“Why do you care, it’s none of your business!”, , “If you want to look on, so be it. Why say so much, what a bunch of gossipy old women!”, , In the village, people raised pigs by basically letting them roam free-range on the nearby mountains. The pigs would go out to look for food during the day and return to the pigsty to sleep at night. But even so, the farmers still had to feed the pigs some concentrated feed, otherwise the pigs would not come back., , It was the same for chickens, ducks and geese. Although they were free-range animals, they still needed extra feed, otherwise they would not return home. Therefore, most people would plan the number of animals they raised based on the amount of food they had., , Qiao Qiang understood the logic, but if Mei Mei wanted to raise the animals, so be it! He would let her raise them first. Even if he could not afford it later, he could just slaughter them for food. It would not be a loss anyway., , Qiao Mei naturally also understood this rationale. Was what she lacked now food? No! What she lacked was money! Meat! And vegetables and food!, , The two of them happily made their way home with the piglets in their arms. From afar, they saw three people standing at their doorstep., , There were two older women and one man. They had never seen these three people before., , When the three of them saw Qiao Mei walk over, they sized her up from head to toe with a picky gaze. Then they quickly looked away as if they were afraid of discomfort if they looked at her any longer., , And these few pairs of eyes happened to see the little piglets in the basket behind her, as well as the dozens of chattering chickens, ducks and geese in the basket in her hands., , One of the three people was a skinny old lady with a head full of white hair. Her eyes lit up and she asked in surprise, “Did your family buy this? You are raising so many at once, is there enough food left at home?”, , Qiao Mei did not know them so she kept quiet., , The other woman, who was well-dressed with white gloves over her hands, smiled and said, “This must be Uncle Qiao. We’re from Datian Village. Let’s talk inside!”, , Datian Village was located in the neighboring county, not far from here., , Qiao Qiang looked at her gloves with surprise. With this thought in mind, Qiao Qiang turned his gaze to the man beside him., , The man had a lean figure and looked to be in his thirties. , , As Qiao Qiang thought of this, his gaze was also filled with disdain. He took a glance and then looked away., , If it was three days ago, he would definitely not think this way and might even feel satisfied. After all, this man was able-bodied and looked normal…, , But now, with Xia Zhe as a basis of comparison, this person was naturally unsightly and not worth a second look., , The way that Qiao Qiang looked away showed clearly that he was not satisfied. The looks on the three faces changed for the worse as well and they turned towards Qiao Mei. , “Uncle Qiao, let’s talk inside!” the matchmaker smiled and said. , Qiao Qiang was a little happy that his Mei Mei had someone coming to ask for her hand in marriage. His Mei Mei was not that bad after all… At least there was someone proposing marriage., , He said slowly, “Come in!”, , Everyone entered the house. The skinny old lady’s eyes darted around as she looked around the courtyard, the fields and then the house., , Oh heavens, there isn’t even a decent piece of furniture in this house. They’re even poorer than us, it’s so different from what others say!,

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