, “Oh! Hello, I’m a relative of this family and the bride is my relative. I heard that they went to the city early in the morning and I don’t know when they’ll be back,” Qiao Yu said slowly., , As expected, she saw the troubled expressions on the two comrades’ faces., , The sky was almost dark outside now. If they could not go back on time, it would be difficult to make their way around when it got dark., , “How about this!” Qiao Yu continued. “Why don’t you guys leave the things in my courtyard first? When they come back, they can just move them back from my house!” , The two delivery comrades looked at each other and sized up Qiao Yu. They could see that Qiao Yu had mud on herself and it was likely that she had just returned from the field., , It was probably believable!, , After the two of them exchanged a look, one of them said, “Alright, then please lead the way. We’ll put the things in your courtyard first and they can retrieve them when they’re back!”, , “Okay, okay! Let’s go!” Qiao Yu said., , Along the way, the two of them also did not just blindly believe what Qiao Yu said. They asked Qiao Yu about her relationship with Qiao Mei and found out that they were indeed relatives., , However, no one in the village said anything about how the relationship was., , There were also some people who wanted to see Qiao Mei being made a fool. They wanted to see Qiao Mei’s reaction when she returned and found out that her dowry had been snatched by Qiao Zhuang’s family!, , They did not want to offend Qiao Qiang., , However, it was best not to offend Qiao Zhuang too., , After all, Qiao Zhuang was a village bully and had done countless evil deeds in the village. Everyone was afraid of him and did not want to be chased around with a broom by his family., , After Qiao Yu left, many people talked about her., , “This Qiao Yu is really not a good thing!”, , A few women in the village stood together and discussed among themselves as they watched Qiao Yu leave., , “That’s right, that’s right. How could she take Qiao Mei’s dowry to her own house?”, , “However, did you notice that Qiao Mei seems to have changed a little? She has become a little different from the Qiao Mei we remembered!”, , “Oh yes, she seems to have become fairer and she speaks a bit nicer now.”, , “She’s completely different from how we imagined her in the past. In the past, I thought she was ugly and lazy, but now I think she’s quite normal!”, , …, , Qiao Yu led the two men to Qiao Zhuang’s courtyard., , It was evening and Qiao Zhuang’s family was having dinner. When they saw the few people, they were stunned., , Qiao Zhuang looked at Qiao Yu and did not say anything., , Qiao Yu smiled and made introductions. “These two are comrades who came to deliver betrothal gifts. There’s no one at Sister Qiao Mei’s house, so they’ll leave the things at our house first. When they come back, we’ll send them over!”, , Looks of surprise flashed across the eyes of everyone at the table., , Big Auntie Qiao smiled at the two comrades and said, “Thank you for your hard work, comrades. It’s safer to put the things in our house!”, , There was no need to say it any clearer. The family immediately understood., , After all, who would have anything against these big-ticket items?, , The whole family was grinning from ear to ear as they looked at the truck full of items. They carried the items out of the truck together with the two comrades and flattering words rolled off their tongues constantly, sweet-talking the two comrades into a false sense of security., , They successfully sent the two of them off in the end., , Qiao Zhuang and his family then sat in the courtyard and looked again at the betrothal gifts in front of them. They were all pleasantly surprised as they discussed the issue., , “Wow! So many betrothal gifts are all in our house now?!” Big Auntie Qiao looked at the sewing machine in front of her and chuckled., , At this moment, the second auntie looked at the sewing machine and asked curiously, “When do you intend to return this betrothal gift?”, , She was the village accountant, so she naturally did not need a sewing machine., , However, it was always good to have these things. Whenever these things were mentioned, the villagers would get so envious., , “What do you mean by return?” Qiao Zhuang said unhurriedly. He glanced at Second Auntie Qiao and said coldly, “Since this betrothal gift is already in our house, then it belongs to us.”, , “So naturally I’ll return it when it’s broken!”, , Then, he turned towards Qiao Yu, who was standing in the corner as usual, and said, “Qiao Yu, you did well this time!”

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