After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 19 - Rumors cannot be trusted

The eldest daughter-in-law of the Qiao family said, “Why not? With Qiao Mei’s dark and fat appearance and her strength, how will she die before Eldest Uncle? Between her and that family, who knows who will be the unlucky one! Oh right, don’t say anymore.” She continued happily, “This Qiao Mei and that family are simply a match made in heaven, truly everything has its vanquisher!”, , A mean mother-in-law and abusive husband?, , Qiao Zhuang heard all that, but he was still hesitant and said, “Don’t they mind Qiao Mei’s dark and fat appearance?”, , Second daughter-in-law, Wang Qin thought for a while and said in a low voice, “It’s not something that they will mind. Once Qiao Mei gets to their house, they naturally have ways to make her slim down. If she doesn’t want to work, they can hit her. If not, they can just sell her…”, , What did it matter that Qiao Mei was dark and fat and ugly? Anyway, she did not require a dowry so she was as good as free., , When the time came, they just needed to tidy Qiao Mei up. If he could use her, he would keep her. If not, he could just sell her to another family’s fool and then use the money to take another wife. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?, , Who would turn down such a good deal?, , When the eldest and third daughter-in-law heard this, their eyes widened. What kind of family was able to come up with such an idea?, , But Qiao Zhuang only looked at Wang Qin. Ordinary people would not be able to come up with this idea, but Wang Qin could!, , Wang Qin’s expression was indifferent. She was actually the one who had suggested this idea and that family had gone along with it, but what did it matter? Was there a problem?, , Qiao Zhuang finally nodded in agreement. He knew that Wang Qin was a scheming person., , “Since that’s the case, you don’t have to bother about this matter anymore. Get that man to find a matchmaker to propose marriage on his behalf. Don’t reveal our part in this,” Qiao Zhuang said. “It must be fast. Send someone over the day after tomorrow… or tomorrow. At the latest, we have tol get Qiao Mei married off in half a month’s time!”, , Any later and the season would have passed, then there would be one less harvest from Qiao Qiang’s land., , …, , The next day, Qiao Mei ran up the mountain again. This time, she came to collect some energy to nourish her body and also to find some vegetables and fruits to eat., , She ate cabbages and carrots every day at home. A diet of only vegetables was neither beneficial for her grandfather to recuperate, nor good for the development of the children that she was carrying…, , Qiao Mei touched her stomach softly with a gentle expression on her face., , She had just walked out of the yard when she turned the corner and ran into a boy of around 14 or 15., , When the boy saw Qiao Mei, he was stunned for a moment before turning around to one side., , Until he turned around, Qiao Mei did not notice that he was carrying a small piglet in his arms., , Qiao Mei’s eyes lit up and she shouted, “Wait, wait!”, , The boy was shocked and wanted to run away., , “What are you afraid of? I won’t snatch your piglet. When have I ever snatched anything from you?”, , These words made the boy stop in his tracks. That was true., , Although Qiao Mei was not well liked in the village and she was greedy and lazy, had mood swings and liked beating people up using her brute strength, he had never heard of her snatching other people’s things., , “I just wanted to ask where you bought this piglet from? My family also wants to buy one,” Qiao Mei quickly said., , The boy heaved a sigh of relief to know that that was all., , Qiao Mei was famous for her strength in the village. The kids who fought with her had never ever thought of taking revenge on her, so most people avoided her when they saw her in order not to get into trouble., , “There are two more in Uncle Wang Wu’s house,” said the boy., , During this period, business dealings were no longer as strictly monitored as they used to be. In the countryside, piglets birthed by sows owned by the villagers could be bought and sold at will., , “Thank you!”, , Qiao Mei left after saying that., , The boy looked at her in surprise and stood rooted to the ground. , ,

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