After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 15 - Finding Reason to Ask for Food

Qiao Zhuang’s family stopped in their tracks and their imposing manner changed., , “Yeah, we’re going to…” Qiao Zhuang started speaking., , “I know, grandfather already told me.” Qiao Mei continued on for him. “Grandfather said before that the two of you are biological brothers. A family never has any overnight enmity. Now that he is sick, you guys would eventually come to visit him. How can you not turn up when outsiders have already come to visit?, , Other than the easy-going second son of the Qiao family, everyone else’s expression changed. They looked at Qiao Qiang who was behind Qiao Mei. Could it be that he had taught this black bear girl to bully them?, , It had been two months since Qiao Qiang came back from seeking treatment in the city. It was a fact that almost everyone in the village had come by for a visit, except their family., , The two families did not have a good relationship to begin with, considering that Qiao Zhuang was even taken away by another family when he was young. Qiao Qiang and Qiao Zhuang did not see eye to eye with each other and could not get along at all., , However, for the past two months, they did not come over to visit not because they did not want to come, but because they had not discussed who would get Qiao Qiang’s house., , Qiao Zhuang’s youngest son was about to get married and his older grandchildren were getting close to marriageable age, so it was difficult to decide how to split the assets., , Qiao Qiang was a little surprised when he heard this and he looked at Qiao Mei with a spark in his eyes., , Qiao Mei had never been someone who knew how to say things in a nice way. She was the type who preferred to solve problems cleanly and violently with her fists. It was really surprising to hear her speak those words., , But so many good things had happened today that his heart was actually quite numb., , He stood behind Qiao Mei and did not speak. He wanted to see what other surprises his granddaughter had up her sleeves., , If Qiao Mei knew how to strike while it is hot, then Qiao Zhuang knew how to launch an attack through a barrier., , He looked directly at Qiao Qiang, who was behind Qiao Mei. “Today, your two nieces-in-law kindly came to help you remove weeds and plow the earth. Why aren’t you willing to let them do that? Are you afraid that they won’t do it well? Even if they don’t, then one of your nephews should be able to do it properly, right? You’re sick so your own family needs to come and help you.”, , “Let them help you with the planting this year alright? Go, go, go. Go do some work for your uncle.”, , Qiao Hong waved his hand to command his sons and grandsons behind him., , Hearing what he said, the few people behind him immediately picked up their hoes and rushed into the field to start work noisily., , Qiao Mei’s expression darkened. , , Qiao Mei smiled sweetly and asked loudly, “Second Grandpa Qiao, we’re relatives. If you’re here to help with farming, you won’t charge us for it right?”, , “Look at this silly child. What nonsense are you spouting? We’re such close relatives, why would we charge you?”, , Qiao Zhuang glared at Qiao Mei and continued to speak., , Qiao Mei smiled. “If you don’t accept money, then when the crops are ripe, you won’t righteously come over to take the vegetables right? When the time comes, you’ll say that you guys did the planting? Or that you are coming to borrow some vegetables and will return them another time?”, , Before Qiao Zhuang could say anything, the people from the Qiao family working in the field stopped what they were doing. They looked at Qiao Mei in shock as they did not expect her to think of all these., , “It’s fine if you are willing to help me, but let me say this upfront. You can help, but you can’t have the vegetables. After all, the 10 of you don’t eat as much as me alone. My family doesn’t have any vegetables to lend to you,” Qiao Mei said., , “Hmph! Why don’t you eat yourself to death?” The Qiao family’s eldest daughter-in-law put her hands on her hips and said, “Mei Mei, you’re already an adult and can get married anytime. You can’t keep eating like this. Otherwise, which family can support you?” , However, Qiao Mei did not look at her. She only stared at Qiao Zhuang and waited for his reply. , “Second Grandpa, will you come to my house in the future to ask for the vegetables?”, , Qiao Zhuang remained silent., , The Qiao family’s eldest daughter-in-law curled her lips and said loudly, “Everyone, quickly come and judge. Look at what this girl is saying! Going by what she’s saying, the act of sharing vegetables between relatives becomes a demand from us. Does it mean that the people in our family are beggars?”

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