After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 16 - 3,000 Sword Intents, Formation of the Iron Bull

Knowledge was power., , Han Muye had a deeper understanding of this statement now., , If not for the fact that he had obtained so much understanding of swordsmanship through his extraordinary comprehension abilities, how could he have earned eight merit tokens?, , When he came, he only had 100 spiritual rocks. But when he returned, he already had nearly 1,000 spiritual rocks., , On the way back, Han Muye was in a good mood., , After all, money was a man’s backbone. With money in his pocket, he had nothing to worry about., , And that was only the beginning., , In the future, he might be able to earn even more money., , As he strode forward, he circulated his Iron Bull Strength in his body., , Instantly, there was a feeling of dust under his feet and his body was as light as a swallow., , Was this what it would be like after cultivation?, , It really felt good!, , He could travel several feet with each step and it took him three times faster to get back to the Sword Pavilion than when he had left., , Dark clouds enveloped the area, and golden spiritual light scattered outside the Sword Pavilion., , As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the Sword Pavilion, a tall sword cultivator in a black robe walked out., , This person was tall and had a straight figure, with a long sword on his back. His expression was gloomy. He glanced at Han Muye and left without saying anything., , With just this glance, Han Muye felt his entire body tremble. The sword Qi in the illusory space in his chest surged, wanting to rush out of his body., , It was as if these sword Qis were being provoked and wanted to fight back., , Was this person an extraordinary expert?, , He walked into the Sword Pavilion. Huang Six was putting away the book on the long table., , “Brother, who was that?”, , Hearing Han Muye’s words, Huang Six did not even look up. “Sword Battle Hall Deacon Ling Che, an Earth Realm Spirit Awakening Realm expert.”, , The Sword Battle Hall was the main hall of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect that was responsible for defending against enemies. There were many experts there., , “How is it? Do you feel uncomfortable just looking at him?” Huang Six grinned and said., , This was the first time Han Muye had seen an Earth Realm expert., , It turned out that the experts in the cultivation world were really indeed powerful., , There were three stages in the Earth Realm, Connecting Origin, Spirit Awakening and Core Formation., , An Earth Realm Spirit Awakening Realm expert was actually so powerful?, , Then what about the Core Formation stage and even the Heaven Realm?, , His eyes flashed as he thought about the Human Realm, Earth Realm, and Heaven Realm. With the enhancement of his special abilities, he looked forward to his future., , His goal was to rule over the world with his sword!, , “An Earth Realm expert from the Sword Battle Hall died a few days ago. His sword will be returned tomorrow.”, , Putting away the book, Huang Six looked at Han Muye and said grimly, “Tomorrow morning, we will welcome the sword into the pavilion.”, , Receiving the sword, welcoming it, polishing it, and drying it., , Among these tasks, the last thing Sword Caretakers wanted was to welcome the sword., , New swords were still alright as most of the sword Qi was weaker., , The swords of a fallen master contained all kinds of resentment and killing intent. To the Sword Caretakers, every time they welcomed such swords, it was torture., , There was once a Sword Caretaker who faced a long sword of the spiritual artifact level. In the end, he was injured by the resentment in the sword and died in less than half a year., , “What body-tempering technique did you learn at the Demonstration Building?”, , Huang Six seemingly did not want to put pressure on Han Muye, so he changed the topic., , “I found a book on Iron Bull Strength,” Han Muye said with a smile., , “Iron Bull Strength,” Huang Six muttered, as if he had never heard of it., , “By the way, Brother, your spiritual rocks—” Han Muye reached into his pocket and prepared to take out a merit token., , “It’s fine. It’s just 100 spiritual rocks. I don’t need them anyway.” Before Han Muye could take out his token, Huang Six waved his hand and left., , “Sleep well tonight and let’s welcome the sword tomorrow. Be careful how you deal with it.”, , Clutching the merit token in his hand, Han Muye chuckled and said nothing more., , It was only 100 spiritual rocks., , A favor was more precious than spiritual rocks., , Back in his quiet room, he sat cross-legged and gently opened a book., , This book only had five words—Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords., , Slowly closing his eyes, the image of Mo Yuan’s hand behind his back and pointing forward appeared in his mind again., , Han Muye felt all the sword Qi in the illusory space in his chest begin to stir, as if it was about to gush out with his call., , However, there seemed to be something missing in the middle., , Opening his eyes, Han Muye looked at the wall in front of him., , His heart trembled as he thought of what Mo Yuan had said., , “Cultivate a wisp of sword Qi, refine it, split it into 128,000 threads, and condense it into sword intent.”, , “The sword intent will be kneaded into 100 folds, turning into tempered steel. It will wrap around your fingers, then gather 3,000 sword intent, and transform into the power of the world.”, , Only 128,000 threads of sword Qi could condense into a sword intent., , 3,000 sword intents would then transform into the power of heaven and earth., , Using the power of heaven and earth, one sword was equivalent to the power of 10,000 swords. This was the meaning of Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords., , 128,000 threads of sword Qi condensing into a sword intent., , Did he not have enough sword Qi?, , “Boom—”, , In an instant, the ball of fiery red sword Qi taken from the Purple Flame Sword in the illusory space suddenly exploded, turning into countless strands of sword Qi!, , It dispersed into sword Qi and condensed into sword intent!, , It turned out that this huge and pure sword Qi was the sword intent that condensed the mental energy via sword cultivation!, , Not only this sword intent exploded, but the thick sword Qi in the illusory space also turned into countless wisps., , In an instant, the illusory space was completely filled with sword Qi., , In this illusory space, there were more than a million sword Qi!, , His eyes shining, Han Muye raised his hand and looked at his palm., , A surge of energy was awaiting him., , As long as he pointed his finger forward, the mountains and rivers in front of him could shatter and he could fight the world!, , This was the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords!, , This was a sword that no one in the world could block!, , Outside the room, all the swords seemed to sense something. They trembled slightly., , The swords seemed to be soldiers awaiting their summon., , As long as Han Muye pointed his arm forward, all the swords would advance forward and fight to their deaths!, , Suppressing the surging sword Qi in his chest, Han Muye slowly retracted his palm., , This room was not a place to test out the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords., , Retracting his palm, the sword Qi in his illusory space circled, then gathered again and slowly rotated., , The sword intent from the Purple Flame Sword seemed to have become even more refined during the condensation and scattering just now., , The other sword Qi that originally filled the space collided and fused, finally turning into 13 thick sword intents., , Countless sword Qi gathered and condensed into these 13 sword intents., , At this moment, Han Muye had a total of 14 sword intents and could activate the skill 14 times., , “I wonder what it will be like if there were 3,000 sword intents condensing into the sword momentum?”, , The sword momentum had the power to control the world. One strike was enough to overturn the world., , How many people in the world could master such a sword?, , One sword momentum required 3,000 sword intents., , Han Muye smiled, his eyes sparkling., , The swords in the Sword Pavilion contained endless sword Qi. When would he be lacking in it?, , There would finally be a time 3,000 sword intents would condense!, , At that time, who in the world could block the sword in his hand?, , Retracting his sword Qi, Han Muye slowly circulated his newly cultivated body-tempering technique, Iron Bull Strength., , This was a body-tempering technique that could strengthen his muscles and bones and resist the corrosion of sword Qi., , Although he did not believe that the sword Qi that was close to him would hurt him, he still cultivated his body tempering technique. It was always better to be prepared., , Even if it was used for traveling, it would make him faster, right?, , The scene of Zhao Pu practicing the Iron Bull Strength in the demonstration building kept recurring in his mind. On Han Muye’s body, a condensed Qi and blood began to gather., , An illusory green ox with a metallic color slowly appeared behind him., , The iron bull had formed, it was a success!

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