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Chapter 9 - : The Nine Mystic Sword, whole life's cultivatio

In the next moment, he sensed that these sword Qi were all gathered in an empty and illusory space., , This space was indeed where his heart was., , The sword Qi entered his chest. Was he really going to die soon?, , With a thought, the sword Qi moved slightly., , Han Muye could feel the emotions coming from these sword Qi. It was aggrieved., , ‘Sword Qi has emotions?’, , ‘Feeling aggrieved?’, , Could it be that these sword Qi was trying to tell him that whether he could survive past three months had nothing to do with them?, , Sure enough, as soon as Han Muye thought this, the sword Qi starting vibrating again., , It was so intelligent!, , Han Muye sighed inwardly., , As if sensing his praise, the sword Qi rose and fell as if they were happy., , As soon as the sword Qi moved, Han Muye could feel power surging through his limbs and bones., , Traces of sword Qi passed through the illusory space and passed through his meridians., , The fiery red sword Qi brought along heat, making him feel warm all over. The earthen yellow sword Qi made his muscles and bones feel endless power., , The green sword Qi seemed to be able to stimulate his body growth. There was also a cold sword Qi that seemed to be water vapor swimming in his body, calming his heart., , Would these sword Qi really hurt him?, , Han Muye slowly got up and looked at the wooden shelves that stretched around., , In that moment, he thought he could sense every sword call out to him., , Every sword here seemed close to him., , How could such sword Qi hurt him?, , With a thought, the illusory space dissipated, and all the sword Qi in his body gathered like clear water., , “Little Han, go to the inner sect in two days to learn a body cultivation technique.” Huang Six’s voice came from the wooden shelf in front., , “Perhaps it will allow you to live a little longer.”, , Body cultivation technique?, , Han Muye nodded., , Indeed, he needed to learn a cultivation technique now., , Moreover, he needed to gain more knowledge about the cultivation world., , “Brother, I heard from Instructor Lin yesterday that our Nine Mystic Sword Sect has a Heaven Realm expert guarding it?”, , “Is the Patriarch a Heaven Realm expert?”, , What did the Heaven Realm look like?, , “Nonsense, he’s flattering the Nine Mystic Sword Sect,” Huang Six said angrily., , “There isn’t a single Nascent Soul cultivator in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”, , The Nascent Soul realm was the first level of the Heaven Realm. Without a Nascent Soul, how could they reach a Heaven Realm?, , Was Instructor Lin really spouting nonsense?, , But judging him based on the day before, he seemed an honest person., , “Not to mention the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, there are only three Nascent Soul cultivators in the entire Western Frontier.”, , Huang Six snorted., , There were only three Heavenly Realms in the Western Border?, , Han Muye had thought that the world was full of Heavenly Realms, and the Earth Realms were worse than dogs., , The day before, he was motivated by Instructor Lin and thought that the Nine Mystic Sword Sect was very powerful. It turned out that it was just like that., , Huang Six’s voice came again. “But that guy wasn’t lying to you.”, , “Although our Nine Mystic Sword Sect doesn’t have a Heaven Realm expert, we have a few perfected Core Formation cultivators, who are half-way to Nascent Soul realm, and with the power of the Nine Mystic Sword in the third floor of the Sword Pavilion, we can fight a Heaven Realm expert without losing., , At this point, Huang Six stuck his head out from the wooden shelves and said in a low voice, “There’s a divine sword on the third floor of the Sword Pavilion. With this sword, one can fight against the Heaven Realm.”, , There was such a treasured item in the Sword Pavilion?, , Han Muye’s expression changed., , “That kind of treasure can’t be easily used.”, , “After guarding the swords in the Sword Pavilion for 60 years without dying, a Sword Caretaker can condense the Unforged Sword Qi all over his body to activate this sword for a hundred breaths.”, , At this point, Huang Six’s expression darkened slightly, but there was a hint of boldness. “Within a hundred breaths, you can fight a Heaven Realm expert.”, , “After a hundred breaths, all the sword Qi in your body will be exhausted. If you want to condense it, you need another 60 years.”, , ‘Another 60 years?’, , Han Muye knew that was impossible., , If the sword Qi was exhausted, it was equivalent to all his strength dissipating and turning into an ordinary person. How could he possibly live for another 60 years?, , Even if he could live for another 60 years, he probably wouldn’t be able to condense such sword Qi., , In other words, the Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretakers had to endure for a year, 10 years, and 60 years before they could reach the Hundred Breath Realm., , One had to risk his 60 years for the glory of the Hundred Breath., , Looking at Huang Six in front of him and seeing his expression, Han Muye said softly, “Did Brother come to the Sword Pavilion for this?”, , Huang Six shuddered, then nodded gently., , “Hundred Breath Heavenly Realm.”, , “I once boasted in front of others that I would definitely reach the Heaven Realm in this life.”, , “Even if it’s a hundred breaths, it’s still a Heaven Realm, right?”, , Huang Six chuckled, then lowered his head and turned back to clean the sword., , Was it worth cultivating a whole life for the Hundred Breath?, , Han Muye looked at Huang Six’s back but said nothing., , ‘People should have some pursuits when they’re alive, shouldn’t they?’, , Then what did he want from this world?, , Turning around, he saw the swords that stretched across the wooden shelves in front of him., , Each of these swords seemed to call to him., , ‘Sword?’, , A sword!, , The image of Patriarch Tao Ran burning a hundred miles with one sword appeared in Han Muye’s mind., , Wasn’t his purpose for coming to the cultivation world to master such power?, , With a sword in hand, he could sweep through the world. This trip was not in vain!, , For a moment, Han Muye felt full of strength., , The sword Qi in his body instantly surged as if it was about to rush out of his body., , On the entire first floor of the Sword Pavilion, the 30,000 swords all emitted an almost imperceptible vibration., , Huang Six held the trembling sword in his hand, looking puzzled. He looked up at the second floor., , “Is the Patriarch refining the Nine Mystic Sword?”, , …, , Instead of going to rest, Han Muye picked up the sackcloth and wiped the swords again., , At this moment, he could sense the joy on each sword., , Stroking the sword, he could still feel a hint of shyness on the blade., , It was as if it had been gently touched by its beloved., , Unknowingly, wisps of aura seeped into Han Muye’s body., , In his illusory space, traces of sword Qi also seeped out and flowed into the sword in his hand., , At this moment, Han Muye could feel the tremble coming from the sword in his hand., , It was like indescribable pleasure., , Dual cultivation?, , These two words flashed through Han Muye’s mind., , As soon as this word appeared, the swords in the entire Sword Pavilion shook., , A trace of confusion appeared on Huang Six’s face. He muttered, “What’s wrong with the Patriarch? Did he eat a Nourishing Pill?”, , …, , After wiping 3,000 swords in a day and taking in all the sword Qi, Huang Six’s face was pale and his body was swaying. He drank a few mouthfuls of wine and went to sleep., , Han Muye lay on the wooden couch with his eyes closed, his mind focused on the empty illusory space as he watched the countless sword Qi intertwine., , As he could tell that Huang Six was exhausted, Han Muye wiped a lot more swords., , On this day, he obtained nearly 2,000 sword Qi., , A few of them were one-tenth the power of the Purple Flame Sword., , At this moment, 2,000 sword Qis were wandering in the void, seemingly extremely happy., , Apart from these sword Qi, Han Muye had also comprehended many sword techniques., , There were 31 types of Mystic Element Sword Techniques., , There were 13 types of the One Mystic Sword Techniques., , There were three types of Two Mystic Sword Techniques., , There was one type of Three Mystic Sword Technique., , As for the type that was above Three Mystic level was the Five Mystic Sword Technique, Prairie Fire., , It was enough!, , The Five Mystic Sword Technique was equivalent to the power of a Core Formation realm expert., , He had already mastered such a sword technique so soon. Shouldn’t he be satisfied?, , Lying on the wooden couch, Han Muye grinned., , With sword Qi and dozens of sword techniques, could he be considered a swordsman?,

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