After more than 10 times, Qiao Mei plucked the fruit again., , Every time the energy exchange ended, the chilies would naturally dry up on the branches and there would be the fragrance of chilies in the air., , Qiao Mei put the chili in her mouth and chewed it. It was crispy and filled her mouth with the fragrance of chili, but her mouth did not hurt at all., , “That’s it!”, , This was the type of chili that she wanted., , Qiao Mei immediately took all the chilies from the plant and retrieved half a catty of seeds from them., , These seeds would be used for planting in the field at home. This way, she could be open about these chilies in the future., , After harvesting these seeds, she planted another chili seed. She looked at the chilies hanging on the grown chili plant and asked, “Speak! Which one of you is the most spicy?”, , After more than 10 rounds, she felt that the spiciness level was still insufficient and continued for another 30-odd rounds., , Finally, after 60 rounds of chilies, the spiciness had been doubled. This was the chili weapon she wanted., , Smelling it from afar would already make people choke and struggle for breath. Qiao Mei covered her mouth and crushed a chili with her hand. Her fingers immediately swelled up and it was so spicy that it hurt., , A cooling sensation then manifested from the jade pendant and spread to her fingers and the swelling immediately subsided., , “Hahahaha, that’s great!” Qiao Mei happily plucked all of the dried up chilies and wrapped them with cloth before crushing them into powder., , “Is the spiciness of this chili too strong or what?” Qiao Mei said while sneezing. , , She looked up at the sun. It was already close to noon and she had to hurry down the mountain with the firewood. But when she got home and pushed open the door, she saw someone she had not expected to see., , “Why are you at my house again?” Qiao Mei snatched the hoe he was holding in his hand and asked with a frown., , Wang Yong looked at her and covered his nose in disgust, thinking that she was just like what the rumors said. Qiao Mei was smelly again., , “I saw that your family’s land was still empty and it felt like such a pity, so I came to help you loosen the soil and grow something.” He did not look at Qiao Mei and just continued talking., , “So you’re also here to take advantage of us as well. You’re not welcome here. Hurry up and leave!” Qiao Mei wanted to drive him away., , Wang Yong’s brows instantly furrowed as he breathed heavily. He had never met such a person who was so misguided. “I don’t have any other intention, I just want to help you loosen the soil and get some work done.” Wang Yong did not leave. If he wanted to educate Qiao Mei, he had to marry her first., , Qiao Mei looked Wang Yong up and down, reading his thoughts., , “Don’t be so fixated on my grandfather’s salary. His salary is not even enough to feed me. No matter who I marry in the future, no one can think about eyeing this money,” she said to him in a direct manner., , Wang Yong did not say a word, but the corners of his mouth curled into a cold smile. , , Qiao Mei could tell that this was a stubborn person. She hated people who kept pestering her., , “Hurry up and get lost! If you don’t get lost, I’ll call for help!”,

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