Seeing Qiao Mei running towards them with a wooden stick in her hand, Big Auntie Qiao and Second Auntie Qiao suddenly remembered that this granddaughter was not one to be bullied., , The two of them had not fought with Qiao Mei for too long and had forgotten about it., , “Goodness, what do you think you’re doing?” they shouted, picking up their hogs as they retreated., , Qiao Mei drove the wooden stick in her hand into the ground and said with a glare, “You two don’t need to worry about my family’s land.”, , Her aura was strong, but her voice was weak and she sounded more like she was acting coquettishly. Fortunately, her body was dark and fat, making her look quite formidable., , Otherwise, not only would the two people not be frightened by her, they would even laugh., , Big Auntie Qiao remembered that she was punched in the back by this girl a few years ago and the spot still felt painful now. , “You’re such a stubborn child. We didn’t say that this isn’t your home. It’s just that your land is empty now, so Aunt came to help you loosen the soil.”, , “Nothing grows in my land in spring every year but you only come to plow this year. You didn’t see the same thing last year? Are you blind?”, , “You wretched girl, why are you talking to your aunt like this?” Big Auntie Qiao did not like it when people talked back to her like this and got a little angry., , “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking. If you come over to plow now, later you will come over to sow the seeds. After that, wouldn’t it be easy for you to just take over the land? By then, won’t grandfather and I need your permission to eat the vegetables from the land?”, , Big Auntie Qiao was surprised to hear this. She did not expect this girl to be able to see through their intentions. However, she could not say her thoughts out loud. Big Auntie Qiao said unwillingly, “How can that be? The land is yours, naturally you can eat whatever you want here. We’re just here to help loosen the soil.”, , “There’s no need for you to put on an act.” Qiao Mei pulled out her wooden stick and stood on the land in front of them, saying, “You guys can level the ground here right now. Don’t think that you can come over to pick vegetables later by pretending to loosen the soil now.”, , Qiao Zhuang’s family had always been unreasonable and shameless. She wanted to block off any chance of them ever coming over to harvest the vegetables., , Auntie Qiao looked surprised. Good grief, this girl even thought of this point… It could not be Qiao Qiang guiding her, so it appeared that she was actually quite smart., , Even Qiao Qiang, who was watching over the fire in the kitchen, listened to Qiao Mei’s words in surprise. His granddaughter had grown up suddenly!, , Seeing that the two people were still standing where they were, Qiao Mei rushed up with her wooden stick. “Why aren’t you leaving? Do you want to fight with me? My wooden stick doesn’t have eyes!”, , She was so strong that when she swung the wooden stick, it made an intimidating whooshing sound., , Big Auntie Qiao and Second Auntie Qiao were scared out of their wits and did not dare to say anything else. They quickly picked up the hoes and did as they were told., , Soon, they had leveled all the soil they previously dug up., , As she walked out of the door, Big Auntie Qiao turned her head around and stared at Qiao Mei. She scolded angrily in a low voice, “Wretched girl, I’ll let you show off now. You’ll get what you deserve later.”, , Qiao Mei did not look at them anymore. She walked into the house and said, “Is the water ready, grandfather?”, , “Yes, yes.”, , “Okay, okay. I’m going to take a bath now.” Qiao Mei swiftly moved the large basin in the courtyard into her room and took a clean towel with her., , It was a simple and crude setup at the house, there was neither a bathroom nor a bathtub. What she was using was the big basin she had used to wash clothes., , After filling the basin with water, Qiao Mei closed the room door. She stood in the basin and used a towel to repeatedly wipe off all the dirt on her body. It would have to do for now. When she had money in the future, she would build a big house and then she would have her own bathroom., , After slowly washing up for 40 to 50 minutes, she finally cleaned off all the dirt on her body. She only felt comfortable when she could no longer detect any weird smell on her body., , She looked at her arm and felt that she looked a little fairer., , It was really great!

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