After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 47 - Give Me Half a Catty  

, “What brings you here?” the clerk asked cheerfully., , Xiao Liu was mindful of what Chen Hu told him and immediately said, “This is our Section Head Chen’s bean sprouts. Hurry up and weigh it. After that, I still have to bring it back quickly!”, , “Okay, okay!” The clerk was also good at handling such matters., , Once he saw this situation, he knew what he had to do. After taking the basket of bean sprouts, he quickly weighed and registered it., , Everything was done in a jiffy., , The clerk looked at the green bean sprouts in the basket and could not help himself from reaching out to take a few for a taste., , After putting them in his mouth, his eyes lit up and he said, “How much are these bean sprouts? It’s crispy and sweet and really delicious.”, , With that, he wanted to take some bean sprouts out of the basket again., , He did not expect Xiao Liu, who was beside him, to slap his hand away and said loudly, “You can’t eat anymore. Our Section Head Chen is still waiting for this basket of bean sprouts!”, , “Let me have half a catty… or no, give me a catty!”, , Xiao Liu was direct in his reply., , He could not help it. The quality of these bean sprouts was really too good. The bean sprouts were so crispy and sweet that they would definitely be very delicious when stir-fried. They could even pass off as fruits., , “No way!” Xiao Liu immediately refused righteously., , Section Head Chen had instructed that not a single bean sprout should go missing., , With that, he carried the bean sprouts back., , In the office., , Xiao Liu came in with the basket on his back and handed over the money he made. “A total of 107 catties, sold for 15 dollars and 53 cents. This is the money earned!”, , “Okay,” Chen Hu replied and turned to hand the money to Qiao Mei., , Qiao Mei was very happy and reached out to count the 15 dollars and 53 cents., , The cost of this trip was only two to three dollars, but they had made a net profit of 12 to 13 dollars. This was simply a huge profit! Thinking of this, she felt a warmth in her heart, as if she had already earned a lot of money., , She looked at Chen Hu and immediately asked, “Uncle Chen, what do you plan to do with these bean sprouts?”, , “Bring home half of the lot to eat and distribute the other half to everyone in this place, so that everyone gets to have a taste of these bean sprouts!” Chen Hu said immediately without any hesitation., , Since he would not be able to finish all these delicious bean sprouts, he must definitely share them with others., , However, when Qiao Mei heard this, she shook her head in disapproval. “I still have six baskets at home. If I bring one basket every day in the future, can all of you still finish it?”, , Chen Hu was at a loss for words., , Qiao Qiang, who was at the side, felt a little awkward. He lowered his head and pretended to drink his tea silently, but he was actually trying to suppress his laughter., , This was also what he intended to tell Chen Hu. Now that his Mei Mei had said it out, there was no need for him to waste his breath., , Mei Mei actually managed to think like him., , How intelligent!, , Chen Hu, who was at the side, thought for a moment and picked up a handful of bean sprouts. He immediately agreed and said, “That should be fine. If it’s one basket a day, it will still be all eaten up!”, , These bean sprouts were so delicious that even if he did not eat it himself, he could give it to other people and they would like it., , Besides, he could also sell it., , This quality and price were already very good and there would definitely be buyers., , However, he did not expect Qiao Mei to speak again, “What if I can deliver 10 baskets a day?”, , This sentence completely choked Chen Hu up. There was definitely no way to consume so much bean sprouts. Even if he could give them away for free, he did not make that much salary to buy them all!, , In this case, there was really nothing he could do., , A look of shock flashed across his face before he said, “10 baskets a day… We…”, , He did not finish his sentence, but it was obvious from his expression.

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