After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 17 - Iron Bull Strength's Success, Second Level of t

If outsiders saw this scene in the room, they would probably be dumbfounded., , After cultivating for less than half a day, Han Muye had already reached the greater mastery stage!, , From the beginner stage of the cultivation technique, one still needed to perfet the initial mastery stage in order to progress to the greater mastery stage., , No matter how simple a cultivation technique was, it was not something that could be achieved overnight., , Which person did not spend years or even decades of hard work to master a cultivation technique?, , His maximum level comprehension was too heaven-defying!, , After the Iron Bull formation, Han Muye’s eyes emitted a faint divine light., , There was also a faint dark golden halo around his body., , However, this halo was too faint to be sensed at all., , “Using a body-tempering cultivation technique, my body has become as hard as iron and my meridians are stable. Is this considered entering into the essence energy cultivation stage?”, , Han Muye muttered to himself and smiled bitterly., , ‘Is that considered a surprise?’, , What he wanted to cultivate was a cultivation technique that could allow him to live forever, not this body-tempering technique that could only strengthen his body., , Even if one cultivated a body-tempering technique to the peak, it would only be at the peak of the Human Realm., , There was no one in the world who could cultivate to the Earth Realm with body tempering techniques., , The green ox shadow behind him slowly dissipated, and Han Muye prepared to stop cultivation., , The images in his mind kept changing, making him stunned., , Could it continue after condensing into a green ox?, , “Hum—”, , With a soft sound, a second green ox shadow appeared behind him!, , The blood in his body seemed to be about to rush out of his body., , In an instant, Han Muye felt his strength skyrocket, as if his muscles and bones had become extremely full., , He was certain that he could shatter the wall in front of him with a single punch., , Han Muye’s eyes widened, and the image in his mind dissipated., , “After I master the cultivation technique, I can still cultivate further?”, , “Is there a second level of Iron Bull Strength?”, , A body-tempering technique bought with 80 spiritual rocks could be cultivated to the second level?, , Perhaps the Iron Bull Strength was not the lowest-level body-tempering technique?, , The image in his mind had dissipated, and Han Muye did not manage to cultivate further., , He decided to ask Zhao Pu about the cultivation of this Iron Bull Strength when he had the chance., , After all, this inner sect expert was quite kind., , Han Muye’s pitiful little cultivation experience told him that to cultivate, he had to be steady., , On the Nine Mystic Mountain, where inner sect disciples lived., , Yang Shao stood in front of an attic with a complicated expression., , “Junior Brother Yang Shao, Master doesn’t want to see you. You should leave,” a white-robed young man with an arrogant expression said coldly., , “You couldn’t cultivate the Blue Wave in three months, so you’re no longer qualified to cultivate under Master,” said another young man in a white robe with a jade belt., , “When you go out in the future, don’t say that you’re my junior brother.”, , With that, the young man flicked his sleeve and strode away., , He was one of the 72 inner sect experts, Su Chengyun., , The 3,000 inner sect disciples were all above the Qi Condensation Realm. Most of them were already in the Foundation Establishment Realm., , Su Chengyun was an expert who had already stepped into the Foundation Establishment realm., , Yang Shao nodded and stood where he was without saying anything., , After a long time, a voice came from the attic., , “Yang Shao, I’ll give you three more days. If you can’t cultivate Blue Wave in three days, you don’t have to come to my Three Lake Pavilion in the future.”, , His voice was cold and calm., , Excitement flashed across Yang Shao’s face as he bowed. “Master, I’ve already mastered the Blue Wave.”, , There was silence in the attic at his words. Then a voice said, “Okay, I’ll give you one last chance.”, , “Come up and see me.”, , Yang Shao straightened his clothes and strode into the attic., , In front of the attic, several young men in white robes looked at each other., , A young man with a long sword on his back frowned and said, “He didn’t have any clue yesterday, but he can cultivate it today?”, , There was a three-legged cauldron pattern on their clothes. It was the mark of a fellow disciple., , The Three Lake Pavilion was the cultivation sect of the inner sect elder, Xu Haosheng. All his disciples would have this three-legged cauldron symbol., , “Let’s go take a look. As long as he doesn’t embarrass the Three Lake Pavilion.” The lanky young man standing at the front turned and stepped into the pavilion., , The others looked at each other and quietly followed., , At this moment, Yang Shao had already bowed in front of an old man in gray clothes with white hair., , “Yang Shao, back then, I said that your aptitude is not bad, but your comprehension is a little lacking.”, , “This Blue Wave Sword Technique is a test for you.”, , The old man’s face was expressionless as he spoke., , “I understand,” Yang Shao lowered his head and replied softly., , How many inner sect disciples could become disciples of an elder?, , He would risk his life to seize such an opportunity., , However, just as his master had said, his comprehension was indeed not too great. He still could not comprehend the Blue Wave Sword Technique after three months., , The fellow disciples quietly approached and bowed to Xu Haosheng, who was sitting at the head of the table., , Xu Haosheng nodded and looked at Yang Shao. He waved his sleeve and said, “You may begin your demonstration of the Blue Wave Sword Technique.”, , Yang Shao nodded, took a deep breath, and slowly closed his eyes., , In the Demonstration Building that day, the senior brother used an extremely slow method to explain clearly, making him suddenly enlightened., , So much for the Blue Wave!, , With his hand on the hilt, Yang Shao’s thoughts were no longer at the first level of the Blue Wave., , His master was an elder of the sect, an Earth Realm expert, and had countless experts under him., , If he wanted to obtain his master’s recognition and favor, he had to stand out., , Today, he had to seize this opportunity!, , “Clang—”, , Yang Shao unsheathed his sword and flicked his arm. The sword light transformed into a thin line., , The thin line was fast, fast to the extreme, like a great river running., , “Sigh, he still hasn’t comprehended it…”, , Nearby, someone shook his head gently., , “Hehe, you’ve cultivated the Blue Wave Sword Technique to this state even after three months. How are you qualified to stay in the Three Lake Pavilion?” On the other side, someone sneered., , “We can’t blame Senior Brother Su for looking down on you. Master doesn’t leave mediocre people behind.” The thin and tall disciple standing in front said coldly., , At the head of the table, Xu Haosheng frowned slightly., , He stared at the sword in Yang Shao’s hand with a hint of confusion in his eyes., , The sword light in Yang Shao’s hand was very thin and fast., , He imagined what he’d seen, and the sword seemed to tip the sky., , It was a sword that made him lose his mind., , There was still the second level of Blue Wave!, , “Hum—”, , The sword in his hand seemed to understand his intentions. Rays of light spread out as if it had exploded., , Instant brilliance!, , The sword light flickered with a dazzling cold light, like surging waves in a calm ancient well., , Xu Haosheng stood up and took a step forward. He raised his hand and pointed at Yang Shao’s sword., , “Clang—”, , The sword vibrated, flew 30 feet, and landed on the floor., , Xu Haosheng stared at Yang Shao, his aura extremely solemn. “Why do you have to practise your Blue Wave like this?”, , Why?, , Hugging his trembling right hand, Yang Shao said in a low voice, “I thought that even if the cold lake is calm, there will eventually be waves surging.”, , “This strike is when the waves rise.”, , “Hehe, you had comprehended the second level of the Blue Wave after three months. Yang Shao, your comprehension ability is beyond the level of the test.” Looking at Yang Shao in front of him, Xu Haosheng felt like he was looking at a beautiful jade that had yet to be polished., , Clenching his fists slightly, Yang Shao raised his head and looked at Xu Haosheng. “Master, I think there’s still a third level of the Blue Wave, but I haven’t comprehended it yet.”, , Xu Haosheng’s outstretched arm froze., , “The third level…”

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