After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 48 - Spending Money Fast  

, Qiao Mei burst out laughing and was forthright with her opinion. “I feel that you don’t have to take all of it yourself. You can sell these bean sprouts in the supply and marketing cooperative. The quality of these bean sprouts is so good that there will definitely be buyers!”, , With such a big volume of bean sprouts, it would be best if they could supply it to major hotels or restaurants., , That would mean high demand and stable sales., , However, the market had not opened up yet so they could not openly send the bean sprouts to hotels or restaurants. They could only settle for the next best thing and send them to the supply and marketing cooperative as the fixed marketplace., , This way, there would be a location to conduct the transactions., , It was also not a bad choice., , Chen Hu had sat in his seat worrying about the issue but now his eyes lit up. He looked at Qiao Mei and gave her a thumbs up. He turned towards Qiao Qiang and praised, “Not bad! Old Leader, your little girl is really smart!”, , “Alright, send as many bean sprouts as you have. As long as you put them at our supply and marketing cooperative, we will definitely help you sell them!”, , The way he spoke was very bold and forthright., , Qiao Mei and Qiao Qiang both nodded. After hearing that, they bade farewell to Chen Hu., , …, , The two of them left the office and went to the supply and marketing cooperative at the opposite side., , Qiao Mei’s eyes shone as she looked at the 15 dollars she had just received., , Now that she finally had money in her hands, and it was money she had earned herself, she could buy more things now., , Although there were the betrothal gifts at home, those were all good fabrics and brand new. Qiao Mei could not bear to use them., , She would now go to the supply and marketing cooperative to buy some fabric to make some blankets and stuff so that she would not dirty the new bedding., , Furthermore, she was now pregnant., , She still had to make some clothes for the children so that once they were born, they would be able to wear the clothes she had made for them herself., , Maybe things like little hats, little pants, little pajamas. Just the thought of that made Qiao Mei’s heart tingle. The moment she walked into the supply and marketing cooperative, she went on a buying frenzy!, , Qiao Qiang stood at the side and watched her choose one thing after another., , By the time they came out of the supply and marketing cooperative, she had already spent all the 15 dollars in her hands. Even the retirement salary of 50 dollars that Qiao Qiang just received had been completely spent., , The big basket on her back was now filled with fabric and daily necessities., , The two of them got off the train and walked home happily. Qiao Qiang thought about how the 50 dollars he had just received was gone in the blink of an eye as well as the extra 15 dollars. , However, the money was finally not spent on only food this time but on buying useful things. In that sense, it was quite reasonable. , It was time that she paid attention to her looks. He just wondered what his Mei Mei would look like when she was all dressed up., , His eyes shone brightly as he looked at Qiao Mei’s plump figure in front of him., , …, , However, what the two of them did not know was that just as they were walking home from the train station in town, there were two people knocking on their door., , “Knock, knock!”, , “Knock, knock. Is anyone home?”, , Two people, who looked like delivery men and had a vehicle parked behind them, were knocking on Qiao Mei’s door., , After two minutes of knocking, there was still no response., , “What should we do? There shouldn’t be no one inside, right?” One of the delivery men at the door frowned and said., , The other man nodded, also doubtfully trying to listen out for sounds in the courtyard., , At this moment, Qiao Yu, who was passing by Qiao Mei’s house, heard their conversation and walked towards them., , She asked, “Hello, are you here to look for this family?”, , As she spoke, she looked at the truck behind them., , She could vaguely see some big boxes inside with words like sewing machine and other wording on them., , Could it be that… these two were here to deliver betrothal gifts?, , At the thought of this, the smile on Qiao Yu’s face became even more obvious and she looked at the two comrades., , One of them said, “Hello, comrade. We’re here to deliver the betrothal gifts. Do you know where this family has gone?”

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