Qiao Mei picked up the hoe beside her and threw it towards the ground. The hoe swung around and smashed the mud all over the ground., , Mud flew up and splashed onto Wang Yong’s leg, causing him a lot of pain., , He jumped in fright and retreated in the direction of the hoe, and got unknowingly chased out of the courtyard by Qiao Mei., , “I, Qiao Mei, am very self-aware. I can’t afford to provoke a good man like you who caused his wife to be cursed dead. Don’t ever come to my house again and don’t enter my house, or I’ll break your legs.”, , Qiao Mei swung the hoe and smashed the wooden door next to her., , This door was a little old and already tattered. Qiao Mei had picked up a new piece of wood today and was going to change it out. Now was the perfect time to make good use of the old door., , Wood shavings scattered in all directions and one piece flew directly into Wang Yong’s face, leaving a bloody mark., , He wiped his face and cast a few vicious glances at Qiao Mei before turning to leave., , At this moment, Qiao Qiang walked over and stood beside Qiao Mei. Looking at Wang Yong’s retreating figure, he said, “In the future, try to avoid offending such despicable people if you can. Otherwise, you might get yourself into trouble.”, , Qiao Mei shook her head and said calmly, “He has his eyes on us now. We have what he wants here. It’s not as if we can hide from it just because we don’t offend him.”, , “There’s no way to hide from him, so there’s no need to hide. Let’s face him head-on and take him down! It’s just that, take him down and it’s done!”, , As soon as Qiao Mei said those words, Qiao Qiang’s eyes lit up. He looked at Qiao Mei in front of him and felt a faint sense of pride. This was the first time he felt that his granddaughter resembled him, so full of vigor!, , Not only was she hot-blooded, but she was also calm and smart and possessed the ability to see people for what they were. It made him feel so gratified that he wanted to cry., , Even if he died now and his granddaughter Qiao Mei could not marry Xia Zhe, he would be able to leave with peace of mind. His granddaughter was capable of being independent now., , Qiao Mei did not think too much about it. She quickly picked up the hoe and quickly did some planting in her field so that everyone would stop eyeing it., , The two people in the courtyard did not know that someone from outside the village had specially come looking for them., , Two serious-looking men in military uniforms entered the village and went to Village Chief Zhao’s house., , Looking at the two men, the entire village started to talk about it. Everyone stood in their own courtyard and looked in the direction of Village Chief Zhao’s house., , What had happened?, , Was there going to be another critique meeting? Who were they going to criticize this time?, , Village Chief Zhao was also very nervous. However, the moment these two men opened their mouths, they asked about Qiao Mei. He was stunned for a moment and thought, could something have happened to Qiao Qiang? , “That kid, Qiao Mei, had never done anything wrong.”, , Other than being a little lazy and eating a lot, she did not do anything wrong, right? As for her parents, her father was gone and her mother had remarried. Anyway, there was nothing bad that was attributable to her., , It was actually normal for her to be a little lazy. After all, with Qiao Mei’s size, it would be difficult for her to even walk two steps, let alone do any work., , Besides, his heart softened when he thought about how Qiao Mei called him Uncle Zhao a few days ago. In addition, Zhao Liang sympathized with Qiao Qiang and so did not say anything bad about her., , The two of them asked about Qiao Mei and followed up with questions about Qiao Qiang as well, mainly asking about his life over the past few years., , Before the two of them came, they had already checked out Qiao Mei’s family background. They did not expect to find such an old hero in this mountain village and felt emotional about it., , Shouldn’t an old hero like him retire in a big house in the capital city? At the very least, he should be living in a specialized nursing home in the province and be taken care of by professionals!, , Why was he in such a small village?,

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