“Hey, Mei Mei, you’re back?” Qiao Zhuang’s eldest daughter-in-law shouted., , The way she called ‘Mei Mei’ carried a different tone, as if she was mocking her., , Qiao Mei did not even bother to look at them. She walked through the door, past the courtyard and prepared to enter the room. This was how the original owner of the body treated Qiao Zhuang and his family, like she could not be bothered., , “Eh, what’s so smelly?” The Qiao second daughter-in-law covered her nose and shouted., , The Qiao eldest daughter-in-law also smelled it. She took out a handkerchief from her pocket and covered her nose, then she looked at Qiao Mei with disdain. “You’re already an adult, but did you soil your pants? Why do you smell so bad?”, , Actually, Qiao Mei could also smell the odor coming from her body. Every time she used the jade pendant to absorb a plant’s energy, her body seemed to get purified and some dirt and grease in her body would surface., , After an entire afternoon, her whole body was already stinking ., , The smell was really awful. Otherwise, she would not have rushed home., , Qiao Mei continued to ignore them. After entering the house, she went to boil water to take a bath., , However, Qiao Zhuang’s eldest daughter-in-law refused to give up. She stood at the door and nagged, “Mei Mei, you’re already an adult yet you’re still soiling your pants like a three-year-old. If outsiders find out about this, I can’t imagine how they are going to laugh at you. It’s so embarrassing.”, , After she finished talking, she seemed to find it so funny that she stood at the door and laughed non-stop. She planned to go to the village later to gossip with other people about this., , Qiao Qiang’s granddaughter was almost 18 years old but she was still soiling her pants., , “Hahahahahaha!”, , The Qiao second daughter-in-law, who was not very clever, also stood at the side grinning foolishly., , Qiao Qiang heard the laughter outside and his face turned black. He walked out and stared at them pointedly while Qiao Mei continued to boil water in the kitchen as if there was no one around., , The Qiao eldest daughter-in-law laughed a few times but stopped when she felt Qiao Qiang’s terrifying glare. Only the second daughter-in-law stood at the side and continued giggling non-stop., , “What are you guys doing at my house?” Qiao Qiang asked with a displeased expression., , By now, the brainless second daughter-in-law seemed to sense that the atmosphere was not too right and stopped laughing., , “Eldest Uncle.” The eldest daughter-in-law smiled embarrassedly. “Isn’t it already the beginning of spring? Your family’s field is still all empty. It’s too much of a pity so we’re here to help loosen the soil.”, , “Is this something you would do? How could you be so kind?” Qiao Qiang mocked., , The eldest daughter-in-law had an awkward expression on her face, but then she thought that since the old man was about to die, it was not a big thing to be chided by him. It was more important to occupy his land when he was gone., , This piece of land was located in a mountainous region. It was not easy to develop a piece of land in such an area so it would be great to be able to get one that was ready for use., , “You should hear yourself. If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask around. Who doesn’t praise me in and around this village?”, , “Hehe, who in the village dares to talk about you? If anyone dares to say that Qiao Zhuang’s family isn’t good, their house will be burned down and snatched away!” Qiao Qiang said., , When the eldest daughter-in-law heard this, she did not feel ashamed at all but looked proud instead. There was a smug look on her face. Their family had many sons and they were thriving. There was nothing others could do even if they were envious!, , “No more talking, no more talking, let’s go to the fields!” The eldest daughter-in-law ignored Qiao Qiang and turned around to drag the second daughter-in-law to get to work. , Qiao Qiang stood at the door and tapped the walking stick in his hand, feeling miserable. Qiao Qiang looked at Qiao Mei with pity, not bearing to have to part with her., , Qiao Mei looked at the scene in front of her and recalled what had happened before. Now, she could see the reason why the two of them were so eager to render help. Or rather, it was not their intention but Qiao Zhuang’s. “Grandfather, help me keep an eye on the fire in the stove. I’m going out to deal with them now!”, , Without another word, Qiao Mei picked up a wooden stick and walked out., , Qiao Qiang nodded and walked into the house to watch over the fire., , He was not worried that his granddaughter would be at a disadvantage. This granddaughter had been strong since she was young and had a tough personality. She had never let herself fall into a disadvantageous position when fighting with others., , Qiao Qiang laughed coldly. These two people were so eager to take over his land that they had forgotten the kind of person his Mei Mei was.

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