After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 43 - Borrowing the Bicycle  

, “My Mei Mei can use those betrothal gifts in any way she wants. She can give them to whoever she wants, or not. You people have no right to kick up a fuss there!”, , With that, he made a big tap with his walking stalk, which made a crisp knocking sound in the courtyard., , After the sound rang out, no one refuted him., , The remaining neighbors saw that Qiao Qiang did not look too good and found excuses to leave., , Fortunately, the leftover food and utensils in the courtyard were almost all cleaned up. When Qiao Mei came out later, she would just need to tidy up a little., , There were now only a few Qiao family members left in the courtyard., , Qiao Zhuang sat at the table next to Qiao Qiang and looked at him. “Big brother, don’t be angry. We’re not the kind of people who covet your Qiao Mei’s betrothal gifts. Look, our Qiao Yu and Qiao Ye even helped you clean up the courtyard, right?”, , “After all, we’re all relatives!”, , These words did not sound like Qiao Zhuang at all., , Qiao Qiang looked at him strangely and kept quiet. Big Auntie Qiao and Third Auntie Qiao, who were next to him, hurriedly nodded in agreement., , Seeing this, Qiao Zhuang continued, “However, I have a favor to ask of you and I hope you can help me. If you can help me, we will always remember your kindness.”, , He spoke so nicely, but once Qiao Qiang recalled what he had done before, he remained furious., , Qiao Qiang glanced sideways at him. “What favor?”, , Hearing this, Qiao Zhuang continued, “I found a job in town for my fifth son at the town’s supply and marketing cooperative. It’s a good job!”, , He rubbed his chin proudly., , Qiao Qiang nodded. “It is a good job!”, , It was true that in the current era, having a job in the supply and marketing cooperative was equivalent to working at a supermarket in a shopping mall. One did not have to do farm work in the village and it was a good job that everyone would be envious of., , Among the people living in the areas surrounding the village, who would not want a job in town?, , Furthermore, it was still in the supply and marketing cooperative. There was money to be made and the work was light., , “Right, so our village is more than ten miles away from town, which means that it’s a walk of about 30 miles a day. This is really too far,” Qiao Zhuang continued. “I’m actually thinking of getting my fifth son a bicycle. Coincidentally, Qiao Mei doesn’t really go out and won’t need a bicycle.”, , “Why not let my fifth son ride it for now and if Qiao Mei needs it in the future, we will send it over whenever you want!” A smile flashed across Qiao Zhuang’s eyes, but he did not show it on his face., , In this era, it was normal for relatives to borrow things from each other. Although the things that they wanted to borrow were Qiao Mei’s betrothal gifts, betrothal gifts were also things meant to be used, were they not?, , Big Auntie Qiao, who was beside him, was instantly filled with delight and looked eagerly at the bicycle parked in the courtyard., , This was a brand new bicycle!, , Once it reached Qiao Zhuang’s house, it would mean that she would also be able to ride it. This bicycle would belong to them and no one would be able to take it away., , Unexpectedly, Qiao Qiang did not beat around the bush at all., , He pulled a long face and said gruffly, “No!”, , This answer shattered Big Auntie Qiao’s fantasy straightaway, making her frown with unhappiness. “Uncle, you won’t lend us either this or that. Are we still relatives? Are you really not going to give us any favors? Then if anything happens to Qiao Mei in the future, don’t look to our family for help!”, , She did not say much, but her words carried a faint threat., , The meaning was obvious. They wanted Qiao Mei’s bicycle and if they did not get it, they would not consider the two families to be relatives anymore!, , “Haha!” When Qiao Qiang heard this, he laughed so happily that his beard shook.

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