After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 19 - Sendind the sword to the second floor of the Sw

Images appeared one after another in Han Muye’s mind., , Under the green pine tree and bamboo, a young Daoist in a green robe held a long sword. Sword light flowed back and forth., , The swordsmanship was smooth and concise., , The man grew from young to middle-aged to white-haired., , The sword light kept flowing, simple to cumbersome, and from cumbersome to concise., , He had comprehended the Mystic Element Sword Technique, Golden Thread., , He had comprehended the One Mystic Sword Technique, Melting Gold., , He had comprehended the Two Mystic Sword Technique, Gold Point., , He had comprehended the Three Mystic Sword Technique, Gold Fragments., , Other than the Two Mystic Sword Technique, the other metal-elemental sword techniques were all new to him., , It could be seen that the owner of this sword cultivated metal-elemental sword techniques, and his level of cultivation was profound., , However, could an Earth Realm expert only cultivate the Three Mystic Sword Techniques?, , With his cultivation level, he should at least cultivate up to the Four Mystic level., , Han Muye carried his sword upstairs and suddenly stopped., , In the image in his mind, the Daoist’s sword technique, which was originally simple, suddenly became sharp. His every move changed drastically., , The sword move was filled with killing intent., , He had comprehended the Four Spiritual Sword Technique of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect – Clearance Kill., , The swordsmanship of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect!, , Wasn’t this the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s rival sect?, , Wasn’t the Battle Sword Hall’s Deacon Zhou Yan killed by someone from the Great Spiritual Sword Sect?, , “The sword techniques of our Great Spiritual Sword Sect place more emphasis on essence, energy, and spirit than the Nine Mystic Sword Sect. That’s why you only have a chance to make a breakthrough by cultivating our Great Spiritual Sword Sect’s sword techniques.”, , “Don’t worry, no one in this world knows that you’ve cultivated the Great Spiritual Sword Sect’s sword technique.”, , “You’re my brother. Would I harm you?”, , In the image, a young man in a green robe smiled., , Sword light flashed in his hand. It was the Four Spiritual Sword Technique Clearance Kill., , “Qin Yuanhe, what you’re looking for is in the Sword Pavilion. As long as I make a breakthrough, I’ll help you get it.”, , “From now on, we’re even.”, , There was a hint of hesitation in the old voice. Finally, he turned and left., , The image ended there., , Qin Yuanhe?, , The expert from the Great Spiritual Sword Sect who killed Deacon Zhou Yan?, , ‘What are they looking for?’, , ‘Was anything taken from the Sword Pavilion?’, , Zhou Yan was killed. What was the mystery behind the dispute between the Nine Mystic Sword Sect and the Great Spiritual Sword Sect?, , After seeing the images, Han Muye was even more puzzled., , A sharp aura flowed from his palm into his body., , The sword Qi was indeed harmful to the body. At this moment, he sensed something., , He could feel as if the meridians in his body had been scraped by a blade. A sharp pain went straight to his chest., , In an instant, a green sword intent seeped into his meridians from the illusory space, calming the pain., , If sword Qi could harm the body, could it also nourish the body?, , He knew too little about sword Qi, so he didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing., , A ball of golden sword energy landed in the illusory space., , Above this sword Qi, there were wisps of green-black sword Qi interweaving., , This sword Qi seemed to have yet to accumulate into 128,000 threads and had yet to condense into sword intent. Compared to the other 14 sword intents in the illusory space, it was slightly weaker., , At this moment, Han Muye had already stepped onto the second floor of the Sword Pavilion and stood in front of rows of wooden shelves., , Endless sharp, cold air came at him., , The sword Qi on the second floor of the Sword Pavilion was countless times sharper and colder than the first floor of the Sword Pavilion!, , Two green ox phantoms appeared around him., , However, before the phantoms could condense, they were shattered by the sword Qi., , The sword Qi rushed into his body, as if it wanted to tear him into pieces!, , ‘Escape!’, , ‘If you did not escape, you would be killed by these sword Qi!’, , Such thought surfaced in Han Muye’s mind., , A voice in his head seemed to urge him to turn and run., , But he didn’t move an inch., , The hand holding the sword slowly clenched, and Han Muye’s eyes flashed., , The fiery red sword intent in the illusory space in his chest exploded., , A scorching aura surged throughout his body. His meridians and limbs were instantly filled, and wisps of flame-like aura floated out of Han Muye’s body., , On the second floor, the swords vibrated., , All the sword Qi that rushed at him dissipated., , “What a bunch of naughty little guys…”, , The flames melted, and the meridians in his limbs ached. Han Muye shook his head and said softly., , It was obvious that the swords on the second floor of the Sword Pavilion were not only sharp but also aggressive. They were not as docile as those on the first floor., , If he wanted to gain the recognition of these swords, he had to show them strength that would convince them., , Patriarch Tao Ran’s sword intent was proof of his strength., , As he moved forward, there were no more sword Qi wreaking havoc. They seemed to have become obedient., , Finding an empty spot, Han Muye placed his sword on the shelf., , “Five-eight-six-nine, Bright Peak.”, , That was Zhou Yan’s sword, Bright Peak., , Turning, he headed back., , He had taken only a few steps when he paused and turned slowly., , Looking at the rows of wooden shelves in front of him, Han Muye smiled., , If he was not summoned by the Sword Pavilion Patriach, he was not allowed to go to the second floor of the Sword Pavilion until he had served ten years., , This was a good opportunity to go to the second floor of the Sword Pavilion!, , Raising his hand, he held the hilt of a long sword., , “Clang—”, , The sword was drawn., , Images flashed into Han Muye’s mind., , One sword technique after another was comprehended., , He reached up and grasped the hilt of another sword., , …, , When Han Muye woke up, it was already noon., , When he opened his eyes, he saw the walls of his room and Huang Six’s anxious face., , “Brother…”, , He got up slowly. Apart from feeling sore and bloated, his head was buzzing and spinning., , “Lie down, lie down.” Huang Six quickly reached out to hold Han Muye down., , “Sigh, the sword Qi on the second floor is too strong…” Huang Six couldn’t help but turn his head when his gaze landed on Han Muye’s face., , “Rest well.” He patted Han Muye’s shoulder and turned to leave., , On the wooden couch, Han Muye slowly sat up and smiled bitterly as he recalled the situation in the morning., , He had underestimated these swords., , Cultivation. Life. Joy and sorrow. Comprehension., , On the first floor of the Sword Pavilion, he did not realize that every sword on the second floor of the Sword Pavilion was the life of an Earth Realm expert., , The sword Qi was only secondary. Those swords contained the life scenes of every sword cultivator., , Just now, when Han Muye was comprehending the tenth sword, his mind suddenly hurt, and then he lost consciousness., , Now that he thought about it, he must have comprehended too much in a short period of time and his mental strength was not enough., , “Ignorance is bliss…”, , With a small sigh, he slowly got out of bed., , In the future, he had to improve his knowledge about cultivation., , Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know how he died., , Standing in front of the door, Han Muye’s pale face broke into a smile., , Danger was often accompanied by gain., , At this moment, ten resplendent sword intents appeared in the illusory space in his chest and abdomen, slowly spinning around the ball of fiery red sword intent in the middle., , In addition to sword intent, he had also comprehended the ultimate sword technique cultivated by ten Earth Realm experts., , Five types of Four Mystic Sword Techniques., , 13 types of Three Mystic Sword Techniques., , 30 types of the Second Mystic Sword Techniques., , 82 types of One Mystic Sword Technique., , There were five types of Mystic Element Sword Techniques., , Those Earth Realm experts had almost forgotten all about the Mystic Element Sword Techniques., , Han Muye walked out of the quiet room. Huang Six, who was sitting at the long table in a daze, looked up., , “You—didn’t I tell you to rest?”, , Han Muye shook his head and whispered, “I’m going to the Medical Hall.”, , He had promised Mu Wan that he would help her comprehend alchemy., , Huang Six opened his mouth and finally nodded. “Alright, go.”, , Then, he asked, “Do you have enough spiritual rocks?”, , Han Muye laughed and looked at him. “Brother, you’re still lending me spiritual rocks? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll die and be unable to pay back?”

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