, As soon as they arrived in the city, Qiao Qiang straightaway led Qiao Mei to the armed forces department where his previous subordinates were., , “Xiao Chen, I’m here!” Qiao Qiang walked straight into the innermost office of the armed forces department and went to sit down on the sofa, looking extremely relaxed., , Qiao Mei was shocked to see him behaving as if he had returned to his home., , However, she did not expect that someone would have a bigger reaction than her., , A person jumped out from behind the table with an excited expression and shouted, “Commander Qiao, why are you here? I really miss you!”, , Very quickly, a burly man with stubble all over his face appeared in front of them. He was more than 1.8 meters tall and had a silly smile on his face., , He was Chen Hu!, , Nicknamed Hu Zi, he was one of the soldiers reporting to Qiao Qiang back then., , He was now working in the armed forces department. As he had real-life experience on the battlefield, he was now considered one of the heads in the armed forces department., , Qiao Qiang had come here to look for his old subordinate., , When Qiao Qiang heard his words, he waved his hand. “Don’t address me as commander anymore. I’m no longer a regiment commander and it sounds very awkward!”, , “Okay, okay, okay!” Chen Hu immediately agreed and then he looked worried. He checked out Qiao Qiang carefully and continued, “How’s your health? Why are you here, did something happen?”, , He knew that Qiao Qiang’s body was already exhausted and he was not as healthy as before., , Initially, he wanted to fetch Qiao Qiang to the sanatorium in the city. However, Qiao Qiang firmly rejected the idea. It seemed like he could not let go of his little granddaughter., , Coming to the city now, could it be… He looked at Qiao Qiang worriedly., , However, Qiao Qiang shook his head and said with a rosy face, “My health is so much better than before. It’s all thanks to my Mei Mei taking good care of me!”, , There was cheerfulness in his voice., , A look of surprise flashed across Chen Hu’s eyes. He looked Qiao Qiang up and down and found him to be in good spirits indeed., , He was genuinely happy about that., , After saying that, he smiled and glanced at Qiao Mei beside him before continuing, “I’m here mainly to ask you for a favor!”, , “Aiyo! Old regiment commander, please don’t say that. Just tell me what you want me to do!” Chen Hu replied quickly, feeling abashed and waving his hands., , Back then, he was just a junior soldier under Commander Qiao. Now, as long as Commander Qiao wanted something, he just needed to say it out., , Then, he turned his attention to the big basket of things that Qiao Mei had placed on the floor., , The big basket was covered with thatch and he was unable to see what was inside., , At first, he just thought that this was something they had come to buy in the city!, , But now, there was probably something more interesting inside., , “Come and take a look!” Qiao Qiang walked up to the bean sprouts and lifted the thatch covering it., , At this moment, Chen Hu finally saw what was inside., , This was actually a basket full of bean sprouts!, , The crisp bean sprouts were neatly arranged in the big basket. The sprouts were emerald green with a slight shine to them and the buds on them also appeared crisp, making them look very appetizing., , “I came here this time because I want you to help me find a market for this. Look at these bean sprouts, they’re so fresh and look so delicious!” Qiao Qiang said, looking at the bean sprouts happily., , Chen Hu reached out to pick up a few bean sprouts, put them in his mouth and chew them., , He did not expect to taste something so crisp and fragrant with traces of sweetness the moment they entered his mouth. It was no different from eating high quality fruits., , It did not even have the taste of beans!, , These were indeed high quality bean sprouts and would definitely make a delicious stir-fry., , “Xiao Liu!” After Chen Hu finished tasting the bean sprouts, he yelled towards the direction of the door. “Hurry up and come over!”, , When the guard standing outside the door heard him, he immediately jogged into the room, saluted Qiao Qiang and Chen Hu and waited respectfully for instructions., , “Take this basket of bean sprouts to the supply and marketing cooperative now. After you get it registered there, buy back the basket of bean sprouts! Do you understand?” Chen Hu said sternly and took out 20 dollars from his pocket.

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