The matchmaker looked at the eloquent old widow in front of her in surprise. She never knew that this old widow could speak so well., , Wang Yong’s mother was crafty and mean and her neighbors did not like her. After a long time, they called her old widow behind her back., , Actually, she would not be unhappy even if they called her old widow to her face. After all, she felt that it was a good thing for everyone to be afraid of her., , Without waiting for Qiao Mei to speak, the old widow looked at Qiao Qiang and continued asking, “Uncle Qiao, I heard that your monthly retirement salary is 50 dollars?”, , During this time, everyone’s salary was open information. No one was afraid of others knowing about it, so there was nothing to hide., , Qiao Qiang froze for a moment before nodding. “Yes, it’s 50 dollars.”, , Did this mean that these people were interested in his retirement salary?, , In his opinion, it was not a big deal for them to be interested in his salary. After all, it was a blind date and each party was looking for a benefit from the other party., , He glanced at his granddaughter. Perhaps only he knew how good his granddaughter was. He would not be surprised if outsiders looked down on her and only wanted his money., , After all, in the past no one even eyed his money., , The old widow’s eyes lit up., , Based on 50 dollars a month, that would mean 500 to 600 dollars a year? Their family had not even saved 100 dollars over the past decades. Not only that, they still owed their village more than ten dollars every year., , The old widow looked at Qiao Mei and her eyes flashed with surprise., , This was a treasure basin. With a few hundred dollars a year to subsidize the family’s expenses, even if it was only a few months, it was enough to alleviate her family’s debt., , Even if she had to snatch it by force, she must get this treasure basin., , “Uncle Qiao, what do you think of our family? We came here personally today to show how much we value the union between our families.”, , The old widow looked steadily at Qiao Qiang and said, “What about this? Let’s have lunch today and consider the matter between the two of them settled. Tonight, she will return to Datian Village with us to be the Wang family daughter-in-law.”, , “Don’t worry, we Wang family will treat her well!” , It’s a few hundred dollars a year at stake. Even if they had to put the Black Bear Spirit on a pedestal, they had to get the money., , Hearing this, Qiao Qiang and Qiao Mei were stunned., , Qiao Qiang did not expect that this granddaughter, whom he had been worried about in the past, would be able to get married so quickly., , And Qiao Mei really did not expect it at all. In the matter of a few days, she was once again asked for her hand in marriage. This romance luck was so much better than in her other life., , What a surprise!, , “You guys are too late. My granddaughter is already engaged to someone else,” Qiao Qiang suddenly said., , Everyone in the room was stunned. She was engaged?, , “Engaged to which family?” the old widow hurriedly asked., , “You don’t have to worry about that,” Qiao Qiang replied., , Given that Xia Zhe was not back yet, he did not dare to be too open about it., , On the other hand, the old widow misunderstood it. She felt that Qiao Qiang was just making excuses, how could he look down on her son just like that?, , The old widow glared at Qiao Mei fiercely and felt indignant. How ungrateful of her. Given her dark and fat appearance, she still wanted to act all high and mighty?, , “Oh grandfather of hers, if there’s anything you’re not satisfied about, just say it.” Other than money, their family could agree to anything., , “My Mei Mei really already has in-laws, You will know when they get engaged in a while.” Qiao Qiang stood up and prepared to send the guests off., , Both of their attitudes were firm., , After what he said, the people in the room felt they had to maintain some self-respect. Just as the old widow was about to say something, the matchmaker and Wang Yong stood up and quickly walked out., , The old widow had no choice but to follow.

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