Sheknew how to lose weight, but she had no way to make her skin fair. It was something impossible which she had been worried about, but now it seemed that she need not worry anymore. , Qiao Mei picked up the jade pendant and kissed it hard. She suddenly thought of the owner of the jade pendant and the intimate contact between the two of them that night. Her face instantly blushed red., , “Mei Mei, Mei Mei!” Suddenly, a panicky female voice came from outside the house. The voice was very shrill and it sounded as if something very important had happened. “Mei Mei, leave quickly! My whole family is here!”, , As soon as the words ended, the door was pushed open from outside and a skinny little girl rushed in., , The little girl was wearing tattered clothes with floral prints. She was about 16 or 17 years old and had two long braids. She looked at Qiao Mei in panic., , She looked alright, but she was way too thin. At the age of 16 or 17 years old, her chest was still flat and there was nothing to be seen., , Qiao Mei’s eyelids twitched as she recognized her., , “Xiao Yu, you’re here.”, , Qiao Yu was Qiao Zhuang’s only daughter and she was only 17 years old this year. Her two older sisters had been sent away, leaving her the only daughter left. However, she had not been raised with care., , She always had to do all types of washing and scrubbing around the house and she was not valued at home. She was a year or two younger than Qiao Mei, so she was always tagging along with the original owner of the body., , She was good with her words and she knew how to please the original owner of the body. She always had “Mei Mei” on her lips and the original owner of the body would always bring her some food from home. After a while, the two of them became very close., , “Heh!” Qiao Mei sneered. “Get out now. Don’t you know how to knock before entering? Who taught you to be so rude?”, , Qiao Mei quickly covered the jade pendant with her hand and carefully hid it under her clothes., , She could not let this cheat-code be seen by her. The concern of a thief was more dreadful than action. In her past life, the fact that Qiao Yu was willing to spend money to buy the jade pendant showed how much she cared about it., , After all, those few dollars were from Qiao Yu’s secret savings., , However, this action still managed to attract Qiao Yu’s attention. Although she did not see the jade pendant, she saw the red string around Qiao Mei’s neck. , Qiao Yu stared at her, still standing at the same spot, as if she did not understand what Qiao Mei meant., , “Qiao Mei, hurry up and run. My brothers and a few nephews are all here with weapons!” Qiao Yu said nervously., , “Why should Mei Mei run away when they are the ones coming to my house?” Qiao Qiang suddenly asked from outside., , Qiao Yu seemed frightened by the voice. She lowered her head and stood there, not knowing what to say as she grabbed the corner of her clothes with her fingers., , However, the moment she lowered her head, Qiao Mei saw her eyes lit up and her lips curled upwards., , Qiao Qiang stood outside the door, angrily tapping his walking stick., , Qiao Mei suddenly remembered that there seemed to be such a scene in her past life., , In her past life, a few months before her grandfather died, Qiao Yu would come from time to time to preempt her to leave the house quickly. Qiao Qiang’s sons also came over often to make trouble., , All these, coupled with the gossip in the village, made Qiao Qiang very worried and caused his health to deteriorate. If not for the fact that Qiao Mei was pregnant at that time and he wanted to wait for her to give birth, he would have died earlier from all that anger., , So this was their plan. How wicked!, , “Tell me, why should I run? This is my house, why aren’t you saying anything? Are you going to stand here like a mute?” Qiao Mei reached across and slapped her., , She had already reduced her strength, but Qiao Yu was still knocked over by the slap., , She hunched on the ground and started crying., , Qiao Qiang witnessed this scene wordlessly. Qiao Mei had had this temper since she was young. She was always fighting with people her own age. She hit Qiao Yu even more often and there was no one who could stop her., , Besides, Qiao Yu did not have much of an opinion so no one came to help her., , At this moment, a few sets of footsteps could be heard outside the courtyard, making their way over vigorously., , Qiao Mei walked out of the door and went forward without a word., , “Second Grandpa Qiao, uncles and brothers, you are here to see my grandfather right?” Qiao Mei stood in the courtyard with a smile and spoke before they could., , Qiao Zhuang and his family were stunned on the spot. For a moment, they were a bit confused. It seemed to be the first time they ever saw Qiao Mei’s big smile., , As the saying goes, one does not slap a smiley face. Hearing Qiao Mei’s sweet voice coupled with her big smile, she actually looked quite friendly.

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