“Qiao Mei can cook?”, “Oh my goodness, it smells so good. Did she make everything herself?”, “She looks so diligent!”, The seven to eight dishes on the table were all made by Qiao Mei. The people around her were in a flurry as they handed her the ingredients and did not look as nimble as Qiao Mei., Everyone stood outside the kitchen window and looked inside. They were all so shocked that their teeth almost fell out. Was this the legendary lazy and greedy Qiao Mei?, No one else in the kitchen was as efficient as her. There was no one in the entire village who could cook as well as her., The Qiao Mei of today really shocked everyone. She had completely refreshed the villagers’ impression of her., When the dishes were ready, the fragrance filled everyone’s nose. When all of them tasted the top-notch delicacies on the table, they could not help but give their thumbs up. There were even a few old ladies who regretted not getting Qiao Mei as their daughter-in-law., In their opinion, when choosing a wife, looks were secondary. The most important thing was that the wife must be efficient in her work and the ability to cook would be an added bonus., But now, it was no longer possible. Qiao Mei was already married., …, At the end of the meal, everyone was stuffed to the fullest. Before leaving, they each had a bowl of food to take with them., Auntie Dong’s bowl was especially filled to the brim with pork until it was almost overflowing., “There’s no need for so much. You can keep it for yourself!” The Dong family aunt wanted to decline., “It’s fine, just take it! I can’t eat meat anymore.” Qiao Mei smiled and said, “If I eat more, my man won’t like me anymore.”, Hearing this, the smiles of the people around her froze. The way Qiao Mei said it, it was as if the handsome young man had already taken a fancy to her., By now, everyone knew that Qiao Mei’s husband was tall and handsome. They also knew that Qiao Mei and him had been betrothed since they were young, and Qiao Qiang and his grandfather had a life-and-death relationship., Moreover, everyone knew that today was actually a makeup date. The day that the handsome young man came to the village was the actual day of the wedding. It was written clearly on the marriage certificate., Unfortunately, he had an important mission that day, so he had to leave first and he left on the next day., That was what Qiao Qiang and Qiao Mei had told the villagers by way of explanation., Qiao Mei was particularly insistent on clearly stating the actual day of their wedding. If she did not make it clear that they had already wedded that day, it would be difficult later to explain the children in her womb., For this, Qiao Mei even pretended to be shy and had secretly asked the older ladies about the matters of the bedroom., For example, continued bleeding for a few days after they consummated their marriage, was that abnormal?, She had felt pain down there for a few days, was she sick?, These questions shocked the older ladies. They thought that since the man could even accept someone like Qiao Mei, he was really not picky…, After a moment of surprise, they were not stingy at all with their experiences., A child like Qiao Mei, who did not have her mother by her side to take care of her, was really pitiful… she was even muddled about these basic things!, Everyone believed what the pair of grandfather and granddaughter said together. However, the last point about the handsome lad leaving because he had a mission, no one believed that., It must be Qiao Mei’s looks that sent him away in a hurry., After all, according to what the villagers said, Xia Zhe had left very quickly. He was in such a hurry to leave that he did not seem like a newlywed…, However, he still completed the marriage registration with Qiao Mei, which proved that he was a responsible man. He even got someone to send so many things and betrothal gifts. What a good man!, All the unmarried ladies in the village were extremely jealous of Qiao Mei for marrying such a good man., Especially Qiao Yu, who dug in and ate two bowls of rice.

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