After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 15 - Number one in the outer sect, Mo Yuan

To sword cultivators, the sword they carried around was a treasure. It was comparable to a Dao companion., , Most people wouldn’t even think about touching it., , Hearing that Han Muye wanted the sword at his waist, the young man’s expression changed., , After a moment’s hesitation, he raised his hand and drew his sword. Then he reversed the blade and handed the hilt to Han Muye., , Han Muye took the sword, his eyes flashing., , “The sword’s name is Jade Stream. It’s three feet three inches long and weighs four kilograms.”, , “If a three feet sword can be this weight, the the forging technique, and the spiritual materials used are not bad.”, , Han Muye’s words made the young man’s eyes light up., , When the sword was in his hand, he could tell how heavy it was., , “I used a tael of light spiritual iron in this sword,” the young man said softly., , ‘Light spiritual iron?’, , A tael of light spirit iron could turn a long sword into a semi-spiritual weapon. It seemed that this thing was really a treasure., , Han Muye narrowed his eyes as the scene of this sword being forged appeared in his mind., , The forging technique was a pleated forging technique. It was made of black iron mixed with a piece of green-gray spiritual material., , This forging method was called the initial forging of a spiritual weapon., , This was a common method used by sword cultivators to refine swords suitable for Qi Condensation to Foundation Establishment level. In the first level of the Sword Pavilion, many swords were forged using this method., , In fact, such a sword was considered a semi-finished product. It was called a semi-spiritual artifact and belonged to the mortal grade., , In the future, if he wanted to use it for a long time, after his sword cultivation reached the Earth Realm, he could cleanse it with his spiritual Qi and increase its spirituality. Ultimately, it could become a spirit artifact., , Spiritual artifacts were the swords hidden on the second floor of the Sword Pavilion. They were used by Earth Realm experts. They could control swords to soar into the sky and split sword light. They were endless and powerful., , The scene changed again. Han Muye saw the young man in front of him holding a sword and dancing in front of a big river., , The sword light was clear. It was the Two Mystic Sword Technique, Blue Wave., , The image flickered. In Han Mu’s opinion, this young man’s swordsmanship was not bad., , Just from watching, he could tell something was missing., , Holding the long sword in his hand, Han Muye flipped his palm and gently probed forward with the blade., , This move was countless times slower than the young man’s sword dance in the image., , Just as the young man was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed as he stared at the sword in Han Muye’s hand., , The sword light flashed gently, neither fast nor slow, constantly suppressing., , In the young man’s opinion, this suppression was the essence of this Blue Wave., , Back then, when his master demonstrated to him, he had said that the cold lake’s blue waves were like clouds and mist., , “As for the Blue Wave Sword Technique, it emphasizes calmness and tranquility.”, , Han Muye said softly, and then his sword moved slightly. The sword light rippled like water, light in front and heavy in the back., , ‘I see!’, , When he was practicing his sword technique on the river, the water rippled and all the force was released. There was no such feeling of unmoving water and suppressed power., , Surprise flashed across the young man’s face. He raised his hand and cupped his fists. Just as he was about to speak, Han Muye put away his sword and said calmly, “This is only the first segment of the Blue Wave Sword Technique.”, , ‘First segment?’, , ‘What did that mean?’, , The young man looked puzzled., , When his master taught him swordsmanship, he did not say that there was a second segment in the Blue Wave Sword Technique., , Han Muye pointed the long sword in his hand and said in a low voice, “Watch carefully—”, , The sword light was beautiful in an instant, like a surging dragon and waves, stirring up thousands of clear waves!, , The young man felt endless waves surging over his head. He subconsciously let out a cry and took a few steps back. His back hit the wall of the room before he stopped., , When he looked again, there was only a long sword in front of him., , Han Muye’s fingers held the hilt of his sword and he handed it back to the young man., , He silently took the sword and returned it to its sheath. Then, he bowed to Han Muye. “Thank you for your guidance, Senior Brother.”, , As he spoke, he held up five pale golden jade tokens and handed them to Han Muye., , This was the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s merit token. One piece could be exchanged for 100 spiritual rocks., , Han Muye took the merit token and turned to leave. At the door, he paused and said softly, “Actually, there’s a third segment of the Blue Wave Sword Technique.”, , With that, before the wide-eyed Yang Shao could say anything, he had already walked out of the room., , “There’s a third segment?”, , “How can there be a third segment of the Two Mystic Sword Technique…”, , Yang Shao looked at the closed door of the room with a blank expression., , “By the way, who is this senior brother? His sword technique has already reached the stage where he can lift something light as if it were heavy. He can demonstrate the concept without injecting spiritual energy.”, , “Could he be a new direct disciple?”, , Han Muye walked out of the room with a smile on his face., , He had to do business for a long time. He might be able to make a killing with this Blue Wave alone., , The Blue Wave Sword Technique was originally a Two Mystic Sword Technique. It was already rare for it to contain the second segment and should not have the third segment., , The reason why Han Muye said that there was a third segment was because he had comprehended this sword technique three times when he was wiping the longsword in the Sword Pavilion., , After three verifications, he actually comprehended the third segment of the Blue Wave Sword Technique., , The first segment was still water, the second segment was turbulent waves, and the third segment returned to its essence of non-motion., , Han Muye went to the front desk and handed back the sign for Room 73 and two blank books., , The green-robed middle-aged man stood up and put away the door plate and the “Iron Bull Strength”. Then, he smiled and said, “Senior Brother, the “Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords” doesn’t belong to the demonstration building.”, , ‘It doesn’t belong in the demonstration building?’, , That was true. This “Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords” was so powerful that ordinary inner sect disciples should not be able to cultivate it., , “Then where does Elder Mo Yuan live? I forgot to ask just now,” Han Muye asked., , Hearing his words, the green-robed middle-aged man grinned and said, “What elder?”, , “Mo Yuan, the number one in the outer sect, has been with my Nine Mystic Sword Sect for almost 200 years.”, , At this point, he chuckled and shook his head. “When I say the number one in the outer sect, I don’t mean that he’s the number one in the outer sect. He’s the oldest in the outer sect.”, , ‘Outer sect?’, , Not an elder, just an old man who had been in the outer sect for 200 years?, , That aura, that finger, it was as if the sky was falling but his expression did not change. He was just an outer sect disciple?, , “It’s said that when he first started cultivating, his aptitude was very good. However, I don’t know what was wrong with him, but he insisted on learning some sword technique that could encompass all things.”, , “See? 200 years had passed and he still had not reached the Qi Condensation stage.”, , “I suppose he doesn’t have much time left.”, , The green-robed middle-aged man shook his head and looked at the “Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords” in Han Muye’s hand. “This cultivation technique is a fraud. What good cultivation technique can a disciple who can’t enter the inner sect for the rest of his life create?”, , He spent 200 years without reached Qi Condensation and created this Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords., , Han Muye looked at the book in his hand and felt its weight., , He gently put the book away, then turned and walked away., , “Um, Senior Brother, are you willing to accept tasks at the Demonstration Building?”, , The green-robed middle-aged man behind him spoke., , Han Muye turned around and said calmly, “What tasks?”, , “Not only will you be rewarded for answering the cultivation questions of the disciples in the Demonstration Tower, but you will also be rewarded with five merit points for every ten answers.”, , The green-robed middle-aged man smiled and said, “Senior Brother Yang Shao was very satisfied with your answer just now and is willing to give you another three merit points.”, , He held out three merit tokens., , ‘You can do that?’, , Han Muye took the merit token., , It was worth 300 spiritual rocks. He would be a fool not to take it., , “I can answer questions about the techniques, but I’m not too willing to let outsiders know my identity,” Han Muye said after putting away the merit tokens., , “That’s easy.” The green-robed middle-aged man smiled and said, “There are many senior brothers and even elders in the sect who are unwilling to expose their identities and accept tasks. They all use an alias and cover their faces with masks.”, , Then he pointed ahead. “Look, isn’t that one?”, , Han Muye turned around and saw a man in a long robe and a bronze mask push open the door and enter a room., , “Alright, I’ll accept this task.” Han Muye nodded and left.

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