After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 6 - Medical Hall, Comprehending the Mystic Fire Alch

As his fingers touched the hilt of the sword, information directly entered Han Muye’s mind., , The Refined Iron Heavy Sword was four feet long and weighed 40 kilograms., , This heavy sword was not forged. Instead, it was created from grinding materials and then polished., , This sword was crudely made, but the material used was good. It was high-quality iron and was expensive., , Narrowing his eyes slightly, an image of a shirtless man brandishing a sword flashed in front of Han Muye., , “When we practice the sword, we pay attention to how hard work can make up for our shortcomings.”, , “The Nine Mystic Sword Sect has five lineages being passed on – the five elements metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Among them, the sword technique of the earth lineage emphasizes weight and stability.”, , “Draw a million swords and shatter a mountain.”, , This burly man was Instructor Lin., , “Boom—”, , The sword shattered a piece of limestone. Instructor Lin laughed., , “Draw a million swords. Soon, I’ll be invincible among my peers.”, , Mystic Element Sword Technique, Rock Shattering., , Mystic One Sword Technique, Mountain Crusher., , The Mystic One Sword Technique was already the highest level of sword technique cultivated by the outer sect disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect., , After comprehending two sword techniques, a thick aura poured into Han Muye’s body, causing his body to tremble slightly., , This time, he clearly felt the existence of the power that traveled through his meridians., , Could this be the spiritual energy from cultivation?, , But he did not cultivate any technique at all., , Han Muye tightened his grip on his sword hilt., , “Ahem, um, this sword is heavy.” Instructor Lin looked at Han Muye’s figure and said nervously., , In the next moment, Han Muye had already raised his sword with one hand., , With the strange power circulating in his body, Han Muye realized that he didn’t need much strength to hold the sword., , The sword was held high. His back arched slightly, and the force extended from his feet to the blade., , This was the trick to summoning the Rock Shattering Sword Technique., , Only by circulating all the strength in his body could he destroy mountains and rocks., , “Um, don’t break my sword…” Instructor Lin rubbed his hands and reminded him softly., , “Whew—”, , Before he could finish, Han Muye had already slashed down., , The sword slashed into the air, causing the wind to whistle. The new disciples sitting in front turned pale and subconsciously retreated., , By the time they came back to their senses, Han Muye had handed the sword back., , “Instructor Lin, how’s my strike?”, , Han Muye cupped his hands., , “This attack…” Instructor Lin hesitated, then nodded. “Very good. Very good.”, , He looked at Han Muye, then lowered his voice. “What’s your name?”, , “My name is Han Muye. I’m the Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretaker.” Han Muye smiled, cupped his hands, and turned to leave., , This was all Instructor Lin could do. There was no point in staying., , “Sword Caretaker?”, , Instructor Lin was stunned. Only when Han Muye had walked far away did he say with a confused expression, “To be able to comprehend 50% of the essence of the Mystic Element Sword Technique just by watching it once, how can such a genius be a Sword Caretaker…”, , …, , After leaving the training hall, Han Muye headed for the medical hall., , It seemed that the outer sect disciples could not learn any real skills. If he wanted to learn, he would probably have to go to the inner sect to take a look., , When he returned, he would ask Huang Six about the inner sect., , The medical hall was not nearby. Han Muye walked for an hour before he smelled a burning smell mixed with the fragrance of medicine., , He crossed the foot of the mountain and saw a series of low bamboo buildings. That was the medical hall., , The medical hall wasn’t built with bricks because the place was prone to fire., , If it was built with masonry, reconstruction would be too much trouble., , If it was built with bamboo, they won’t feel much heart ache if it was burnt down and had to be rebuilt., , There were already many disciples at the entrance of the medical hall. Some were there to buy pills, while others were medical hall disciples selling pills., , Han Muye stepped forward and explained his intentions. A medical hall disciple in a green and gray robe led him into the bamboo building., , “Which senior has a Body Strengthening Pill for sale? This senior wants two Body Strengthening Pills.”, , The leading medical hall disciple shouted at the top of their lungs, causing the alchemy disciples who were wandering around the furnace to raise their heads slightly., , “Body Strengthening Pills? That stuff isn’t used much so I’ve never refined one.”, , “I don’t have a Body Strengthening Pill. Do you want a Spirit Concentration Pill?”, , “Only disciples training earth element skills would use the Body Strengthening Pill. Not many people usually buy this pill.”, , Among the five lineage of sword cultivators in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, four of them focused on agility and speed. Only the earth lineage sought strength and stability., , Body Strengthening Pills were usually only useful to their lineage., , None of the medical hall disciples in the room had Body Strengthening Pills., , “You want two Body Strengthening Pills? I’ll help you refine them for six spiritual rocks. How about that?” A female cultivator in her twenties looked up at Han Muye., , This female cultivator had delicate features and pure eyes. She sat there cross-legged like a green lotus., , “Junior, you don’t often refine Body Strenghtening Pills. If you waste a few more furnaces of spiritual herbs, the gains won’t make up for the losses,” someone beside the female cultivator whispered., , “Sister Mu Wan, why are you doing this again? Cultivation is all about opportunities. If he can’t buy a Body Strenghtening Pill, it means that his opportunity hasn’t arrived.” Not far away, a Daoist in his thirties frowned and said in a deep voice., , The others chimed in., , “Hehe, then since he encountered me refining pills today, doesn’t that mean that his opportunity has arrived?” The female cultivator stood up and waved her hand, putting away the foot-tall bronze pill furnace in front of her., , “Let’s go get the herbs.”, , Holding the pill furnace in one hand, the female cultivator waved at Han Muye and walked towards the corridor on the side of the bamboo building., , “My name is Mu Wan. What’s your name? Are you an earth lineage disciple?” As they walked, the female cultivator asked., , “I’m Han Muye, the Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretaker,” Han Muye said., , “Sword Caretaker?” Mu Wan stopped in her tracks and turned around, sizing up Han Muye with a strange expression., , “Everyone says that Sword Caretakers are abnormal existence in the sect. But I don’t see anything strange about you.”, , After muttering a few words, Mu Wan continued walking forward., , In front of them was the place to collect spiritual herbs. Mu Wan quickly collected three batches of nine types of spiritual herbs to refine the Body Strengthening Pill, which cost a total of three spiritual rocks., , “Look, I am really not trying to profit from your spiritual rocks.”, , Mu Wan asked Han Muye to help carry the spiritual herbs as she spoke., , “I understand.” Han Muye nodded and said softly, “I’ll buy Body Strengthening Pills from you from now on.”, , Hearing his words, Mu Wan laughed and led him to a secluded spot., , “Are you going to wait here while I refine pills, or are you going to look elsewhere?”, , Mu Wan sat cross-legged as the cauldron floated up in front of her. A flame rose from her left palm., , Was this alchemy?, , Han Muye curiously took a few steps back and watched Mu Wan refine pills., , The flames heated up the pill furnace, causing steam to rise from it. At this moment, Mu Wan began to pour the first spiritual herb into the pill furnace., , This was a spiritual herb that was thick to the roots. As soon as it was thrown into the pill furnace, a bitter smell spread out., , Mu Wan spun the pill furnace with one hand and continuously threw various spiritual herbs into it with the other., , Some of these spiritual herbs were tree roots, some were grass and leaves, and some were directly made of limestone., , The nine spiritual herbs were thrown into the cauldron in different order. Then, the flames kept changing in size., , Mu Wan began to carefully rotate the pill furnace. In Han Muye’s opinion, this was to allow the medicinal power of the spiritual herbs inside to fuse., , “Bam—”, , Suddenly, the cauldron shook with a dull thud., , Mu Wan’s face stiffened. Then, with a depressed expression, she stopped spinning the cauldron and lifted the lid. A charred smell wafted over., , “I’m indeed out of practice. I wasted a furnace of spiritual herbs.”, , “If I waste another batch of this, I’m going to lose money.”, , After pouring out the pill dregs, Mu Wan began to refine pills again., , Han Muye closed his eyes slightly, and images circulated in his mind., , He had comprehended the Mystic Fire Alchemy Technique., , He comprehended the refinement method of the Body Strengthening Pill., , Opening his eyes, he looked at Mu Wan, who had already thrown the seventh spiritual herb into the cauldron. Han Muye suddenly said, “Wait.”, , “Clear the yarrow first. Otherwise, this batch will still be wasted.”,

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