However, everyone in the village thought that the truth was Qiao Qiang wanted to entrust his granddaughter to someone else before he died, and his comrade-in-arms betrothed his grandson to Qiao Mei in order to repay the kindness of saving his life back then., , In short, the village was abuzz because of this matter., , No matter how enthusiastic the discussion was, Qiao Mei’s family was protected from it., , After the lunch break ended, everyone went out to work again. During the spring farming season, unless one was seriously ill and about to die, one must go out to work., , There was no one in the village who was as lazy as the original owner of the body and did not need to go out to work., , As for Qiao Mei not going out to work, it would seem that she actually used to receive the tacit approval of the entire village. Now that she had become diligent, no one asked her to go out to work as well. It was such a strange situation., , Hence, no one mentioned anything about this marriage to her., , Besides, how could she not know that she was getting married? Everyone thought that Qiao Mei already knew about it, so no one came by to say anything., , Logically speaking, relatives would usually come by to chat about such matters. However, Qiao Qiang’s only relatives in the village were Qiao Zhuang’s family., , Now that Qiao Zhuang’s family was about to go mad from anger, why would they still come to her house to announce the good news? What they wanted the most was to come to his funeral to take over Qiao Qiang’s land. This would be most in line with what they wanted!, , Qiao Yu sat on the ridge of the mountain, wiping her tears while she was working. , …, , Qiao Mei did not know anything at the moment and was happily planting vegetable seeds in the courtyard., , Seeds of common vegetables that every household would have, like string beans, eggplants, tomatoes, cabbages and potatoes, among others., , Lastly, she planted sunflowers in a circle near the wall of the courtyard. When harvest time came around, she would be able to reap two baskets full of sunflower seeds!, , After finishing her work in the courtyard, Qiao Mei took the hoe and went to the two pieces of land given to them by the village., , Now, every household had land given by the village. On these lands, they could grow some vegetables and other crops and everything they harvested would belong to them. Therefore, together with the grains distributed by the village, each household basically would have enough to eat., , Of course, this was only what the higher-ups had predicted. But in reality, in a village, basically there were very few households that could eat their fill every day., , At this time, there was very little harvest from the fields, but there was a lot of work to be done. People could not get meat in their diets, so they needed to eat more grains., , Very little to eat and a lot to do, this was the reason why she never felt full., , …, , The plot of land here was not as big as the fields at the courtyard., , This was also Qiao Mei’s first time coming here this spring. Or rather, it was her first time coming here to clean up after more than ten years and she found herself being worked to the bones., , One day was not enough for her to clean up the land. She came again the next day and spent the entire morning cleaning up before the land was all done up and the seeds planted., , The land here was suitable for planting crops like radishes and cabbages, but now was not the season for radishes and cabbages. Those needed to be planted in autumn., , So, Qiao Mei planned to plant potatoes and corn on this land. By the time she harvested all of these, it would be a good time to plant cabbages. In this way, there would be an uninterrupted supply of vegetables at home., , Just as she was done, Qiao Mei looked up and saw Zhao Liang running over. He shouted at her, “Mei Mei, hurry up and go home! Hurry!”, , Qiao Mei was stunned for a moment and she felt her eyelids twitch. She threw away the hoe in her hand and ran towards the house. , In the end, she heard Zhao Liang shouting from behind, “Today is your wedding day, quickly go home and pack up. Your grandfather told you to hurry home and prepare for the wedding.”, , Qiao Mei’s legs gave way and she almost sprained her waist. , ,

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