘That Instructor Lin from the outer sect?’, , ‘He’s pretty honest.’, , “I said that you will look for him tomorrow.” Huang Six glanced at Han Muye, then whispered, “If you can leave the Sword Pavilion, you should.”, , ‘Leave the Sword Pavilion?’, , Han Muye turned to look at the swords on the wooden shelves., , If he left here, would he be able to live long?, , But with his ninth-grade aptitude, where could he go?, , Shaking his head, he carried the furnace into the quiet room., , Instead of leaving, it was better to find a way to live for a long time., , A pill that increased lifespan., , Or a body cultivation technique that had reached the ninth level of the Essence Energy Cultivation Realm., , Or find a Core Formation realm elder to channel his sword Qi out., , He had seven days., , “Not only do I have to survive, but I have to live a long time.”, , Han Muye took a deep breath, took out a bag of spiritual herbs for refining the Cloud Qi Pill, and put them in one by one., , He gently pressed his palm on the pill furnace, and the forging scene appeared., , However, what he wanted now was not just comprehending the forging method of this pill furnace., , In his sea of Qi, the fiery red sword intent split into a wisps of sword Qi that passed through his meridians and came out of his palm., , “Hum—”, , A fiery red cloud instantly enveloped the pill furnace., , Sword Qi Alchemy!, , If an alchemy cultivator saw this scene, they would probably curse him for being crazy., , Alchemy was a cautious and gentle thing. How could someone with such sharp sword Qi refine pills?, , If traditional sword cultivators saw someone refining using the fire-type sword Qi, they would probably die of anger., , As sword cultivators, they should kill and fight., , Using sword Qi to refine pills, they would ask him to scram!, , But Han Muye did it., , The sharp sword Qi turned into soft, warm flames., , The sword Qi wrapped around the pill furnace, and the heat began to spread., , Without hesitation, he threw all kinds of spiritual herbs into the pill furnace., , The pill furnace spun, and the medicinal fragrance dissipated. It was wrapped by the fiery red sword Qi and suppressed in the pill furnace., , The sword Qi penetrated the bronze furnace wall and stirred in the pill furnace., , All the medicinal power turned into a vortex and condensed into a cloud., , Han Muye took out the Cloud Qi Pill that was worth 30 spiritual rocks, raised his fingernail, scraped off a layer, and flicked it into the pill furnace., , This was the medicinal primer he had thought of!, , As expected, a layer of Cloud Qi Pill powder entered the furnace. With the additional support, the medicinal ingredients in the furnace kept spinning, turning into five bright balls., , The fiery red sword Qi turned and scooped out five bright bean-sized beads., , The pill was complete., , With maximum-level comprehension, Han Muye was already familiar with refining the Cloud Qi Pill., , However, this furnace produced five pills., , Wasn’t it said that a furnace could only refine three pills at most?, , Moreover, this pill seemed to be different from the Cloud Qi Pill?, , Looking at the pill in his palm that was as bright as a jade pearl, Han Muye hesitated., , This pill looked countless times better than the Cloud Qi Pill in his hand., , Could this be a fine-quality pill?, , After a moment of silence, he put the Cloud Qi Pill into his mouth., , If the pill was damaged and not consumed, the medicinal effect would slowly dissipate., , The pill was sweet in his mouth. It was as if a light cloud was rippling in his mouth and then flowing along his meridians., , The meridians that had been burned by the fire-attribute sword Qi seemed to have been cleansed by clear water. It was very comfortable., , Putting aside the other effects of the Cloud Qi Pill, just by swallowing it, Han Muye felt that the 30 spiritual rocks were worth it., , At this moment, he also felt the disadvantage of his ninth-grade aptitude., , A medicinal pill that should be taken by a Qi Condensation cultivator flowed through his meridians a few times, and the medicinal power within it dissipated., , His body seemed to have directly absorbed these medicinal effects, not giving them a chance to gather and settle., , If there was no accumulation of cultivation abilities, what was there to cultivate?, , No wonder a person with a ninth-grade aptitude could never build a foundation., , When the medicinal effect of the Cloud Qi Pill dissipated, Han Muye did not hesitate to put another pill he had refined into his mouth., , He never took pills for his cultivation., , He just wanted to feel the difference between the pills he refined and those produced by others., , As the pill entered his mouth, the clouds dispersed., , Han Muye suddenly trembled and widened his eyes!

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