After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 29 - Improved Relationships

“Sure, if I see another pumpkin, I’ll bring it back to exchange with you.”, , “Good, good!” Upon hearing this answer, the woman gave a satisfied smile. , , Qiao Mei smiled and continued up the mountain., , It was such a small matter that could improve one’s life and make others happy. That makes it an even better thing., , Otherwise, when the children in her womb grew up, they would not get help if they got bullied by others in the village., , Even if it was only for this, she must build up good relationships with the villagers., , She quickened her pace and followed the path she had taken yesterday. It only took her about two hours to reach the hot spring, but she ran into a few children who were preparing to make their way back., , Yesterday, she had exchanged pumpkins for green beans. In the village, after the pumpkins were cooked, all the children in the various families were craving for more. Today, the adults needed to work during the day, but the children did not, so they came here together to look for pumpkins., , However, they did not find anything and only managed to pick some wild fruits., , They were stunned for a moment when they saw Qiao Mei. Without saying anything, they lowered their heads and prepared to make a run for it., , Although they had never directly clashed with Qiao Mei, almost all of their brothers and sisters had fought with Qiao Mei before, so they knew how scary Qiao Mei was., , Seeing the children rushing past, Qiao Mei smiled. It would be more convenient for her to pick fruits if they left., , After walking around the hot spring, she realized that the surroundings had been ravaged by the children. Other than weeds and reeds, there were not even any edible wild vegetables left., , After all, the hot spring area was actually very small., , She was not that concerned about it. She pried open a dense patch of reeds with her hand, and after several twists and turns, found a thin and small wild chestnut among the trees., , In just three to four minutes, she completed a round of energy exchange and wild chestnuts had fallen all over the ground., , Qiao Mei happily picked up two baskets of chestnuts from the ground. Chestnuts were most suitable for pregnant women as they contained plenty of folic acid which could prevent pregnant women from premature labor., , Now that she was pregnant with twins, she needed to eat more of these., , The original owner of the body had given birth prematurely, so she had to pay more attention to this., , By the time Qiao Mei returned to the village, the sky was already dark. Smoke rose from the chimney of every house, and every house was filled with warm light. As she got closer, a few barks could be heard., , The entire setting was like a relaxing village scene., , Qiao Mei followed the path and looked at the front door of her own house. She immediately saw Qiao Qiang who was looking forward to her return. Her uneasy heart instantly calmed down and she felt a sense of the warmth of home., , “Grandfather, I’m back!” Qiao Mei smiled and quickly walked over, her voice sweet and soft., , Qiao Qiang welcomed her with a smile., , The two of them happily walked into the house and she put down the baskets. It was under the light from the house that Qiao Qiang could now see what was inside the baskets., , “You picked up so many chestnuts, did you take all the squirrels’ winter rations?”, , These chestnuts looked clean and fresh. They were definitely not picked up from the grass., , If these chestnuts were not those hidden away by squirrels, they would already have rotted in the ground when the winter ended and the ice and snow had melted. Therefore, these must have been hidden by squirrels to get through the winter., , “That’s right, the squirrels probably won’t be able to find these chestnuts anymore. The whole tree hole full of chestnuts is now mine,” Qiao Mei said with a smile., , “Hahahaha! Our Mei Mei is indeed luckier than others!” Qiao Qiang laughed happily., , Qiao Mei gently washed the chestnuts and immediately put them over the steamer., , Actually, it would be better to fry the chestnuts. It would be even more fragrant if she could stew it with chicken but for now, she had no choice but to just steam them on their own.

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