After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 35 - Life-saving Friendship

Such an old hero definitely would not want to burden the country and he had even asked for the lowest retirement salary. He was truly a hero!, , Based on what they found out in their research, the two of them respected Qiao Qiang and so they just asked the standard questions about Qiao Mei., , For a person like Qiao Mei, who was a descendant of a hero and had never left the village since she was born, what problem could there be?, , Zhao Liang saw that the two of them were in high spirits and did not seem to be making any arrest for a critique session, so he tried asking, “You two are here to see the old hero, right? His house is on the mountain at the back, I can bring you there!”, , “We still have a mission to complete this time. Maybe next time!” one of the men said., , According to the standard procedure, they should go to Qiao Mei’s house for another face-to-face review. There were still things that needed to be signed off., , However, the higher-ups specifically told them that there was no need to go to Qiao Mei’s house. The young girl was thin-skinned and it was meant to be a surprise for her. Anyway, they did not understand anything about young people, so they just followed their orders., , This was something that Xia Zhe had specially instructed his uncle, Qin Dong, to do. If his uncle knew what Qiao Mei looked like, this marriage might be over…, , Zhao Liang asked carefully, “What… are we supposed to do?”, , The two men looked at each other. After all, this was not a bad thing. If the villagers were to think wrongly and disturb the old hero, then it would be their fault. So one of them said, “It’s not a big deal. Comrade Qiao Mei is going to join the big family of military wives. We are following the usual practice of doing a political examination so no need to alarm Old Mr Qiao.”, , During that time, it was not like in the future, where any necessary checks could be completed immediately on the computer. The political inspections of this period needed to be reviewed layer by layer on-site, and with Xia Zhe’s special identity, they had to be more cautious., , These two people who came here not only had to talk to the village head, but they also had to go around the village and talk to other villagers. If Qiao Mei had any ideological issues, she would definitely fail the examination., , Zhao Liang was stunned for a moment. He blinked his eyes and recalled the handsome young man in military uniform who came to the village a few days ago. That young man was so good-looking that he even took a few more glances at him! Instantly, Zhao Liang felt a trace of regret in his heart. He should have said something unpleasant just now. This did not seem too good., , Very quickly, his rationality returned and he did not say anything in the end. He then brought the two of them to look for other people in the village., , He specially brought the two of them to the Dong family house at the end of the village. Last night, he even heard the Dong family aunt praising Qiao Mei. At the Dong family house, Qiao Mei was highly praised by the Dong family aunt, earning nods from the two military staff., , After that, he brought them to Wang Wu’s house., , Qiao Mei had bought four piglets at one go from his family, which had helped them a lot, so they also put in a few good words. Qiao Mei’s image became even better and the military staff noted it down again., , Besides, the children of the Wang family were honest. In the past, they had no grudges with Qiao Mei so there was no need for them to badmouth her., , Finally, they went to the homes of a few honest villagers. Under Zhao Liang’s threatening gaze, no one dared to say anything bad about Qiao Mei., , The two military staff happily wrote in their notes that an outstanding and forward-thinking woman was about to become a military wife., , When they left, the village instantly erupted., , When Xia Zhe came that day, many people in the village saw him. Xia Zhe’s appearance really left a deep impression on them and they did not even think of trying to get close to him., , How did Qiao Mei get her hands on such a handsome boy?, , “Who asked her to have a good grandfather? I heard that the young man’s grandfather is Qiao Qiang’s comrade.” This was what Qiao Yu heard when she led him to his destination that day, now it was being spread to all the families in the village., , “Oh, so it is a life-saving friendship. Otherwise, how could he have found such a good grandson-in-law?” Someone managed to guess the truth.

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