, Qiao Yu walked over and looked intently at the cloth., , This piece of cloth looked really beautiful and it would look so good on her., , If the cloth was made into a dress, it would be the most beautiful dress in the world. If it was made into a pair of pants, it would be the most shiny pair of pants., , Qiao Yu could not help but walk closer and closer. She reached out with her fingers and was about to touch the fabric when a voice piped up from the side to stop her. “Stop!”, , Qiao Mei walked out from the side and reached out to stop her., , “I’m just looking. not doing anything.” Qiao Yu sounded aggrieved to be called out in front of everyone and looked embarrassed., , She really liked this piece of fabric., , “Oh?” Qiao Mei nodded and reached out to pull the cloth, but she then happened to flip it open, revealing banknotes inside., , Whoosh!, , The money fell all over the ground, stunning everyone who was at the door., , “Oh my goodness, so much money!” Big Auntie Qiao, who was at the door, tried to rush in with an uncontrollable look of joy on her face. She had never seen so much money in her life., , Qiao Mei spread out her arms and pushed away Big Auntie Qiao who was rushing over. Then she also stopped Third Auntie Qiao who was trying to sneakily make her through the door. The two women stood at the door and stomped their feet., , They might have been able to sneak some money home, but their plan was ruined now., , Qiao Mei gave the two of them a big smile before shouting, “Don’t come over again. If you do it, don’t blame me for being rude!”, , Big Auntie Qiao and Third Auntie Qiao looked at Qiao Mei’s size and thought about how she had pushed them just now. They just stood where they were and did not move forward., , Qiao Yu also stood on the stop and did not move forward., , Qiao Mei faced outside and said, “I’m going in to take inventory. I’ll have to trouble all you sisters to help me clean up the courtyard.”, , With that, she slammed the door shut., , Big Auntie Qiao and Third Auntie Qiao, who were left outside, felt very indignant. They craned their necks to look in through the window and could only vaguely see Qiao Mei bending down to pick up the money., , There were about two hundred banknotes on the ground., , Qiao Mei began to pick up the banknotes one by one., , She picked them up and placed them on the table, patted the dust off them and wiped them clean before starting to count the money., , There were a total of 200 banknotes now!, , Wrapped in the middle of the cloth was also a piece of brown paper with two big words “Betrothal Gift” on it!, , The two Qiao aunties standing outside the window were practically seeing stars. This was probably a few thousand dollars, it was way too much money for Qiao Mei’s betrothal gift., , The person who married her was really generous!, , Qiao Mei kept the money with a big smile and hid it close to her body before opening the door., , At that moment Qiao Mei opened the door., , The two Qiao aunties immediately rushed in. Qiao Mei knew what the two of them were up to, so she spoke up before them, “Let me say this first. If you want to take advantage of me, it’s definitely impossible!”, , She gazed at the two aunties and her words were callous., , However, Big Auntie Qiao acted as if she did not hear anything. She smiled at Qiao Mei and said, “Qiao Mei, there are so many betrothal gifts in the house now and the two of you can’t use them all. What about lending them to us?”, , “Lend you?” Qiao Mei said lightly and glanced at her. “What are these things that you’re talking about? Soap and towels?”, , “I don’t want to say this, but if I lend you things like soap and towels, how are you going to return them to me?”, , Big Auntie Qiao was speechless but she rolled her eyes and wanted to enter the room., , Second Uncle Qiao’s family was not considered poor, but they did not buy things like soap so as to save money,, , So none of them had really used soap before., , “It’s fine even if it’s not soap. I don’t mind things like basin or cloth or anything.” Big Auntie Qiao craned her head to look inside., , Next to her, Third Auntie Qiao was also casting a covetous stare.

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