Anyway, she wanted to sell bean sprouts to earn more money so that she would not disgrace her status as a reborn person., , “Alright!”, , Qiao Qiang agreed readily., , People in the village mostly knew how to weave baskets. The baskets they weaved were not difficult to make and all followed the same patterns, and would turn out both practical and sturdy., , Moreover, Qiao Qiang was an expert at weaving baskets. When he was in good health previously, many people in the village would come to him for baskets, thus there were still some basket weaving materials in the storeroom at home. Even if he made another dozen or twenty baskets, it would not be a problem., , The next day, they woke up early in the morning. After breakfast, Qiao Mei said excitedly, “I want to learn basket weaving from grandfather!”, , “Sure!” Qiao Qiang was so happy that now Mei Mei even wanted to learn a skill from him., , Furthermore, it had been three days and Mei Mei had not changed back to her old self. It seemed that she had really changed. Qiao Qiang secretly wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. “Basket weaving is about techniques. The first thing is to choose the right material. The willow must be soft…”, , Qiao Qiang started teaching and he weaved as he spoke. Very quickly, a basket was ready., , When Qiao Qiang turned around and saw the basket in Qiao Mei’s hands, he froze on the spot. No matter how he looked at it, the basket in Qiao Mei’s hands looked better than what he made., , The willow branches were interlocked neatly together. The woven basket looked like a piece of artwork that was very soothing to the eyes., , Qiao Mei looked at the basket in her hand but was still not satisfied. It was still not exquisite enough., , For such a fun craft like basket weaving, being a super handicraft lover, how could she not know the skill?, , Not only did she know how to weave baskets, she also knew how to make containers, little animals, even bamboo dragonflies and all kinds of furniture., , Other than that, she also knew how to knit clothes, scarves and shoes., , In her other life, when she was not busy with work, she liked doing this kind of manual handicraft work which did not require thinking., , When she was doing handicraft every day, she would be especially happy., , She was so happy just now that she forgot to restrain herself and had weaved an exceptionally beautiful basket which no one would believe was made by a newbie., , Luckily, Qiao Qiang did not think too much about it. In his eyes, his granddaughter Qiao Mei was the smartest person and no matter what amazing things she did, he would only feel happier., , “Look! Our Mei Mei is so smart. Her first basket is even better than grandfather’s!” Qiao Qiang looked at the small basket and laughed happily. He had not felt so happy in years., , It seemed that he had never laughed so heartily ever since he came to this village…, , The two of them continued weaving for a while. When they saw the sun gradually rise outside, they proceeded to Wang Wu’s house and brought back four piglets., , Initially, Qiao Mei planned to buy one but Qiao Qiang said that she had to buy at least two. One needed to be handed over to the village and they would be allowed to keep the other one for their own consumption., , If they only raised one, they would have to hand it over and there would be none left for them to eat., , Grandfather also told her that this type of pig could only at most grow up to about 100 pounds. It would not grow fat enough to feed a family., , Although she still needed to lose weight, with the jade pendant, it would not affect her to eat some meat., , So, on second thought, she bought the rest of the piglets. Even if she did not eat them, she could still sell them, right?, , On the way home, they passed by a neighbor’s house on the corner. Qiao Qiang went in and bought a brood of baby chicks, a flock of yellow ducklings and a brood of goslings., , As the two of them returned home, there were again all kinds of discussions in the village., , “These two are raising four pigs at once, what are they going to feed them with? Are they really going crazy from wanting to eat meat? Qiao Mei doesn’t know any better and this Qiao Qiang doesn’t even stop her?”, , “As for the chickens, ducks, and geese, they are raising 30 of them at once. Even a big family can’t cope with that many!”,

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