, The junior soldier standing there was stunned for a moment. Then, he glanced at Qiao Qiang before he quickly snapped back to attention., , He immediately said loudly, “I promise to complete the mission!”, , Chen Hu nodded, indicating that he could take the bean sprouts away. However, to his surprise, when the soldier reached out to pick up the bean sprouts, he stumbled., , His hands almost did not manage to lift the bean sprouts!, , This scene really gave Chen Hu a shock. He also walked forward and reached out to try lifting the basket of bean sprouts., , He got a shock the moment he tried to lift it up., , This basket of bean sprouts had to weigh at least 100 catties. This girl was actually carrying such a heavy load of bean sprouts on her back when she came in just now?, , He turned to look at Qiao Mei in shock., , Qiao Mei, who was standing at the side, smiled and looked at Chen Hu. She greeted him sweetly, “Hello, Uncle Chen!”, , The first thing he saw was her huge figure, but her voice made people think of a Lolita-like character with a young girl’s sweet tone. Coupled with her figure, it was a little… contrasting., , He was stunned for a moment, then he nodded., , He remembered hearing that Xia Zhe was very satisfied and liked Qiao Mei a lot., , This fetish… is really…, , Chen Hu looked at Qiao Mei and praised, “Such a heavy basket, you’re not bad!”, , “Hehe, it’s not a big deal! All the flesh on my body is not just for show!”, , Qiao Mei replied with a grin., , From the interaction between Qiao Qiang and him just now, she could tell that this uncle must be a good person and was a person that she could be close with., , “Hahahaha!” Chen Hu laughed heartily. He felt that Qiao Mei had a good personality. She was indeed Qiao Qiang’s granddaughter., , After that, he glared at the soldier beside him and hollered, “Why aren’t you taking it? What are you waiting for?”, , “Yes!”, , The soldier immediately responded and picked up the basket from the floor before walking out., , After that was done, Chen Hu immediately invited his two esteemed guests to the tea room inside. Then he made some tea, poured them water and placed snacks and fruits on the table. After he was done, he closed the door., , “Old leader!” Chen Hu stuck his head out and had a look outside the room before he sat back to look at Qiao Qiang and said, “I feel that the sky here… is going to change again!”, , He hesitated as he spoke., , However, when he saw Qiao Qiang glaring at him, he continued, “I feel that the sky here… is really going to change!”, , “It’s time for a change!”, , Qiao Qiang took a sip of water and spoke slowly., , The current policy did not allow private transactions. In the current market, only some agricultural by-products could be bought and sold. Even for the supply and marketing cooperative, there were certain things that they could accept but not others., , Right now, it was still not possible to buy and sell everything, so Qiao Mei’s bean sprouts could only be sold in the city., , However, the current atmosphere was already different from before., , In other words, the world was about to change!, , Qiao Mei, who was beside him, pretended not to understand anything, but she was thinking that it was still a little too early for that., , From the perspective of a modern person like her, change was sure to happen because the market economy would definitely open up. For the sake of development, there definitely needed to be an open economy., , This was a good thing for the country and for everyone., , Thinking about the opening of the economy, she suddenly remembered a major event that would happen this year. That would be the huge earthquake in March., , Many people died in that great earthquake. As she thought of that, a look of contemplation flashed across her eyes., , …, , At the supply and marketing cooperative., , Xiao Liu carried the basket of bean sprouts to the supply and marketing cooperative and when the clerk inside saw that it was Chen Hu’s guard, he immediately came out to welcome him.

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