When Qiao Zhuang’s eldest daughter-in-law heard that there was going to be a wedding, she rushed over in a hurry. When she heard Qiao Qiang’s last words, she smiled coldly and said, “Uncle, do you intend to keep your word? Whether we can eat meat or not, we have to wait and hear it from your Qiao Mei’s mouth. If we’re asked to spit it out right after we eat it, it will be an ugly situation.”, , Based on her understanding of Qiao Mei, it was totally within her usual behavior., , When she said this, the atmosphere immediately turned cold. Everyone also felt that Qiao Mei was someone who could do such things., , Every year during the new year and festive periods, Qiao Mei would be very anxious about the meat at home. No one was allowed to touch her meat, not even Qiao Qiang., , Who were they to her?, , If they were not allowed to eat it after it was cooked, wouldn’t that be even more disappointing?, , Qiao Mei walked out of the house and smiled at Big Auntie Qiao. “Big Auntie is right. As long as I don’t say anything, no one can eat a piece of meat from my house!”, , The atmosphere became even colder now. Qiao Qiang’s smile froze. Was his granddaughter going to revert to her old self with the food aggression and laziness?, , After saying that, Qiao Mei shifted her gaze away from the Qiao family auntie and looked at the people around her. She laughed loudly and said, “Today is my big day and now I will speak. No one can think about going home today. You can only leave after you have eaten your fill at my house!”, , “Auntie Dong, I remember that you still have some cabbages at home. Give us two! I’ll make some pork stewed with cabbage for everyone,” Qiao Mei continued., , Auntie Dong was stunned for a moment when she heard but immediately smiled and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll go home and get the cabbages now!”, , She had a big family so she needed to store a lot of food. Until now, she still had half a basket of cabbages in the storeroom. It had lasted them until now, so it was not a big deal to take out a few cabbages to share., , Furthermore, Qiao Mei was offering half a pig’s worth of pork for everyone to eat, so how could they feel sore about contributing two cabbages?, , The Dong family aunt walked back to her house and soon returned with four or five cabbages which still had fresh and tender leaves on them., , On her end, Qiao Mei took the big knife and started to chop through the pork bones. Cleanly and nimbly, she quickly cut up the pork as if she was preparing to cook it all., , It was unlike her to be so generous., , Qiao Mei was really very happy!, , Not only was she married, but she was also having children and the two children even had a responsible father., , Feelings could be nurtured slowly after marriage. She believed that with her hard work, her marriage could also get better., , Although she had never been married, she had seen and heard many things in her time. She was confident that she could create a loving family environment for her children., , If they really could not develop feelings for each other… she could just wait for society to evolve before finding a new father for the two children in her womb!, , Qiao Qiang heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that his granddaughter was exceptionally forthright and did not revert to her old ways. Now the smile on his face became even brighter., , The courtyard was filled with cheers and laughter. It was livelier than it ever had been., , Only Qiao Zhuang’s eldest daughter-in-law could not find the heart to laugh., , She watched as Qiao Mei put all the meat into the pot and started cooking. Her heart ached so much as she had intended to take some pork back with her. The meat was divided up and used in different dishes. Some were made into braised pork, some were steamed, and some were stewed with cabbage. In the blink of an eye, Qiao Mei had made seven to eight dishes and all the dishes looked, smelled, and tasted good!, , The aroma of the dishes wafted up from the stove and it was extremely intoxicating!, , It was not only the children playing in the courtyard who peered into the kitchen, but even the adults who were chatting in the courtyard could not help themselves as well. They had never smelled anything so fragrant., , It was simply too aromatic!

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