After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 12 - Inner Sect Demonstration Building, Iron Bull St

100 spiritual rocks., , Huang Six also saved his spiritual rocks one by one. This favor was huge., , Han Muye put away the spiritual rocks and chuckled. “Brother, aren’t you afraid that I won’t live past three months and won’t be able to repay the spiritual rocks?”, , With three months of salary and additional tips, even if he had not spent a single cent, it would probably only add up to 70 spiritual rocks., , If Han Muye died within three months, Huang Six’s investment would definitely go down the drain., , “There have been dozens of Sword Caretakers joining and leaving in the past seven years. You’re the one who complements my temperament the best.”, , “Don’t die too soon.”, , Huang Six’s voice sounded old, but there was a different emotion in it., , Han Muye nodded., , Sword Caretakers were a special existence in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect. Most of them did not live long, and outsiders rarely interacted with them., , It was rare for Huang Six to get along with Han Muye. He really didn’t want him to die., , “Don’t worry, none of us will die,” Han Muye whispered, turning to look at the swords on the wooden shelves., , The swords on the other side vibrated softly, as if in response., , …, , The Inner Sect Demonstration Building was located on the peak of the Nine Mystic Mountain and was much further away from the Sword Pavilion., , The next day, Han Muye set off at noon and only arrived in the afternoon., , On the way to the Demonstration Building, Han Muye met a few outer sect disciples who were in the same line of work as him. They had joined in the sect’s mission some time ago and earned some merit points. This time, they came to the Demonstration Building to exchange for cultivation techniques., , Although they were young, each of them was at the seventh or eighth level of the Human Realm. As long as they cultivated for another year or two, they would be able to reach the Qi Condensation Realm., , At the Qi Condensation Realm, one’s body would absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and use the spiritual energy to cleanse one’s meridians. Then, one would have the power to transcend mortality., , Although one could not fly in the air at the Qi Condensation Realm, one could control the sword with Qi. Their figure would become like a bird, allowing them to step on the snow without a trace. These series of special abilities was fascinating., , These were all told to Han Muye by a young girl called Qiao Qing’er, who was an outer sect disciple., , “Senior Brother Han, that’s the Demonstration Building.” A sixteen-year-old girl in a green robe pointed ahead and said happily., , She was Qiao Qing’er., , From afar, the five-story loft occupied a vast area and was much more imposing than the Sword Pavilion., , “Senior Brother Han, we’re going to look for Master. Do you want to come with us?” Qiao Qing’er smiled at Han Muye., , On the way, Han Muye already knew that Qiao Qing’er and the others were valued by the inner sect deacons and were accepted as disciples in-name. When they reached the Qi Condensation Realm, they would directly become disciples., , Unlike ordinary outer sect disciples who were struggling, they were much stronger than others from the beginning., , This was because their cultivation aptitude was at sixth or seventh-grade., , Those with cultivation aptitude above the fifth-grade could directly enter the elite ranks in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect. There would be elders in the sect who would take them in as personal disciples and nurture them carefully., , A sixth or seventh-grade aptitude was already top-notch among ordinary disciples., , Qiao Qing’er and the others did not have to worry about cultivation at all. They just had to cultivate step by step., , This time, they were able to obtain the mission reward as outer sect disciples because of their master’s arrangements and the help of their senior brothers., , “Junior Sister, Master is only looking for us. If outsiders go, he will be unhappy,” a thin young man in a green robe suddenly said., , “You guys go ahead. I’ll go look for suitable cultivation techniques.” Han Muye smiled and cupped his hands, then turned around and walked towards the Demonstration Building., , Seeing Han Muye walk away, the skinny young man in the green robe snorted coldly, then looked at Qiao Qing’er and said, “Junior Sister, why waste your time on a Sword Caretaker? I think this person won’t live for more than half a year.”, , Hearing his words, Qiao Qing’er turned around and chuckled. “Huo Ping, let’s bet to see if he can live for half a year.”, , “100 spiritual rocks. I bet he can live for half a year.”, , Hearing her words, the young man named Huo Ping said without hesitation, “Let’s bet. I bet he won’t live for more than six months.”, , Qiao Qing’er laughed and walked to the side., , A young man with a long sword on his back followed forward. Then, he turned to look at Huo Ping and said, “What you should be thinking is, if this Senior Brother Han really lives for half a year, will you receive a sword from him?”, , Their aptitude was at the top among their peers. If they cultivated for a while longer, they would only be able to reach 100th position in the outer sect. It was only a matter of time before they entered the inner sect., , If Han Muye could live past half a year, they might really have to receive their swords from him., , It was said that there were many rules in the Sword Pavilion. Some people had been made difficult for three months because they had offended the Sword Caretaker., , In three months, others had already become familiar with their swords and their combat strength had increased greatly., , If a cultivator was one step was slow, his every step would become slower., , Huo Ping was stunned. He looked in the direction Han Muye had left, and his eyes flashed., , “Six months. Let’s see if you can survive that.”, , …, , Around the Demonstration Building, many inner sect disciples in white clothes were scattered on the limestone square. Some were whispering, while others were chatting., , Unlike the outer sect training hall where there was one instructor teaching dozens or hundreds of disciples, the Demonstration Building had inner sect elites and deacons teaching the cultivation techniques and sword techniques., , It was said that elders would come to the Demonstration Building from time to time. If they liked someone, they could directly take them in as their disciple., , That meant that one’s opportunity had arrived., , Han Muye walked into the building, slightly disappointed., , He originally thought that this Demonstration Building was similar to the Outer Sect Training Hall. There were many disciples practicing, so he could secretly learn a little for free., , Unexpectedly, there were only bookshelves and a quiet room. However, there were signs hanging at the door., , ‘Silence in the hall.’, , A middle-aged man in a green-gray robe stepped forward and asked Han Muye softly, “Junior Brother, what do you need?”, , Han Muye was wearing an inner sect disciple’s robe and holding a cloth bag in his hand. It was obvious that he was here for business., , “I want to find a body-tempering technique.” Han Muye nodded., , “A body-tempering technique?” the middle-aged man muttered. He turned around and pointed at the rows of bookshelves in front of him., , “All the body-tempering cultivation techniques are there. If you like any book, it can be brought to the quiet room to issue a demonstration task. Someone will accept the task and teach you the cultivation method.”, , As the saying went, skills should not be passed on to too many people. It was a good idea to only demonstrate it in the quiet room., , Han Muye nodded, cupped his hands, and headed for the bookshelves., , The bookshelf that the middle-aged man pointed to was indeed filled with body-tempering cultivation techniques., , “Iron Armor.”, , “Bronze Skin Three Segments.”, , “Golden Bridge”, , …, , Han Muye took out the books one by one. There were only a few introductions on these cultivation techniques, followed by the required aptitude and cost needed to practice them., , The rest of the content was empty., , After cultivating the “Iron Armor Technique”, one could condense a body of iron armor from their bones and muscles. It was difficult for them to be injured by weapons., , Cultivating this technique required an eighth-grade aptitude. The price was 300 spiritual rocks or three merit points., , Han Muye didn’t have 300 spiritual rocks, nor did he have the sect merit points equivalent to that, nor did he have an eighth-grade aptitude., , As for the “Bronze Skin Three Segment Technique”, after three rounds of refinements, one would finally achieve bronze skin and iron bones. One’s strength could reach 1,500 kilograms., , Cultivating this technique required a medium seventh-grade aptitude. The price was 500 spiritual rocks or five merit points., , This was even more impossible for Han Muye., , After flipping through a few cultivation techniques, Han Muye felt a chill in his heart., , Either he did not meet the qualifications requirements, or the price was too expensive., , “These inner sect cultivation techniques seem to be very difficult for low-level disciples to learn…”, , With a soft sigh, Han Muye whispered to himself., , Actually, that was the way it was., , The cultivation techniques in the Demonstration Building were prepared for inner sect disciples who had cultivated for several years and had good cultivation levels. Even the few outer sect disciples who were qualified to come were not lacking in aptitude and spiritual rocks., , Flipping through all the body-tempering cultivation techniques, the expensive ones cost more than 10,000 spiritual rocks and the aptitude requirement was above the fifth-grade., , Most of the cheaper ones cost 200 to 300 spiritual rocks. Most importantly, their aptitude was basically at the eighth-grade., , After searching around, Han Muye could only pick up a book., , The “Iron Bull’s Strength” allowed one to temper the muscles and bones. It could accumulate the strength of a bull, forming the body of an iron bull., , This cultivation technique did not require cultivation aptitude. One just had to practise hard and the price was 80 spiritual rocks.

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