But the interior of the house was quite clean and tidy. When the woman touched the stool, there was no dust on it at all. The glass was also shiny and looked very clean., , This was also different from what others said., , Qiao Mei carried the little piglets on her back and took the basket of chicks and ducklings to the courtyard. She placed the four little piglets in the pigpen and brought the chicks and ducklings into the small room at the back., , This room at the back was the Qiao family storeroom where they kept the sundries and other items., , It was still cold outside in the early spring. If the chicks and ducklings were not kept in the storeroom, they would freeze to death in the blink of an eye., , After she was done, she washed her hands and went into the house to pour water for everyone. Although her attitude was not very good, she did not seem as domineering as the rumors said., , She just seemed like an ordinary farm girl., , The white-haired woman looked at Qiao Mei with satisfaction. The lean man also seemed to look surprised., , Although Qiao Mei did not know that the woman in white gloves was a matchmaker, she could more or less guess it from the feeling she got. The feeling of being scrutinized was too strong, the only thing these people did not do was to surround her and examine her., , After all, she had gone on many blind dates in her other life., , After sitting down, Qiao Mei looked at the man in front of her. He looked to be in his thirties and had thick eyebrows, big eyes and a round face. He was frowning and there was ruthlessness in his eyes. It was obvious that he was not easy to get along with., , Furthermore, she could faintly sense a sinister aura from this man. This man was definitely not a good person., , After Qiao Mei judged the situation, she immediately wanted to send these people out the door., , “What do you want?” Qiao Mei changed her previous silent stance and took the initiative to ask., , This question stunned the few of them. They did not expect her to be the first person to speak and that she even vaguely seemed like the head of the family., , Forget it, forget it. This Qiao family was different from what others said. They were so weird., , “This is Wang Yong, one of the most handsome guys in our Datian Village. See how good-looking he is?” The matchmaker immediately started the process and introduced him with a smile., , After that, she was just full of praises for the man whom she said was a rare find and how it was because this man was so lucky that his wife died because she was not worthy of his fortune., , In the end, they had asked around and heard that Qiao Mei was a very fortunate person, which was why they came to visit her., , Hearing that, Qiao Mei immediately waved her hand. “Don’t, don’t. I’m not blessed either. Look at me, I don’t have parents and I don’t have a good job. You must have found the wrong person!”, , Qiao Mei glanced at the man. “I’m not a match for someone with such good qualities. Find someone else! I’m busy at home so I won’t send you off.”, , Qiao Mei stood up and wanted to send them off. , , Qiao Mei did not want to smile at them anymore. If you still smile after someone spat on your face, aren’t you being cheap?, , This would be the moment to slap their faces and let them know what was good for them., , Qiao Mei’s attitude was very obvious. She did not want to marry this man at all and did not like him at all., , Wang Yong and his mother were so angry that their chests heaved., , Wang Yong stared at Qiao Mei gloomily and did not speak., , His mother opened her mouth and was about to curse. “You…”, , But at this moment, the sound of piglets oinking suddenly came from the courtyard. It was fresh and vigorous, like a feast of pork dishes was being placed in front of them., , Wang Yong’s mother snapped out of it and pinched her own thigh. She grinned and said, “You silly girl, what do you know? It’s not up to you to decide whether your life is good or not. Some people have a good life after they are born, but the rest of their lives are not good. Some people have a bad life before they get married, but they have a good life after getting married!”, , “The way I see it, you’re the type who would get lucky after you get married. I can tell at one glance that you will bring good fortune to your husband. If you marry my son, I guarantee that you’ll live a comfortable life.”,

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