Qiao Mei was a little disappointed but she soon felt relieved. On second thought, Qiao Mei felt very lucky., , When she saw the seeds that had scattered on the ground, Qiao Mei’s eyes instantly lit up. , , “We’re rich, we’re rich!”, , Qiao Mei cried out excitedly and started experimenting with other plants., , She found another tree and focused her thoughts on it. The sprouts on the tree branch started to grow at a speed that shocked Qiao Mei and she quickly ended the experiment., , She then picked a small wild strawberry seedling., , After focusing on it for a few rounds, the ground was filled with red strawberries. They were very eye-catching and smelled really fragrant., , She took a bite and the fresh and delicious taste made her whole body feel comfortable. This fruit had the unique sweet smell of strawberries as well as an additional hint of freshness. , The fragrance was simply too tempting to Qiao Mei. She only remembered that she was supposed to lose weight after eating a big bunch of them, so she resisted the urge and found a large branch to dig up a hole to bury all the fallen fruits., , It was still early spring, so the appearance of these fruits could raise suspicion in anyone who saw them., , “Delicious! Delicious!”, , Suddenly, a voice appeared in Qiao Mei’s mind., , “Who’s there? What is it?”, , “I want more, I want more!” A voice came from the strawberry bushes that had grown to her knees and had waving leaves., , “Are you the one speaking?” Qiao Mei probed., , “Yes! It’s me! I want more!” The leaves in the strawberry bushes continued to wave., , Qiao Mei froze on the spot. Why was this plant so different from what she had seen before?, , How could it speak? Was this also a function of the jade pendant?, , Then why didn’t the other plants speak?, , Qiao Mei’s eyes lit up. She thought that it might be because this plant had exchanged a lot of energy, resulting in high spirituality so it could speak., , If other plants exchanged less energy, it would be difficult for them to resonate., , She picked up a nearby bush and tried again and she found that it was the same thing., , After a few moments, fruits fell from the bushes and it shouted, “I want more, I want more!”, , “Okay, okay, okay.”, , Qiao Mei answered casually and buried its fruits in the soil. Then, she used mind control to absorb the energy of the strawberry plant and bush in front of her, allowing the two trees to return to their original state., , In a moment, the two trees quickly became bare again, blending in with the trees beside them. There was nothing that looked out of place at all., , They stopped yelling and looked aggrieved., , Qiao Mei skipped down the mountain happily., , When she reached home, she found two people standing in the courtyard., , Two middle-aged women stood in the field, both of them holding hoes used for weeding. The woman with the cleaner clothes stood to the side giving instructions while the other woman, dressed in dusty clothes, bent over to work., , Qiao Mei stood at the door and was stunned for a moment. She had to recall her past memories to remember who these two people were., , The one who was dressed more nicely was Third Grandpa Qiao Zhuang’s eldest daughter-in-law, Liu Ying. The one with tattered clothes was his second daughter-in-law, Jiang Ye., , Seeing them, Qiao Mei thought of Qiao Zhuang’s family., , Qiao Zhuang was Qiao Qiang’s younger brother. He was sent to a relative’s house when he was young but that family did not discipline him properly, which resulted in Qiao Zhuang’s arrogant and domineering personality., , When he was young, he forcefully married a woman who then gave him three sons., , The eldest son was called Qiao Fu, the second son Qiao Gui, and the third son Qiao Wang., , After that, Qiao Zhuang had another two daughters who ended up being sent away the moment they were born. After a few years, he had another two more sons, their names were Qiao Qiang and Qiao Gang., , Lastly, he had his youngest daughter, Qiao Yu, whom he kept by his side., , Qiao Mei could not help but laugh as she thought of the Qiao family.

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